My 10 Favorite Songs: December 2013

Yes, it’s almost 2014! Yes, the date on my blog is incorrect so it may say that I published this on January 1, but no, I published this on December 31. Today I am going try to squeeze in all my “Best of December 2013” things because on January 1-3, I will be gone at Angels … Continue reading

Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special REACTION!!!

Hi! It’s finally time for the Christmas Special reaction of Doctor Who. Again, this contains spoilers, so do not read this post if you haven’t watched The Time of the Doctor. First of all, I was really sad when I heard that Matt Smith is regenerating on Christmas. It was probably the worst thing that … Continue reading

Swatch: Sinful Colors Ice Dream

How was your day today? Mine was okay. My friends came over, and we had seafood for lunch: crab, shrimp and bacon-wrapped scallops. We also watched The Lone Ranger; it’s an awesome movie. But whatever. On with the swatches. Today we are featuring Sinful Colors Ice Dream, a very wintry color. This is the second … Continue reading

Swatch: Sinful Colors Holiday Rebel

Yes! From now on I am going to use a new and better camera. I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s my dad’s camera. He loves taking pictures, so he let me borrow it for blogging. It’s still not the best camera in the world, but it’s better than my other one. Today we … Continue reading

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary REACTION!!!!

WARNING!!!! This post contains spoilers from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. If you haven’t watched it yet and are planning to, do not read this until after you watch that. If you have watched it or if you haven’t but you don’t want to, keep reading. But just saying, if you’ve never heard of … Continue reading

Merry Christmas 2013!

Hello and Merry Christmas everybody! This post will have no pictures, because my sister screwed up my camera and now I can’t use it for a while… 😦 And I know that the date says this was posted on December 26, but the date settings on my blog are also being all screwed up, and … Continue reading

Katy Perry: The Best Outfits!

Hi! Good news is that I’m on holiday break, so I can blog frequently during the holidays. Hooray! Today I am here with Katy Perry’s best outfits. I am going to rate the outfits of many celebrities. Sadly, I cannot do one for Miley Cyrus because some of her outfits are just too inappropriate to be … Continue reading

The 3 Most Ridiculous Fashion Items I’ve Ever Seen

Have you guys ever seen any fashion “trends” at school, or at work, or in public place that just look ridiculous. I have. Here is my list of ridiculous fashion items that people should not wear. These ridiculous tutus WHAT. THE. HECK. I’m pretty sure these were meant for Halloween, but why are people wearing … Continue reading

December 2013 Fashion Wish List

Hi! I am sort of doing monthly things here, so that I can become more committed to blogging. Is it working? I don’t know. But if you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve always been into fashion (except for that time in 2nd-4th grade when I forced myself to change my personality and be tomboy. I was … Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Songs: November 2013

Hi there! It seems like I haven’t been here in a long time. So sorry, but you know why right? I’m starting this new thing where I post my 10 favorite songs every month. This one is for November. I guess you could say it is sort of like a Billboard Hot 100, but there … Continue reading