My 10 Favorite Songs: November 2013

Hi there! It seems like I haven’t been here in a long time. So sorry, but you know why right?

I’m starting this new thing where I post my 10 favorite songs every month. This one is for November. I guess you could say it is sort of like a Billboard Hot 100, but there are 10 songs, and it is monthly, not weekly. My interests change very quick so don’t be surprised if many songs have only lasted one month on my list! Do you see the YouTube links at the bottom of every song? Those are the music videos of the song that you should check out. (P.S. I go to Listen On Repeat every week and listen to the Billboard Hot 100!) (P.P.S. Songs included on my monthly favorite songs are not limited to songs in English, they could be in any language, as long as they are my favorite)

So here we go! (Genres are according to Wikipedia, NOT my opinion)

10. Unconditionally – Katy Perry


Months on: 1

Peak: 10

Lowest: 10

Genre: Power pop, rock, electronic

Do any of you guys like this song? I love this song, I love the lyrics and the positive message it gives, and the soft beat; I have even figured out how to play it on piano. This, in my opinion, is one of Katy Perry’s best songs. It does not have odd lyrics (that’s Last Friday Night) and it also does not have a weird or inappropriate meaning (I Kissed A Girl, Peacock, Ur So Gay) Other Katy Perry songs I liked were E.T., Firework, Wide Awake, and Dark Horse, but none of them as much as this one. It gives the message that no matter what their traits are or what problems they have (physical appearance, talents or ability, or even level of intelligence), you should be kind and love them like a friend. Don’t be a bully or shut them out just because they are not as advanced in mathematics as you are and you don’t want people to think you hang around with people who aren’t smart, or some other stupid reason.

9. I.V. – X Japan


Months on: 1

Peak: 9

Lowest: 9

Genre: Heavy metal

X Japan, one of my favorite metal bands. Yes, though this song is in entirely English, X Japan is a Japanese band. They were popular (in Japan, anyway) in the 80’s, and this song was probably their “comeback song”, because it was their first song that they had released after their reunion in 2007. Yes, this is where my metal side comes in, I like mostly pop but I also like metal. I think I got that from my dad, he loves rock and heavy metal…

8. Rough Water – Travie McCoy ft. Jason Mraz


Months on: 1

Peak: 8

Lowest: 8

Genre: Rap

I never liked Travie McCoy too much, so why did I like this song? I. D. K. But I love the guitar part, and the beat. The first couple times I thought the title was Rough Waters, with an “s”. I guess not. So what can I say about this song? Well, for one, my mom was always annoyed by Travie McCoy, but my dad likes this song. Yeah, my dad also likes soft guitar. All of the Travie McCoy songs I’ve heard have soft guitar instead of weird cruddy noises and/or stupid or horrible lyrics that I’ve heard in rap songs in the likes of Nicki Minaj, Big Sean, occasionally Macklemore, and others. But this song doesn’t sing about money, or parties, or getting it on or anything. It’s about helping your girlfriend (or boyfriend) through rough times. Yeah, yeah, not the best topic for me, especially because I am currently single and I was always single, and I don’t plan on getting a boyfriend till 8th grade at the youngest.

7. Battle Scars – Guy Sebastian ft. Lupe Fiasco


Months on: 1

Peak: 7

Lowest: 7

Genre: Hip hop

I first heard this song at school, during language arts class actually. We had 5 more minutes of class, but we had already finished the lesson and there was no homework, so the teacher just played us some random music videos on his computer. One day, he played this one, and I liked it. Before this song, I had never heard of these two guys before, but I thought they were awesome. I really liked the song, but not really the music video, because of this creepy woman I saw in it. She still haunts my dreams.

6. I Wish – Cher Lloyd ft. T.I.


Months on: 1

Peak: 6

Lowest: 6

Genre: Electropop, hip hop

Ha ha ha…. this song is funny. It had that weird beat at the end where it sounds like the track is crashing, and then she does that funny laugh she does in lots of her songs. And T.I… I’ve honestly never heard any of his songs. Did you know that most of the time I don’t know why but every rapper whose appearance I do not know I just imagine them to be ugly, but T.I. is not ugly. He is not that handsome either (sorry T.I. fans), but he is not ugly. Now I am thinking of Cher Lloyd and how much she transformed since she first auditioned on The X Factor, and now singing this song. I like that her voice sounds sort of like those old hip hop singers back in the 20th century…classic voice with modern music is wonderful!

5. Neon Lights – Demi Lovato


Months on: 1

Peak: 5

Lowest: 5

Genre: Electropop, dance-pop

I am really obsessed with Demi Lovato right now. Four of her songs are on my iTunes wish list: Let It Go, Heart Attack, Made In The USA, and Neon Lights. As you’ve noticed if you know these Demi Lovato songs, I like the ones that are faster and have more guitar and synthbeats, instead of the ones with soft piano and slow melody, which are the ones that my friends really love. I sort of like fast, energetic music more than slow, soft, soulful music. I don’t know why all of my friend like slow, soft music better. I even have one whose favorite genre is classical! And there’s nothing wrong with that, really, because I like classical music too (a little bit), but I am so different from my friends.

4. The Monster – Eminem ft. Rihanna


Months on: 1

Peak: 4

Lowest: 4

Genre: Hip hop

OMG This song is awesome! I’m sure you’ve heard it somewhere, and if not, go listen to it right now! It debuted very high on the Billboard, obviously because it is an awesome song. Yes, I do see the little “Parental Advisory” icon, but my parents approved of it, they’ve heard the full song at least 5 times, and they got me the song on iTunes. My mom and my fifth-grade teacher say that Eminem is one of their favorite rappers because he at least makes more sense than other rappers, and my teachers says it is because he has many metaphors and stuff like that in his songs. And also, is this like the millionth time Rihanna and Eminem paired up? Maybe they were meant to be the perfect hip hop partnership (and I mean in business, not you-know-what.)

3. Kakumei Dualism – Nana Mizuki & TM Revolution


Months on: 1

Peak: 3

Lowest: 3

Genre: J-pop, rock

Yes, this is another Japanese song. If you’ve read my previous posts, you should know that I love Japanese music, but not only that, also Korean and Indonesian. The music video was a bit odd, even though I loved Nana’s outfit. They’re literally screaming at each other through some weird door or something. Then later I think they’re having a musical sword fight? I don’t know. But overall, I love the song. They both used lots of vibrato which I don’t really know why. Another Japanese artist I’ve heard who uses lots of vibrato is DaisyxDaisy, who happens to be Nana’s younger sister. I guess it just runs in the family. I think this song was the second opening of this anime called Kakumeiki Valvreve, which I’ve never heard of. Any of you guys ever heard it? The music video is longer than the song itself, because of extra scenes.

2. Let It Go – Demi Lovato

demi-lovato-old-mansion-let-it-go-videoMonths on: 1

Peak: 2

Lowest: 2

Genre: Pop rock

See? Another Demi song on the list. This song is actually not the original. The original was sung by Idina Menzel for the movie Frozen. But I like this one much better, because I don’t like show tunes or ballads too much. I love that her voice has a large range. I sing this song all the time, only because the number 1 song on this list is too hard to sing. It makes me want to watch Frozen more. From what I heard is that the writers of the song chose Demi to sing the song for the single version based on her own past. Isn’t that cool?

1. Megitsune – Babymetal


Months on: 1

Peak: 1

Lowest: 1

Genre: J-pop, heavy metal

OMG, Japanese heavy metal tops the list! Except this time, instead of middle-aged men, Babymetal is a heavy metal trio consisting of girls in junior high and high school! Dang! It turns out, Babymetal is a subgroup of an even larger group called Sakura Gakuin, a music group consisting of girls between the ages of 12 and 15. If I’ve heard correctly, only the leader of Babymetal, Su-Metal, sings. The other two, whose names I don’t know but also end with “Metal”, just chant. It’s a really awesome band, but I think it’s a bit weird that the Japanese music producers would take little girls (ok, not exactly little because they’re the same age as me) and tell them to strain their voices while screaming heavy metal songs.

Ok, so that wraps up this month’s top 10! Come back next month for a different list! Notable mentions are:

Made In The USA – Demi Lovato

Heart Attack – Demi Lovato

Burn – Ellie Goulding

Glowing – Nikki Williams

Me and You – Coco Jones ft. Tyler James Williams

Thanks, and see you next time!

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