Hey guys! Long time no post! If you guys didn’t know, I LOVE to draw OC ponies MLP style! I’m not very good yet, but everyone knows that the way to get better is to keep practicing! Yes, I am a Pegasister and proud of it!

The first OC pony I drew that was not a fail. Meet Katie Pie!

The first OC pony I drew that was not a fail. Meet Katie Pie!

I was so confident in my drawing skills that I just went ahead and tried to draw a pony without any tutorials. I wasn’t very good at that. As soon as I was finished with it, I knew something was wrong.

So I asked my friends what the problem was, and they said that my pony looked like a multicolored hot dog. I went to one of my friends for help. She is awesome at drawing MLP ponies. She doesn’t really draw them how they look in the show, she draws them very small with cute chibi-ish faces. I would really like to show you but I can’t for privacy reasons (you understand right?)

Starting now, I will accept any OC pony ideas excluding kind and type. (To make it easier, I’m just going to draw them all Earth pony mares.) Please give me your OC pony ideas in the comments below. I already sent an email to nearly all of my contacts regarding the same info. Starting now, everything in bold is super important but that doesn’t mean that everything not in bold isn’t! Please include:

– mane color (hair color) (“streaks” and “highlights” are allowed) (isn’t limited to just natural hair color, cuz if you watch mlp you should notice that most of the ponies have hair that’s green, pink, rainbow, purple, blue, multicolor and all those crazy colors and their hair is rarely ever brown, black, or blond)

– mane style (hair style) if you noticed, the ponies’ hairstyles are all different. Some are spiky (like Dr. Whooves), some are puffy and frizzy (like Pinkie Pie), some have ponytails or braids (like Applejack), some are curly and/or voluminous (like Rarity or Fluttershy), and some even have bangs (like Twilight Sparkle). So submit a hairstyle!

 – coat color (if it was human this would be the skin color) (please make it one color) (is also not limited to just natural skin color, can be any crazy color)

– eye color (is not limited to just natural eye color, colors like pink, purple, and sea foam green are allowed just please please please do not make the eye color red, yellow, or black!)

 – cutie mark (the picture on the ponies’ hips) (don’t just do a random picture like a skull or something, do one that has something to do with the pony’s talent, for example if your pony plays a sport it’s cutie mark could be like a football or soccer ball, or if your pony is very good at being silly and epic, its’ cutie mark could be something like an epic face (please don’t do anything like an epic face or troll face though)

 – NAME!!!! the name could be anything as long as its not from the show! please please please be original and don’t do anything that’s already from the show.

– extra accessories! you could add an extra accessory or two like on Katie Pie above; she has a little crown. Extra accessories could be like hats, jewelry, even skateboards (this was from the fact that one of my friends submitted an idea for a skateboard pony)! Please no clothes though. Clothes are two difficult for me.

P.S. One more important thing is that these ideas you submit I will mix and match with all the other ideas, so you don’t have to make the mane color and coat color and name and cutie mark all for one pony.
*****EDIT***** few seconds later
I have no idea what that little black-and-white picture of a pony asking for refills is doing up there at the top of the post. Please ignore it for I have nothing to do with it whatsoever. Thanks

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