The Tech Museum Field Trip: Chemistry Lab!

Good afternoon, everybody! Nearly a week ago, my grade went to a field trip to the Tech Museum, which is located in Downtown
San Jose.

If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a fantastic museum full of a bunch of amazing science things! My grade went inside the Chemistry Lab, where we do really cool science experiments. Our Chemistry Lab teacher mixed a bunch of compounds with fuel to create what I call rainbow fire! Unfortunately, I couldn’t remember the compounds, but they made really cool colors! My two favorites were the deep pink and the Harry Potter green fires.



If you look closely, you can see a few shadows of people and you’ll be able to tell that somebody was sitting in front of me so I couldn’t take a picture of all five fires at once. Aren’t the colors beautiful? I accidently got the exit sign in that picture too.

We also did an experiment to see what would happen if we mixed Phenol red, skin irritant, and baking powder (or was it baking soda?) It created a chemical reaction. I won’t tell you what happened in words, but look at the pictures and see for yourself!





After we mixed all the ingredients, it turned into yellow-orange foam and it also turned warmer! How cool is that?

The lab teacher also demonstrated burning zinc right out of a penny. She set the penny on fire, which made a hole in the copper, and the zinc plopped right out. Look!


The zinc is that round piece of metal in the middle.

Well, that’s it for now. I highly recommend taking a trip to the Tech Museum some day, and bring kids! If you’re going on a field trip there, try one of the many Labs they have there, and it’ll be really fun!

Have a nice day!



4 Responses to “The Tech Museum Field Trip: Chemistry Lab!”
  1. Abby says:

    that sounds exciting i am definitely going there someday

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