Prismateca: Chapter 2!!!

Finally! Here it is: Chapter 2! I’m sorry I took very long but I was busy typing and typing so yeah! No picture that I drew this time sorry I was so busy working on the chapter that I forgot about it! So I’ll show you this picture instead (this picture DOES NOT belong to me)


It’s the Vocaloid girls! Yeah the reason why I posted this was because their hair and costumes sort of remind me of alien or robot girls!

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Chapter 2

            “Psst! Kell!” someone whispered. You would’ve thought that a little whisper wouldn’t wake me up, but I’m a very light sleeper. It’s very easy to wake me up.

As soon as I heard my name being called, I blinked my eyes open. It was 7 AM on a Sunday morning, which is okay for me, because I always wake up early. I looked around, but there was nobody in the room. Then I remembered that everyone in the Anti-Wars club had long-distance walkie-talkies, so someone must be talking through a walkie-talkie.

I turned my walkie-talkie on. “What is it?” I asked. “How are you awake already?”

            “This is Brad!”

            “Well, good morning, Brad.”

            “No joke here, Kelly!”

            “So, what did Brad Roe need to tell me at 7 AM in the morning?”

            “It’s really important! I would’ve told Arkana, but she wakes up at, like, 10:30! Also, Luke is at a swim meet.”

                        “Well? Talk, Kana’s boy! Are you disinterested in her now?”

            “No! It’s—“

            “Luke dumped you?” Teasing Brad sure was fun sometimes.

            “No! Kell, it—“

            “Is the girl across the street harassing you?”

            “Kell!” Listen up—“

            “Or maybe it’s—“


            That shut me up. Brad’s mother, Mrs. Roe, was one of the nicest adults I knew. Whenever we went to Brad’s house for a meeting or party or some other event, she made sure that everyone was safe and comfortable and she even gave us snacks. She even offered to drive me to Brad’s 11th birthday party (yes, we’ve all been friends since before the Wars) when both my parents were too busy. A woman like her didn’t deserve to be in the hospital!

            After about 30 seconds of silence, Brad spoke. “Kelly? You…you still there?”

            “I’m so sorry, Brad.” That’s what I managed to cough up. “What happened?”

            “Well, some idiot drunk driver crashed into her car at a T-junction. It was a hit-and-run…when the driver finally snapped out of it, he apologized, but I will still hate him for life. And you know who the driver was?”


            “My mother’s least favorite uncle. When my mom was a kid, he was always mean to her. He acted nice around her parents, but whenever it was just the two of them, he would torture her.”

            I hated myself for asking this. “Is she going to make it?”

            “Right now, there’s a 15% chance that she won’t survive.”

            “Oh. Okay. I’m really sorry. I hope she gets better.”

            “Thanks. I’ll tell the others later.”

            He ended the conversation with an abrupt click. I felt so sorry for him. Mrs. Roe was the second best mom I knew (the first being my own).

            I was too perked up by my conversation with Brad to fall back asleep, so I decided to just wake up and make breakfast. I just remembered that it had 2 days since Pris had come to our middle school. As I ate at the dining table by myself eating leftover apple pie, the weirdest thing happened.

            Pris suddenly appeared in front of me. Out of nowhere. Heck, she wasn’t even solid. Her projection made her look so much like a ghost that at first I thought she was.

            I nearly choked on an apple trying to speak. “Pris,” I said. “What are you doing here?”

            “I look ghostly, don’t I?” she asked, ignoring my own question. “Hang on.” She pressed the fluorescent green watch on her wrist, her arm glimmering as she moved it over her wrist. There was that weird sparkle on her arm again. Usually, I like shimmery things, but this time it creeped me out a little.

            Suddenly Pris turned blue. “Oops,” she said. “Wrong button.” After pressing the watch again, Pris finally looked as if she was actually in my kitchen. “There we go!”

            I tried asking again. “So, what are you doing here, projecting an image of yourself in my kitchen with your magical hologram watch?”

            “You know, I actually don’t know why,” she replied. Suddenly, Pris’ projection fizzled. “I have to go, Kell. My mom is calling me. See you later.”

            That last sentence was garbled before her image was gone. As soon as she disappeared, my glass of orange juice started shaking. Then my plate started shaking to the point that my pie was leaking out leftover apple juice. It took my brain about 10 seconds to register the fact that everything was shaking and spinning around. But I couldn’t see what was shaking exactly because my vision went blurry.


            I sat up in my bed gasping. The whole thing with Pris in the kitchen was a dream, fortunately. But what about the part when Brad called? That certainly felt real. I hope it wasn’t.

            I looked at the clock. It was 9:15 in the morning. Lloyd and Heather should be up by now. I went out of my bedroom to look. Sure enough, they were. Lloyd was playing some video game while Heather was doing her nails in the living room. They didn’t even notice that I was in there until I opened the curtains. Lloyd let out a yelp at the sudden flash of sunlight that hit the room, which got Heather’s attention. “Good morning, sis,” she said coolly before going back to her manicure.

            “Close the curtains!” Lloyd shouted. “Close them!” I reluctantly closed the curtains and Lloyd calmed down.

            “Geez, Lloyd,” I said. “It’s just sun.” Lloyd ignored me completely and went back to his video game. Oh, well. That behavior means that Lloyd is acting normal.

            I went into the kitchen to get my breakfast, making sure that this time I was really eating breakfast. Instead of the breakfast I “ate” in my dream, this time I had a slice of Mom’s banana chocolate bread and a glass of milk. I guess I was so anxious from my dream that I half expected Pris to appear out of nowhere again and start an earthquake. Fortunately, that didn’t happen.

            Mom and Dad suddenly hustled into the kitchen, already dressed. They each grabbed some bread and headed for the garage.

            “What’s the rush?” I asked. “Going somewhere?”

            “Oh, honey, if you haven’t heard, Brad’s mom had a car accident, and I’m visiting her in the hospital,” Mom replied.

            Oh, crap. So the part when Brad called me in the morning was real. That sudden wave of the feeling that you get when someone is sick in the hospital crashed over me again.

            I didn’t even hear where Dad was going. I just heard, “Bye, honey!” and I snapped out of my trance to say bye back.

            After they left, I went back to my room to lie down on my bed. Brad’s mom is in the hospital for a dumb accident involving her uncle. Some crappy uncle.


            Two days later, word got around at school that Brad’s mom was in the hospital. The news had spread as quickly as a pile of feathers caught in the wind. Everyone was being sympathetic to Brad, except, of course, Nivea.   

            “Oh, that’s too bad,” Nivea cooed mockingly. “You know, once, my dad’s client’s brother was in the hospital in a car accident. He got an infection when he accidentally swallowed a piece of glass covered in gasoline, and he died a week after.”

            Brad’s face was turning red from trying to hold in his emotion. Jessie tried to help. “Nivea,” she said. “You know Brad’s mom got hurt. You should help him and be happy that your mom isn’t in the hospital.”

            Nivea laughed. “Shut up, Jessie,” she said. “You’re not making him feel any better either.”

            More and more people started crowding around him. Some were defending him against Nivea, and some had forgotten about Brad’s mom completely and had come to see Nivea argue with him.

            Eventually, everyone forgot about his problem and were yelling, “Fight! Fight! Fight!” Nivea kept on throwing jeers at Brad like they were daggers. Brad’s face slowly unclenched. Uh-oh. Not a good sign.

            Yeah, usually when people unclench their jaws, it means that they’re calming down, but not for Brad. That meant he was ready to do something bad.

            “Cover your ears!” I yelled. Only the Anti-Gender Wars Club and Jessie listened and covered their ears. Everyone else? Oh well, too bad for them.

            “SHUT UP!” he yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone whose ears weren’t covered screamed in pain. I could’ve sworn I heard a window crack.

            Then Brad put his hood on (despite the rules), turned his back on Nivea and walked away. Everyone stared at him in silence.

            Once he was gone, it was Pris who broke the silence. “Look what you did to him!” she shouted to Nivea. “His mom is in the hospital, stupid, and what do you do? You tell him all about your dad’s client’s brother! How is that gonna make him feel better, huh?”          Nivea only smirked. “Well, well, new girl’s got some ‘tude, here,” she said.

            “Oh, am I the one with the ‘tude?” Pris shot back. “Look, Nivea, if you ever bother him, or any of my friends again, some bad things will happen to you.”

            This made Nivea laugh. “Oh, like what?”

            “Like…a bad hair day.”

            Nivea cackled again. “How is that possible? My hair is perfectly conditioned, straight, smooth, shiny—“

            “Look in the mirror.”

            “Ok!” Nivea unlocked her locker and pulled out a mirror. She looked into it and screamed. “My hair!” she exclaimed. “My…poor hair!”

            At first, I was confused. Her hair looked fine, but then I looked in the mirror and her reflection’s hair looked horrible. It was sticking out in all the wrong places, and the color was a duller shade of blonde than the color of yellowed teeth.

            Everyone else just laughed. They thought that Pris had just stuck an optical illusion mirror in her locker. But I didn’t think so. Something weird was going on. Nivea and the rest of the Anti-Gender Wars also thought so too. I exchanged looks with them.

            “ witch!” Nivea screeched. “What did you do? Some sort of trickery?” Everybody howled with laughter.

            Nivea shrieked in rage again and stormed off. As soon as she left, I told Arkana to go check on Brad. I needed to have a talk with Pris.


            “Pris!” I whisper-shouted to her in the hall. “What the heck was that?!?!”

            “Well, she need to be taught a lesson!” Pris shot back to me. “Where I come from, bullies who do that get punished severely.”

            “But where do you come from?”

            Pris bit her lip. “I… can’t tell you that,” she muttered. “I have to go. I’m late for art class.”

            “What! No, you’re not! I’m in art class with you!” I yelled after her, but she was already gone.


            I met Arkana at the front of school. She looked worried. “Brad looks so different,” she said quietly. “It makes me feel uncomfortable. That cruddy Nivea! Why does she always have to be so mean?”

            “I absolutely have no idea, Kana,” I said. “Some people are just like that.”


            Brad didn’t reply any emails or pick up any phone calls that day. Our connection with him had been shut off completely. But we all felt that we needed to talk with him. So we gathered at my house for a group meeting.

            “Well, how is Brad talking with us now?” Mika asked. “We cannot phone or send him letter on computer.”

            “Why don’t we go to his house?” Luke suggested. “And we could bring something to make him feel better. Like a meal or something.”

            Lynxra nodded while swallowing an entire bowl of chia seeds (she has a big and weird appetite). “Yeah, we could go to his house and give him a bowl of grilled cobra hearts.”

            I didn’t know what everyone else was thinking, but I would much rather hold a live cobra than eat its heart. “Um…let’s skip the meal and just go to his house.” Everyone nodded their heads rapidly.

            We all went to Brad’s house in Justina’s blue-black Ferrari (don’t ask how 9 of us managed to fit in a 2-seated car). When we reached his house, all windows were dark and there were no cars in the driveway. Mr. Roe was probably at the hospital with his wife, so Brad was home alone. Luke pounded on the door with his fists. “Brad, it’s us!”
            There was no answer, but then we all looked up at one of the windows and we saw a dark figure with a hood on move in the shadows of the window. It appeared to look out the window and then turn away.

            Luke’s eyes expanded to the size of   tortillas. “BRAD!!!”  he shouted. “There’s a creepy bloke in your room! Let us in!”   Here’s a fun fact about Luke: he’s not exactly the
sharpest knife in the drawer. We all rolled our eyes as he screamed, “BRAD!!!!! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?”

            Finally Myra pointed out to him, “Uh, Luke, that creepy bloke is Brad.”

            “Oh.” Luke’s usually pale face turned the color of the Red Carpet. “Brad! Let us in!”

            We looked up to check for any movement from Brad’s dark window. An arm holding a piece of paper reached out and attached the paper to the window. It read, GO AWAY in bloody red letters.

            “Oh, my,” Lynxra said. “What’s wrong with him? He’s never like this!”

            “Oh, that’s just his Darb side talking,” Luke replied. “Trust me, we’ve know each other for 12 years, so I should know.”

            Of course, Luke would know. As I mentioned earlier, they are besties. “Well, then, Luke,” I said. “If you know so much about Brad, what’s his Darb side?”

            “That’s his name backwards,” Luke said. “It’s what we named his dark side. When he gets really mad or depressed to the point where he writes scary and threatening stuff in red paint that looks like blood and sticks it to his window, Darb comes and takes over.”

            The rest of us just blinked at him. He just blinked back. “What?” he asked.

            “Never mind!” Justina replied. I knew that in her head she was thinking, Yup, Luke is one weirdo kid.

            “So how do we get inside Brad’s house when that kid has the house in complete lockdown?” asked Paisley.

            “Oh, that’s easy!” Luke said. He grabbed a rather large stone and threw it at Brad’s window. The window smashed into bits and we could all hear Brad’s cry of shock: “OH MY GOD LUKE!!!!”

            It wasn’t until now that we noticed there was a rope ladder next to Brad’s window. Luke ran up to it and started to climb up. When he noticed that we didn’t follow him, he yelled, “Oi, you lot! Climb up!”

            “WHAT?!?” Paisley shrieked. “Climb up, that high?! Never!”

            “Well, ok then. You can stay down there and watch the rest of us try to tackle Brad, or you can come with us. I think I know what you’ll choose. Now hop to it!”

            Paisley sighed. “Fine,” she grumbled, and hesitantly climbed up, her eyes squeezed shut.

            “My dear Paisley,” Luke said, once everyone was up except for her. “With your eyes shut like that, you’ll surely fall. Let me help you.” Then Luke climbed down to where Paisley was and did something unexpected.

            He lifted Paisley up and carried her firefighter style, with one arm holding her and one arm on the ladder, and climbed back up.

            “Hey!” Paisley screeched. “Put me down!” While kicking and screaming, Paisley opened her eyes and saw how high she was.

            “AAAAAIIEEEEE!!!!!” Paisley screamed as she looked down. It was so loud, all the birds flew away squawking. “LUKE, YOU LITTLE IDIOT!!! YOU’RE GOING TO KILL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

            “Nonsense, Paisley,” he said with a triumphant smirk as Paisley continued to kick around and scream as the rest of us stood in Brad’s room laughing. “I am 4 inches taller than you and also older by half a year, therefore it doesn’t make sense when you call me little.”

            While everyone else got stomach aches from laughing, I looked around Brad’s room. It looked way different than the last time I came here. Something strange about Brad’s room is that sometimes it slightly changes along with Brad’s mood.

            Right now, the room was dark and the medium blue walls had turned just a tad bit duller and darker. I noticed that Brad’s olive green and blue lava lamp was dormant, his alarm clock had been knocked over on its side, and the glow-the-dark posters of Brad’s favorite athletes were curling up on the edges and not glowing as bright, giving the usually flashing and active room a still, cold feeling, like that abandoned fountain near the old graveyard at the end of Brad’s street. It creeped me out a little.

            Luke had made it back to the window with Paisley as he dumped her on the bed. Paisley’s eyes were widened in shock and she gasped for air. “Paisley, hurry up and get over your spasm attack,” Pris said. “We need to go find Brad.”

            After Paisley had calmed down, she gave Luke a good whack in the head with Brad’s usually puffy pillow (which had deflated and flopped) and we all split in trios to find Brad. I was with Justina and Lynxra. Arkana was with Myra and Pris, and Luke had Paisley and Nika. Luke’s group decided to check all the bedroom, bathrooms and garage, while Arkana’s group covered everything downstairs. My group checked everything else: closets, outside, and everywhere else.

            After 3 minutes of searching, I heard Justina shout, “I FOUND HIM!! In the storage closet!”

            We all rushed to the storage closet at the end of the hallway upstairs. There he was, his hood covering his face, as he struggled with Justina’s strength. Suddenly, something clonked Justina in the head. Hard. We didn’t see what the object was, but we heard As she withdrew in pain, Brad made his escape. He pushed all of us aside and dashed into his bedroom, screaming, “Get away from me!”

            At first, I wondered what he could possibly do there that would help him get away. “You guys, he’s in his bedroom!” I yelled to everyone, as they recovered from their shock and pain from being pushed. “There’s no way he can climb down that rope ladder fast enough! Justina, stop wincing! We have to catch him!”


            That’s when we saw the shattered glass jar on the floor and the blood splattered on the glass pieces. Then we saw that there was a big red-and-blue bump forming on the side of Justina’s forehead. We were all surprised. Brad was never so desperate to get away from us that he had to chuck a glass jar at one of us.

             “You guys, if we hurry up, we could catch him!” I exclaimed. “He won’t make it that far!”

            But then I realized that you couldn’t underestimate Brad. He was unpredictable and would do anything to get out of whatever his sticky situation was. The others must’ve realized it, too, because their faces were engulfed in shock and horror. Then Kana yelled, ” HE’S GOING TO JUMP OUT THE WINDOW!!!”

            Then we heard a humongous thump on the ground. We ran into his room and saw that Brad was not there. We heard running footsteps and we looked out the window, but all we saw were his forest green Nikes taking off into the forest.

            “It looks like he’s going to the graveyard!” Justina cried. “Oh, I will tear him to PIECES!!” Just then, a brilliant idea came to mind.
  See, like Brad, you should never underestimate her when she’s angry. She becomes the female Hulk. She sorta magically gets stronger and faster. And I just found a way to get Brad back.

            “Justina, I got an idea!” I exclaimed. “You’re the fastest and strongest one here! You can catch Brad and bring him back for us! Be sure to beat him up, too!!!”

            “Beat up Brad?!” Justina exclaimed. “Why, of course! I’ll bring him back for you! But first, I’ll need a big glass jar. Bigger than the one he hit me with.”

            At first, we were all confused. “Why?”

            “Well, you’ll see.”

            At this point, we were so desperate to get answers from Brad that nobody cared what she did.

            “Ok,” I said. “Go get him!”

            “Got it!”

            We all watched as Justina went down the rope ladder and ran into the graveyard.



            A few minutes later, we heard footsteps. We all looked out the window and saw Justina running back to us. Brad was propped up on her back, unconscious. As she got closer, we all saw a big red bump on his head. Justina was smiling triumphantly as she went back up the ladder and threw Brad onto his bed.

            “Justina, what did you do to him?!” we all exclaimed. “Where’s the jar?”

            Justina sighed and shook her head in mock sadness. “What do you think?”

            We all widened our eyes as we realized what she had done.

            “Yup, I did,” Justina said, reading our thoughts. I climbed into the tree that he was sitting under and dropped it on his head. He crumpled like a marionette that just had its strings cut. I got him out cold.”

            “How are we make him wake up?” Nika asked. I just realized that she had asked many questions during the Brad Emergency.

            “We can’t,” Justina answered. “We’ll do something better.”

            As I said before, all we wanted were answers from Brad. So we just let Justina take charge. I have to admit, despite using violence to defend herself, risking her life to do something that she had been dared to do, and cramming 9 young teenagers into a car that had only 2 seats, this girl was pretty smart.


            Remember what I said about Justina being smart? Never mind about that. Why? Because 3 minutes later, she was tying Brad to the staircase (and I mean the outer part where you could fall off) with ribbon and tape. Seriously, that lady could climb. There was a very high chance that he would fall off and get injured. Oh, Justina.

            I decided that just in case Brad fell, I would put pillows and a blanket underneath him to make sure he didn’t get majorly hurt.

            “What if he doesn’t wake up?” Lynxra asked. “I mean, eventually he will wake up, but what if it takes too long?”

            “Oh, it won’t,” Justina said.

            She looked around and grabbed Brad’s foam sword that he used to play with it and started smacking it on Brad’s head. Oh, Justina.

After a few more smacks on the head, Brad’s eyes blinked open. He started to say something, but then he winced.

            “Ow!” he exclaimed. “My head! What happened?” He then proceeded to recount the events in his head. That’s a thing about Brad. We all watched as he whispered to himself about what he remembered. “So, I was going to the graveyard, then I sat under the tree, and then…JUSTINA!!!!!!”

            Did I mention? Brad and Justina have a little tension between them. They are always playing pranks on each other and spewing insults to each other.

            “JUSTINA, YOU ROTTEN PIECE OF MANURE SCUM! YOU DROPPED A GLASS JAR ON MY HEAD FROM A TREE!!” Brad yelled. That’s when Justina retaliated the insult.

            “ME, YOU SAY?!?” Justina shot back. “YOU CHUCKED A JAR AT MY HEAD FIRST!! WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO SAY FOR YOURSELF, HUH, STINKBRAIN?!” Oh, no. They were at it again.



            “NOBODY DID!!! BUT—“

            “Oi, you two!” Luke exclaimed. “Stop it! Brad, we only need answers. Stop hiding away in your little cloud and get out! So, explain!”

            “No!” Brad subconsciously tried to cross his arms, but found that he couldn’t move them. “Hey! You tied me to the staircase?!”

            “Oh, please, Brad. You just noticed that now?” Luke shook his head. “Ok, Brad. If you don’t tell us why you’re so depressed, we’ll leave you up there until your parents come back.”

Brad sighed. “Ugh, fine! I’ll tell you! It’s Nivea! She is a combination of a cobra and a fox in a blonde wig and gunk all over her face!”

            “Well, of course, Brad. Nivea ticks off everyone. But this time she really got to you, huh?”

            “She doesn’t understand! Her heart has been burned away by all that cruelness. Her brain has been fried by all that jealousy and wickedness. It’s been replaced by this message in her head: ‘Nivea is the best and all the others are just ants for her to squish’. I hate her so much!”

            “Ok, Brad, you’ve said enough. But please know that you don’t have to run away from us. We’re your mates, we’ll try to make you feel better.”

            “Alright, guys. Now can you let me down?”

            “Yes, Brad.”

            We untied Brad and he jumped down from the staircase onto the pillows. “Now,” Luke said, “How about some Slurpees at 7-Eleven? We need to cheer you up.”

            “Uh…well…yeah, I guess so.”

            We all started our trip to 7-Eleven in Justina’s car, now squishing 10 people into a 2-seated Ferrari. As I looked back at Brad’s house, I saw something strange: the window that had been smashed was fixed. In fact, it looked as if we had never smashed it all. How did that happen?

            We arrived at 7-Eleven to buy Slurpees. Justina, Kana, and I got cherry. Brad and Nika got blue raspberry. Luke and Myra got cherry limeade. Even Lynxra decided to “try something new” and ordered vanilla.

            Prismateca frowned at all the Slurpees. “What is that?” she asked.

            “It’s a Slurpee,” I answered. “Don’t you know? Want some?”

            Pris was reluctant. “Uh, I dunno.”

            “Come on, it’s really hot outside, and this will cool you down.”

            “Uh…ok, I guess. I’ll try strawberry kiwi.”

            “All right.”

            Luke decided to pay for all of us. “It’s on me,” he said. “I was the one who invited you to come here.”

            He paid for the Slurpees and we went to a nearby table outside in the shade to drink. As I was drinking my cherry Slurpee, I saw a glint of light from behind 7-Eleven in the corner of my eye. I got suspicious.

            “Hey, guys, I need to go to the restroom for a minute,” I lied.

            “And you’re bringing your Slurpee to the toilet?” Myra exclaimed.

            “Uh…yeah, I guess.”

            “Oh my goodness, Kelly!” Myra replied. “Well, make sure you don’t drop it in the toilet!” Everyone laughed, including Brad. That was a good thing. He was starting to cheer up.

            I ignored the teasing and went to check out that glimmer. Then I heard voices. I quickly hid behind a bush.

            As I peeked out the bush, I saw a girl about my age with long, straight blonde hair. She was wearing a denim sequin shrug with a hot pink tank top underneath and a black short skirt. Wait a minute. That seemed familiar. Nivea? I thought.

            I saw that she was with a little girl that was about six. She was crying. Nivea seemed to be comforting her.

            “Are you all right, darling?” Nivea asked warmly.

            “I…can’t find…my mommy,” the little girl answered between sniffles.

            “Oh, I’m sorry, dear,” Nivea answered soothingly. “Where did you last see her?”

            “I-I was at the park over there, and I was playing, and all of a sudden I couldn’t find my mommy. I got scared.”

            “Oh, I’m sorry,” Nivea repeated. “Well, honey, chances are, she’s still at the park. Let’s go find her, shall we?”

            The little girl nodded and they ran off to the park behind 7-Eleven. I followed them by hiding behind bushes and trees. When they got to the park, the little girl screamed with delight and ran to a woman who sort of looked like her. The woman happily opened her arms as the girl hugged her.

            “I’m so sorry, my dear,” the woman said. “I should’ve told you that I had gone to the restroom. I didn’t know that you would notice I was gone.” The woman turned to Nivea. “Thank you so much! You helped my daughter, Leslie, find me,” the woman said. “How can I repay you for that?”

            I scooted a bit closer, curious to hear what Nivea would say. What she said gave me a shock.

            “Oh, you don’t need to give me anything at all!” Nivea replied. “I’m just glad that Leslie found her mother.” She smiled. Not a cold, cruel smile like she did when she was about to do something mean at school. It was a nice, warm smile that instantly made all that trashy makeup go away. Nivea being nice? This felt like a dream, and not exactly a pleasant one, either. It was like one of those dreams that didn’t make sense, like the one I had about Pris appearing in my kitchen.

            “Well, we have to go now,” Leslie’s mother said, smiling.”Leslie has a playdate with her friend. Once again, thank you so much for bringing my little girl back to me.”

            “Thank you! You are awesome!” shouted the little girl with a bright smile on her face.

            “It was no problem at all,” Nivea answered. “I have to go too. Bye!”

            “Bye, nice girl!” exclaimed Leslie as she waved goodbye while her mother led her away to their car.

            I decided to confront Nivea and ask her about this. When she turned around to go back to wherever she came from, I stepped out from behind the tree. She literally jumped and screamed, losing her balance. I held out my hand for her to grab, and helped her up. At first, Nivea was in shock, and there were still traces of the kindness effect from Nivea’s smile on her face. After getting over the shock, Nivea tried to put her snooty face back on, but it just wasn’t working. “O-oh, look, it’s the girl with the hair with the same color as boogers,” Nivea stuttered, obviously trying to go back to her bratty attitude, but obviously failing. I couldn’t help but chuckle.

            “Failed, Nivea,” I said. “I saw what you did. I have to admit, that was very unexpected coming from you, but also very sweet. So why do you want to hide it so badly?”

            Nivea sighed. “When I was little, I was always really, uh, nice, I guess,” she answered, with the snarky tone removed. “But then my friends started teasing and saying I was too soft, and they left me. So I wanted to show them I was tough, and I could be mean sometimes. I guess I went too far, and I started being mean all the time. I regret that now, but it’s hard to break a habit that you’ve been doing for 7 years. But, still, I’m a little afraid that they’ll tease me again.”

            I smiled. All this time, Nivea wasn’t really a bully. She was trying to be a little nicer. “Oh, Nivea. You don’t have to hide the fact that you’re a really good person inside. Everybody likes that in a person, well, except for those so-called friends of yours. What they think about being mean is good is wrong. Don’t listen to that.”

            Nivea smiled back. “Oh, thank you, Kelly. You know, I really want to be your friend. But you’ve already got that group of yours, with Justina, Kana, Brad, Paisley, Lynxra, Myra, Nika, and Luke, and now that new girl, what was her name? You got Prismateca. What’ll they think of me? I don’t know. So, please, don’t tell anybody about this until I’m ready to tell everyone, alright?”

            “If this’ll make you a better person, yes.”

            “Oh, thank you, so much! I have to go, now. Jessie’s coming over to my house soon. See you later!”

            After that, Nivea turned and ran away. I made my back to the tables where my friends were sitting. When they noticed me, they exploded.

            “Where’ve you been, Kelly?”

            ‘’You took over an hour in there! Ok, no, 15 minutes, but still!”

            “Do you have constipation or something?!”

            I slapped Luke in the face. “Heck, no, Luke! Why in the world would I have constipation?”

            Luke just laughed. I noticed that everyone was either finished or almost finished. “Well, let’s part ways now. I have to go home. Say you all later!” Luke exclaimed.

            Everyone said their goodbyes as Brad and Luke walked home together (they were neighbors), and Justina took the rest of us in her Ferrari to drop us off at our houses. I got home pretty late. It was already sunset. I yawned and realized that I was really tired after all that Slurpee. So I changed into my pajamas and got ready for bed. Then I walked into my bedroom to get into bed, when all of a sudden I was falling in darkness. Whoa! Where did that come from? I thought. Was there a trapdoor underneath me that suddenly opened up? I looked up and it was just dark. Nope. Then what the heck is happening?!?

End of Chapter 2

Please, tell me what you think in the comments! And don’t just say “nice”, actually say something, like what you like and what you think needs to improve! Thanks!

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  1. oh hey, abi! i have read your comment on my blog;)
    you wrote there if you can read&write indonesian too, so…

    ternyataa kamu suka anime ya? good story above. i have a friend like you too, she likes anime&write a story..

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