Prismateca: Chapter 1!!!

Hello guys! If you don’t already know I luv luv luv writing stories and my dream career is to be an author, or a scriptwriter for a movie.

So I’m writing this new story about a weird girl who whirls up in middle school. Her weird behavior rouses some suspicion to her friends. I wonder what happens? I even drew an unofficial promotional poster (official one comes out soon)


So this is the first chapter. After I’ve finished the book, I’ll put the whole thing in My Stories. There aren’t any stories in there yet, but they’ll be there soon! So here it is! Chapter 1! Enjoy!

Chapter 1

            Aliens are real.

I saw one before. They’re not what you think they look like. They don’t have green skin, three eyes, or weird tentacles. The one I saw had no features like that. In fact, other than slightly shimmery skin, metallic hair, and eyes that change color, the alien I met looked like a normal 14-year-old human.

But still, not everything is awesome. This is not your average sci-fi story. It’s a bit freaky. It might even be dangerous. So if you’re reading this because you like great stories and you don’t believe aliens are real, that’s cool. Keep on reading if you want. However, if you’ve witnessed anything weird or outer-spacey or out of the ordinary, reading this book is not the best idea. But hey, it’s your choice. If you don’t mind being in danger, it’s not my fault.

My name is Kelly Green. I’m 14 years old. My hair is kelly green, and my eyes are hazel. I have two best friends, Justina and Arkana. I have an 18-year-old sister named Heather, and an annoying 13-year-old brother named Lloyd.

I bet you’re waiting to hear who I have a crush on. Well, right now, it’s nobody (ok, maybe Chris Delacore is an exception). At Whitefield Junior High School, we’re currently in the middle of the Sex Wars, which started on the second day of school. Wait, cross that out, make it Gender Wars. It’s boys versus girls. So far, the scores tied. But after only a week, I think it’s going a bit too far. It used to be like when you were still in elementary school, when the girls naturally hated the boys. But now, there’s minor cursing and even sexual harassment going on. The teachers have no idea.

A few days ago, Justina, Arkana, and I decided to start the Anti-Gender Wars Club. We gathered up whoever was against the Gender Wars and made an agreement to meet at the willow tree, which is in the corner of the field, every recess whenever everybody else is playing Gender Wars. So far, we only have 9 students out of the 1,990 students who attend Whitefield. The first one, of course, is me.

The second member is Justina Alba. She has long black hair and dark blue eyes. She was my first best friend. We’ve known each other since I was in kindergarten, even though we used to hate each other until second grade. Justina is sort of a tomboy, and she even has her own motorcycle! I don’t think she’s even old enough to drive a vehicle yet, but she fools everyone because she’s so tall, so the police never bail her out. 5 foot 7 at the age of 15 is pretty tall. She’s actually supposed to be in high school now, but she got held back. Justina used to be in the grade above me, but she got held back in 2nd grade and ended up in my class. She was the only one in my class from second grade to 4th grade who was older than me, since she started kindergarten late, when she was already six. But, overall, she’s a great friend.

The third member is my other best friend, Arkana Viska Studson. Her hair is wavy and blonde and her eyes are neon blue. No, literally, neon blue. They’re so bright that they almost glow in the dark. Sometimes we call her Kana for short. She is the complete opposite of Justina, besides a great friend. She is a real girly girl. She was a new student in 4th grade. She lives in a mansion and she has a wardrobe full of clothes from Justice. I instantly liked her, because she was very nice, but Justina was a bit jealous, which led to a 3-month-long fight, but after that the three of us became best friends again. Kana is a bit petite for her age; she’s only 4 foot 11 at the age of 14 and a quarter. The weird thing about her is that she is the most flexible person I have ever known. She has never taken gymnastics or any of that, but she makes side splits look as easy as licking an ice cream cone. It’s a bit freaky.

The fourth member is this boy named Brad Roe. If you want to know what he looks like, just imagine Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon, minus the Viking outfit, prosthetic leg, and dragon. He has a crush on Arkana. He is a bit cute, but don’t get me wrong. We have nothing going on. The only reason he joined the Anti-Gender Wars club was because Arkana was in it. If she was in favor of that stupid war, too, he would’ve been also.

The fifth member is Paisley McGarden. She has really long, curly blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the most popular girl at Whitefield. I thought she would be one of those snobby, mean popular girls in those middle school stories, but she’s actually really nice. She is yearbook editor and the cheer captain. Paisley is against the Gender Wars because she really likes boys. She even used to be in a relationship with Nate Rickley, but they broke up because Nate is in favor of the Gender Wars. He actually really hates girls.

The sixth member is this girl named Lynxra. She keeps her last name a secret. She’s our youngest member, being only in 6th grade, but she’s pretty smart. She has curly electric blue hair in a side ponytail and cyan eyes. She seems to really like blue, because she never wears any other color. Every two weeks, she has a different blue manicure on her hands. This week it’s a gradient from navy blue to sky blue.

The seventh is one of Justina’s classmates from elementary school who got held back also. Her name is Myra Stauson. When Justina got held back in 2nd grade, Myra moved up to 3rd grade without her. Then, when Myra was supposed to move up to middle school, she got retained in 5th grade, which brought her back to the same grade as us. Her hair is, surprisingly, white, and she takes a section of her hair and ties it to one side, which some people think look little-girly, but I think it’s quite. Her eyes are silver, literally silver, not gray, and, yes I know what I said before about sexual harassment and this is sexual harassment, but she has the biggest chest I have ever seen. And boys obviously think it is appealing, because nearly every boy in 8th grade at Whitefield is crazy over her. I can’t believe the teachers let her wear clothes that show off her bellybutton!

The eighth member is an Asian girl named Nika. I don’t know her last name either. Her hair is dark purple and she always has it in these two curly pigtails that don’t look girly, but cute. Her eyes are amber-colored, which I think is pretty. She sings really good, especially foreign Asian songs like K-pop and J-pop. She’s also an expert manicurist. Like Lynxra, she has a different manicure every two weeks, but unlike Lynxra, they’re not always blue. This week, her nails are lavender-colored with 3-D sea green stripes. If I recall, I think that’s called sugar spun nails. Plus, her English vocabulary isn’t very well.

The last member is Brad’s best friend, Luke Harris. I don’t know much about him because he just moved here last week. One thing I do know about him is that he LOVES war games, like Battleship. He is also a big prankster. So it really surprised me when I found out he was actually against the war too. He dates Jessie Banks, who is best friends with Nivea Hartford. He’s also British and he looks like Thomas Sangster.

During our 14th meeting, which was after school, we were all comparing ideas about how to stop the war, when Nate pushed Arkana over by accident.

“Hey! What’s your big idea, Nate?” Arkana asked.

“Sorry, Arkana,” Nate said. “Jessie and Nivea are trying to choke me to death with their cheek color gas!”

Paisley chuckled. “You mean blush,” she corrected. “Jessie and Nivea. They’ve been trying to get revenge on you again, haven’t they? What’d you do this time?”

“Nothing!” Nate exclaimed.

“Yeah, right,” everybody said in unison.

“All right,” Nate confessed. “I filled a paper bag with a bunch of my mom’s Mega-Size Nivea Lotions. When Jessie and Nivea passed by, the bag broke open and they were covered in lotion. But now Nivea thinks I’m making fun of her name, but I paid no attention to the name similarities until she mentioned it! Now, I know you guys are against the war, but PLEASE help me! I promise I’ll owe you back! Paisley, PLEASE!!!!”

When Nate said that, everybody laughed. “All right,” I said. “We’ll help. But remember, anti-soldiers,” I added dramatically. “This is a crime that we will commit. We will disobey the oath of Anti-Wars and join the war. Everybody remember.” Everybody nodded while laughing. Then we went to help Nate.


The next day, I saw Jessie and Nivea walking to school like they always did. Jessie and Nivea are cousins, neighbors, and best friends. Jessie had wavy blonde hair with the tips dyed aqua blue and hot pink, and blue eyes. Nivea had straight, long blonde hair that went all the way to her butt and brown eyes. They were both second and third most popular girls at school, but Nivea is really mean and snobby and always bullied those who she underestimated. Jessie is very nice, and pretty, but she’s not always the smartest. I don’t think she should even be friends with Nivea, because Nivea is manipulating her into her evil plans.

“Nivea, I don’t know the perfect outfit for my date with Luke,” Jessie was saying. “What should I wear?”

Nivea rolled her eyes. “You mean the idiot in the anti-war group?” she asked. “Hmm…let’s see. Where are you going?”

“A walk in the park!” Jessie said, giggling like she always did. “What if we have a moonlight kiss?! Oh my gosh!”

Nivea ignored her comment about the moonlight kiss. “My perfect fashion sense tells me… a mint green knit shrug, rose pink lace cami, heather gray capri leggings, and cute flip-flops!”

“Great!” Jessie exclaimed. “Then it’s decided.”

“Or,” Nivea continued. “a floral strapless dress, denim jacket, and sequin flats!”

“Great!” Jessie repeated. “Then it’s decided.”

“Or,” Nivea continued. “a sequin tank, gray flowy cardigan, skinny jeans, and ballet flats!”

“Great!” Jessie repeated again. “Then it’s decided. But do I have to wear all those clothes at the same time?”

“No, Jessie!” Nivea said. “Just choose one of those outfits. Or make up your own, but I don’t think you’ll have any good in that.”

Those girls didn’t suspect a thing. They were so going to be horrified. Except maybe Jessie. She usually gets excited when she’s been pranked. But I know that Nivea will be horrified.

Now!” Nate whispered. We used all our might to tip over our huge bucket of pool water (with extra chlorine) and green food coloring over Jessie and Nivea. Their blonde hair instantly turned green.

“OMG!” Nivea shrieked, holding up a strand of her hair. “My hair! Now I look like that pesky Kelly! Why does she even dye her hair green?”

“I heard that!” I shouted back. “I was born with green hair!”

As I expected, Jessie screamed in delight when the chlorine mixture poured over her. “Wow!” she exclaimed. “My hair looks so cool! It’s green like Kelly’s!”

“Shut up, Jessie!” Nivea shouted. “Your hair still looks more awful than mine.” Then she turned to me. “Kelly? Paisley? Luke? You’re all allying with Nate? I thought you guys were against the wars!”

“We are,” I replied. “But we allied with Nate because he needed help. Well, also because Paisley took pity on him. Besides, this is supposed the Gender Wars. This is a mixture of boys and girls here.”

“But Paisley,” Nivea whined. “Why? You broke up with him!”

“True,” Paisley replied, “But I don’t hate him though.”

“Ugh!” Nivea screamed in frustration. “Whatever! Come on, Jessie! We’ll get you guys back for this!”

And with that, Nivea grabbed Jessie’s hand and the two of them walked away.

“Mission accomplished,” I said. “Let’s go. See you later, Nate.”

“Thanks, guys!” he yelled out as we walked away.

Suddenly, I remembered that today was a very important date. How could I forget? “You guys,” I said. “I totally forgot! Today’s August 30! It’s our 1-week anniversary of the Anti-Gender Wars club. We’re going to Rapid Waters Water Park!”

A full minute of “woo-hoo!” and “all right!” and “yeah!” and victory dances followed after that. After that ended, I announced the plan. “The park closes at 6:30, so we’re going to stay there for 3 hours and 30 minutes. My mom talked to all of your parents this weekend and everyone has been given permission to come. Now, hurry up and run home and get ready!”

After about 20 minutes, everyone met back at the front of school. Rapid Waters wasn’t far from here, so we were able to make it there on foot. It was surprisingly full of people, since it was Thursday. There were more school-age kids than usual.

“Unfortunately,” I yelled over the noise of splashes and people having fun. “our moms said we cannot part. We have to stay as a group. If we’re going to get separated during a ride, wait until everyone comes down at the bottom. Now, we’ll go on every ride as we pass it, except, of course, the kiddie rides. And it seems like Raging Creek Falls is where we’re going first! Everyone grab a tube and get in line!

Raging Creek Falls is a really fun water tube. You go down a fast water slide on a tube that slides around a lot, and then you go through a tunnel where you get showered by a bucket of water at the entrance and at the exit. Then, at the last minute, your tube gets stuck on purpose and you fall 5 feet into a humongous pool that’s 10 feet deep, but then it gets shallower and shallower. The lifeguard at the top of the ride always tells you to close your eyes during the drop and not open them until the current of the water carries you to “shore”. It’s always very fun, though when your ride is over, your tube always mysteriously disappears from the end of the slide where you left it.

Paisley went down first. Her hair tie must’ve snapped and come off during her ride, because when she rose out of the pool I just saw a big, curly, blonde mass and at first I thought she had gotten entangled with a giant blonde hairball that someone else had left in the pool, but then I realized that it was her real hair and it had come loose.

After Paisley went down, everybody else did. My friends are quite a bit of rule-breakers sometimes. Justina stood up on her tube during the ride despite the lifeguard’s screaming at her to sit down. After that, Arkana went down on the ride backwards on purpose. Then, when Brad was going down, Luke went on the ride immediately after him, and he chased him down the slide, despite the rules saying one rider at a time. The lifeguard shook her head, smiling. “Kids,” she muttered. “I remember when I was in middle-school. I made a lot of trouble too. Hey, you,” she said to me. “Don’t tell that friend of yours that the only reason I won’t ask him to leave the park is because he reminds me of my boyfriend.” All my friends laughed.

“What’s next?” Nika asked.

I grinned. “Everyone look to your left. What you see is our next ride,” I said. Everyone looked to their left and gasped.

“A ProSlide Tornado! Those are so much fun!” Lynxra exclaimed. “I especially love the part when you go inside the tunnel and start moving back and forth!”

“Exactly!” I replied. “Unfortunately, there’s nine of us. There can only be 4 riders per tube. So that means we’re going to have to do some more rulebreaking and squeeze in an extra person. Who volunteers?”

“I do!” Myra exclaims. “I’ll sneak into the middle of the first tube.”

So we made the arrangement. Paisley, Brad, Lynxra, and I would be on the first tube with Myra squeezed in the middle. Luke, Nika, Justina, and Arkana would be on the second one. We loved going on that ride. We got yelled at by the lifeguard, but Brad said, “Who cares? We’re teenagers now, we do what we want.”

Eventually, we had gone on all the rides except for the last and most thrilling one that had just opened up: WaterFall. You stand inside a tube, and all of a sudden, the floor is gone and you’re free-falling straight down in a tube with water coming down. The next thing you know, you’re plunging into a 13-feet splash pool. It’s all very fun.

I volunteered to go last. As I stepped into the tube, I notice something was wrong. The lifeguard was gone. In fact, I don’t recall ever seeing him on this ride. But then who was operating the ride? But before I could see who was using the controls, I was going down. I felt the usual thrill of the ride while I was falling, and since the tube was transparent, I looked down and I could see all of my friends jumping up and down and shouting.

When I had gotten out of the pool, I asked Lynxra, “Did you see a lifeguard at the controls?”

“Hmm,” she said. “I actually don’t think so. I don’t think there was a lifeguard there. Weird, isn’t it?”

Before I could answer, a girl pushed me. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I’m in a hurry.”

She looked weird. Her hot pink hair sparkled with a metallic gleam to it, and her skin shimmered. Her eyes were bright green, but I could’ve sworn they were dark blue just a moment ago. Plus, I noticed that every time she moved, beams of blue light darted around her fingers, which were painted bright yellow.

I didn’t have much time to ponder on her appearance as she rushed past us. Then I heard some shouting behind us. An angry lifeguard pushed past us, muttering, “Move out of my way.” He wasn’t very polite. A few seconds later, he shouted, “Come back, you savage!”

“That was weird,” I said. “Anyways, I’m afraid our water park time is over. However, our parents said that we can have an extra hour to eat. Who wants KFC?”

“I do!” everyone shouted.

“Then hurry up and change!” I said.

A while later, everyone met back outside. We left Rapid Waters and walked to KFC, which was only a block away. After a delicious dinner of fried chicken and root beer floats, we all went home.

“So, how was it?” my mom asked. “Did you go on the Uni-Splash?”

I sighed. Sometimes my mom thinks I’m still 5 years old. She’s really over-protective. Uni-Splash was my favorite ride when I was in kindergarten. It was just a big baby pool with unicorns that sprout water in them and you can slide down their backs. “No, Mom,” I said. “I’m too old for that ride, remember? I went on WaterFall instead. It’s really fun.”

“WaterFall?!?!” she exclaimed. “You went on that ride? Honey, that’s way too dangerous for you! I read that lots of people went into a coma and some even died after going on that ride!”

“Really, Mom?” I said, not amused. “That was not WaterFall. That was a completely different ride called BloodFall, at a horror amusement park on the other side of the United States. Everyone’s heard that story. There’s a reason why BloodFall closed down after only 3 weeks of operation, Mom.”

“But still!” she said. “Oh, never mind, honey. I made you a dessert. Homemade cookies!”

“Thanks, Mom,” I said, smiling. I took a cookie from a tray full of assorted cookies: chocolate chip, white chocolate chip, butterscotch chip, mint chocolate chip, peanut butter chip, and yogurt chip. As I bit into my warm cookie, I discovered that it was a yogurt chip one. Mom’s cookies were the best.

As I got into bed that night, I still could help thinking about that girl with the weird appearance and the lifeguard. Was he after her or something? My thoughts become more impossible as I drifted into sleep.


I was feeling incredibly drowsy today. I saw my classmates were all crowding around somebody as I arrived at school. Arkana pulled herself out of the crowd.

“There’s a new student today!” she exclaimed. “And guess who it is!” Before I could answer, she said, “It’s the girl that accidentally pushed us at Rapid Waters yesterday!”

That perked me up. That weird girl from yesterday? That was really coincidentally.

I walked over to the big crowd, and indeed, there she was. She had that same unusual blue aura, and her big violet eyes were scanning the crowd, as if looking for a certain someone. Wait, violet? Weren’t her eyes bright green just yesterday?

“What’s your name?” Nivea was asking her. “I’m Nivea, the most popular girl at school!”

“No, you’re not,” Jessie said, appearing next to Nivea. “Paisley is. You’re second most popular.” Then Jessie turned to the new girl. “Hi, I’m Jessie. What’s your name?”

The new girl laughed, obviously trying to shake off something embarrassing. “You guys will laugh when I tell you my name,” she said.

“No, we won’t!” Literally the whole crowd had said that in unison.

“Promise?” the new girl said, obviously enjoying toying with the crowd.

“Yes!” the crowd shouted.

“Alright,” she said. “Prismateca Fauzworth. But everyone calls me Pris for short.”

Instantly nearly the whole crowd broke their promise and started LOLing, except for me, Arkana, Brad, Lynxra, Paisley, Nika, Myra, and Luke, though I noticed him turning his cheeks red trying to hold in his laugh. Even Justina was guffawing. I glared at her.

“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed between giggles. “But laughing is contagious to me. When everybody….laughs…..I laugh!”

I saw Pris was looking a bit down for everyone laughing at her name, especially since everybody had already promised not to.

I walked up to her. “Hi,” I said. “You remember me from yesterday?”

Her face brightened when she saw me and everybody else. “Hi!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe I saw you just yesterday, and now I’m here at the same school as you! I’m sorry about bumping into you guys, by the way.”

“It’s all right,” I said. “I’m Kelly. This is Arkana, Brad, Lynxra, Paisley, Nika, Myra, and Luke. You can be friends with us.”

“Thank you,” Pris said. “I’d be happy to be friends with you.”

“Can I check your schedule?” I asked.


I checked her entire schedule. “Wow!” I said. “You’re in all of my classes!”

“Wow!” she replied. “That’s great! We should probably go to class now, anyways.”

We went through our classes pretty fast. Before I knew it, it was lunchtime. Justina came to sit with us.

“Hi, Pris,” she said. “I’m sorry I laughed at your name. I was only laughing because whenever other people laugh, I laugh. I’m Justina, by the way.”

“It’s all right,” Pris said. “It’s nice to meet you.”

“Why is everyone fighting?” she asked. “Is it a custom in your pla—um…school?”

“What?!” Luke said. “Oh, no. See, our school is in the middle of a big fight. The boys are going against the girls. We’re not fighting because we don’t like the battle. You want to join our club? It’s for people who don’t like the fighting.”

“Ok,” Pris said. “I don’t like all the fighting, either.”

So she became our tenth member. During our next after-school meeting, we decided to report this fighting to the teachers. It was such a surprise that they don’t notice all the fighting. But we didn’t know when to do it.

“Oh, well,” I said. “Let’s report our ideas tomorrow. My mom’s expecting me home right now. She’s got company coming over and she wants me to get along with their kids.”

As I got home, I got the feeling that someone was stalking me. Then I heard a rustling sound in the bushes as I walked past the park. I wasn’t scared. I knew who it was.

“Get out of the bushes, Chris,” I said. “I know you’re there.” Chris was my neighbor who was the same age as me, and I sorta had a crush on him, and I think he returns my feelings.

“How long did you know?” Chris asked.

“Since last week,” I said. “How long have you been following me home?”

“Two months,” he said, grinning. “Come on, let’s go home.”

He took me home and then he went back to his house next to mine. As soon as I walked in the door, I saw a bunch of women sitting on the couch with champagne and crackers.

“Hi, honey!” my mom exclaimed. “The kids are in your room!”

I couldn’t believe this. “What?!?!” I practically yelled. “Mom, you let them into my room without my permission?”

“But, honey!” my mom replied. “They’re your friends!”

“No, they’re not!” I shot back. “I don’t even know them!”

I stormed into my room to see a bunch of random kids in my room, all of them about the age of 7.

“All right, kids!” I exclaimed. “What is going on?”

“Your mom said to stay right here,” said a redheaded 7-year-old girl. “She said you would give us treats. But where are the treats?

“Oh? Is that so?” I asked in my favorite sarcastically sweet voice. “And what’s your name, hon?”

“Charlie,” she replied.

“Well, Charlie,” I said. “There are no treats. My mom was wrong. You guys can all hang out in the playroom, but not here! Everybody out!”

The kids all obeyed and entered the playroom. Just then my sister Heather entered the room.

“Hey, Kell,” she said, using the nickname that usually only my friends called me. “Can you help me out? Lloyd took my phone and locked himself in my room.”

“All right, Heather,” I said. “Come on.”

Together we marched to Heather’s room. As Heather had said, it was locked. Lloyd was in there.

“Lloyd!” I yelled. “Get out!”

“No!” Lloyd shot back. “My, Heather, what nice bras you have! I’m going to show the rainbow tie-dye one to the boy across the street, Gabe, okay?”

I knew that Lloyd was only joking, but Heather freaked out. “NO!” she screamed.”DON’T SHOW IT TO GABE!”

“Hey, Gabe!” Lloyd shouted. “Look at the bra that your girlfriend wears!”

“Hey!” Heather shouted. She was trying to break open the lock with her fingernail, but it wasn’t working. And a clip was not available right now. Suddenly, I had an idea.

“Lloyd!” I shouted. “Where are you standing?”

“At the window!” he yelled.

“All right!” I replied. “Lloyd, stand back! Heather, you too!”

I raised my foot and kicked the door as hard as I could. The lock busted and the door swung open. Lloyd was at the window, holding Heather’s cell phone. He looked more amazed that I had kicked the door open than disappointed that he had been caught. “Lloyd, you didn’t really take out my underwear, did you?” Heather asked.

“Ha!” Lloyd exclaimed. “No!”

“Then how did you know about the rainbow tie-dye one?”

Lloyd shook his head. “Big sis,” he said. “Have you ever looked in the mirror? Either your underwear is so bright or your clothes are so sheer that I can see right through them. In fact, right now, I can tell that you’re wearing the hot pink one with the neon green peace signs.”

I looked at Heather’s shirt. Sure enough, underneath her sheer green crop top, I could see it: a bunch of peace signs across her chest.

“He does have a point,” I said. “Think about what you wear, Heather.”

Lloyd and I both left her in her room gaping.


            After a few hours, all of my mom’s friends and their kids went home. I needed to have a talk with my mom.

“Mom,” I said. “Why did you tell those little kids that I had treats to give them?”

“Kelly, honey,” my mom replied. “Those kids were asking for snacks, and I didn’t have any, so I was trying to send a telepathic message to you to go to the supermarket and buy some snacks for the kids.”

I sighed. Mom thinks that the whole family can send “telepathic messages” to each other, just by thinking of what we want to say in our minds and think about the person we want to send the message too. Seriously, I have no idea what’s wrong with that woman. She’s still a great mom though.

“Well, Mom,” I said. “Your ‘telepathic message’ had no connection and didn’t reach me. So it’s not my fault.”

“Oh, well,” Mom said. “Go change and go to sleep, honey. It’s late at night.”

“All right, Mom,” I said. I did exactly what she told me to do and crept into bed. But I still couldn’t shake off the feeling that someone was watching me. And it wasn’t the Chris-kind of watching me.

Then there it was. Two bright yellow cat eyes. It was only there for 2 seconds, but I swear I saw those in the dark. Then it was gone. Am I imagining things?

I tried to forget about it as I fell asleep, but those darn cat eyes followed me into my dreams.

Last night, I dreamed that a cat with two bright yellow eyes was following me everywhere, even when I went to the bathroom. But whenever I turned to look at it, it would disappear.

End of Chapter 1

Did you like that? Please give me feed back on what is good and what needs to improve, because this is not my final copy! I am thinking of publishing it someday (hopefully before I turn 20!)

The rest of the chapters will be coming soon so be patient!

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  1. Ioannina Sumaraw says:

    Awesome! Man, how do you draw so good? You should be one of those illustrators/authors!

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