Find Out Your Favorite Music Genre!

Hello there! Have you ever wondered what your favorite music genre is but you listen to such a big variety of songs that you don’t know what it is? I found an easy way to do that.
Look up AT LEAST 8 songs that you really really like or love and find out their genre. Then write it all down (if it is more than one genre include all of them). You can do more than 8 songs; I did more than 15. If one of your songs is a genre that has already been listed, write it again (that’s the whole point here). Whichever word pops up the most is your favorite. Here is my list of genres and my result.
My list: J-pop, dance pop, techno pop, New Wave, pop rock, pop, house, urban dance, indie pop, baroque pop, J-pop, J-pop, J-pop, pop rock, reggae, power pop, surf pop, pop, dance pop, hip house, electro house, power pop, techno pop, hip hop, pop rock, R&B, electronic dance, electronic rock, R&B, teen pop, dance pop, techno pop, teen pop, dance pop, pop, electro house, electronic dance, electronic rock, pop, power pop
My result: Mostly pop with a dash of house, a sprinkle of rock, some dance, and a grain of R&B.
Songs that I looked up: Sugar Rush by AKB48, When Can I See You Again by Owl City, Shut Up And Drive by Rihanna, Titanium by David Guetta, Carry On by Fun, CrosstBreaker by DaisyxDaisy, Believe by DaisyxDaisy, Mermaid by Train, Island In The Sun by Emma Roberts (cover version), She Wolf by David Guetta, Feel This Moment by Pitbull, Gold by Owl City, and Just Give Me A Reason by Pink.


So that’s how you do it! Feel free to tell other music-lovers about this and let them read this post! If you don’t like listening to music then share this with somebody who does.
Have a good night’s rest!


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