Dave N’ Buster’s

Have you ever heard of Dave N’ Buster’s? It’s like the adults version of Chucke Cheese’s.  Today I went there. I know, I know, it’s for adults only.  But it was actually a special private party for Math Enrichment programs! Students every where in the Math Enrichment programs have came. They even closed Dave N’ Buster’s for our private party! It was from 9:00 to 12:30. There were a lot of games. I got 1, 257 tickets! But I only got two prizes, because there were nothing else I want. My prizes are a Twisted Blue Raspberry Watermelon Ring Pop and a big pink bear. I only met two people from my class: Tyler and Jonathon.I haven’t named bear yet. But also, just because I suck on the Ring Pop making it look like a pacifier and that I have a teddy bear, doesn’t mean I’m a baby. I’m not a baby! Hear me, do ya? I’M NOT A BABY! GOT THAT?  Okay, I played Power Tower, Skee Ball, Casina Nights, and High Casino. Casino, casino, casino, yeah, yeah, yeah.  Well, guess what, I also ate some stuff. Only grapes, bacon, and cranberry juice. I already ate an omelet and some milk for breakfast.  Well, duh, lots of the games look like they’re for children.  So why is Dave N Busters for adults only? Why can’t kids enter, too. Why–slap!


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