Mani: French Tip Variation ft. Avon Sheer French Pink

Happy Mother’s Day! How did you make your mother happy today? I gave my mother a collage with my face on it :).

Today I am going to show my own French tip! I used Avon colors Sheer French Pink as my main color, and Sweet Mint as my accent dots. The French tip was done with the white side of dual-ended Revlon High Voltage.


Here it is! So, I painted all of my nails with Sheer French Pink, and then I did a French tip on my accent ring finger. After that, I did a line of green dots going up and down my French tip. I messed up a bit with my dots because I have the most stubborn and shaky hands ever!



I just realized that my camera is pretty old. Maybe that’s why my pictures are blurry… Do you think I should get a new camera? If yes, which would you recommend that has high quality with little or no blur and is not too expensive? Or do you know how to zoom in and make the pictures less blurry? My camera is a Fujifilm Finepix J29 Digital Camera BTW.

Thanks, and have a good day!!


P.S. Whenever I post something new, there’s always a big picture at the top of the page if you hadn’t noticed. I don’t know how to get rid of it because it’s not there while I’m typing or updating the post, but it’s only there when I publish it. How do you get rid of this? Please answer in comments. Thx


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