New, Peaceful 2010!

Hello, again!  2009 is over and here arrives 2010! It’s been a peaceful 2010 for my family so far, I wonder if it is for you, too.  Okay, bye. Advertisements

Let It Snow!

Where I live, it doesn’t snow but maybe, where you live it might snow.  I’ve been to a place where it snows, though.  The first time it was I was 2 years old, the second time it was last year in 2009, a few months before my sister was born.  Some people like snow, some … Continue reading

Hello, January!

Goodbye, December and hello, January!  It’s a new 2010!  January is my favorite winter month.  I love winter!  It’s because we have lots of holiday traditions around this time of year.  I feel so cool, and our 3-foot Christmas tree brings joy to all of us.  Okay, talk to you soon.  Goodbye!

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year and have a wonderful, peaceful, happy 2010! My family and I are getting ready for a brand-new, peaceful 2010!  My younger siblings are getting excited. We say goodbye as 2009 leaves Earth and trades places with 2010!  Next year, 2010 will trade places with 2011 and so on, but we’re chatting about the present time–about 2010’s … Continue reading