Friday Fever (Of Inspiration) April 4, 2013: Teal Books!

TGIF! My spring break has just started! I’m so glad I have a week off! School has been hard in the last few weeks since we’re preparing for CST. So, I realize that I usually get stumped when I try to post something, so that’s why lately I’ve only been posting for, like, once a month. I figured out a way to stop that and start blogging regularly again. I would start this thing called Friday Fever (Of Inspiration) and I would look up an image of some random thing on the internet (or something like that) and draw a person in an outfit inspired by that. Then every few weeks I would post it. Isn’t that clever? (LOL :D)

So, this week, I got inspired by something weird: teal-colored books!


Yeah, my drawing isn’t very inspired, the girl is in a weird position while reading the book (but I have seen people do it before!), and I don’t know why I colored the pages blue too. Maybe it would be one of those weird times when pages are tipped with a certain color (like my old children’s bible that has gold-edged pagers).


Here it is! I admit that it’s not the best thing I’ve ever drawn and I was too lazy to draw something in the background, but still! Hope you enjoy it! If my friend Isabella W. ever reads this, NO CRITICIZING!!!! Hope you enjoy and see you next Friday (or the Friday after)!


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