Great America Winter Wonderland

Hi, everybody, I’m back! I haven’t posted anything in a long time. Sorry, guys. Well, on November 25, I went to Great America’s Winter Wonderland. It was amazing! There were lights everywhere! I went with one of my best friends. We went on the super slide together. It’s a really tall slide and you slide down on it on top of blankets. But my blanket fell off, so I got to go twice! We also went in the bouncy house! My friends and I sat on the edge, but there were too many people sitting on the edge so we fell off! And no, I don’t mean we fell off the bouncy house and onto the hard cement. I meant we fell off the exterior of the bouncy house and landed inside the interior. Awesome! I loved it! We also wanted to go rock climbing but we didn’t have enough tickets. We got to see the dancers though. We saw Russian dancers, Chinese dancers, Japanese dancers, and my favorite was the Spanish dancers. Do you why I loved the Spanish dancers? Well, it was because one of the dancers accidentally lifted her dress over  her head and her underwear was exposed. It was so funny! Have you been to Great America’s Winter Wonderland?


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