December 2013 Fashion Wish List

Hi! I am sort of doing monthly things here, so that I can become more committed to blogging. Is it working? I don’t know.

But if you guys haven’t noticed, I’ve always been into fashion (except for that time in 2nd-4th grade when I forced myself to change my personality and be tomboy. I was into Pokémon and everything, and I had “quit” my dream job of being a fashion designer and decided to be an author. In 5th grade I just couldn’t take it anymore and went back to half-girly and half-tomboy. That was when I started dreaming of my dual job as fashion designer and author…), so I decided to make a wish list of my top 10 hottest fashion items (in my opinion anyway). They are in no particular order so number 1 does not mean it is the one that I want the most. Do not question my fashion sense, but there will be some pretty weird things on here…

1. Biker jacket



012712-Christopher-Kane-Jacket-400Yes, I am in love with biker jackets. They are a trend at my school right now. I just can’t choose between black and neon. Which do you think I should get?

2. Spiked boots

zigi-ny-z-jo-spiked-boots-01-christal_rock-posted-by-christalrock_com_You know, I just love spiked things. That’s why I would love these awesome spiked boots! So many spikes! I don’t know why I love spikes, maybe it’s my rebelle side…. LOL no just kidding.

3. Leopard print jegging

img-thingThis is where WTH weird comes in… but no doubt  I ❤ leopard print! Or technically any animal print. Many animals have beautiful patterns on them, like leopards, tigers, zebras, peacocks. Nope, I do not care if I look like a leopard hybrid…

4. Puffer coat

puffer%20coat%20faux%20fur%20hood%20justiceOoh, so bright… puffer coats are perfect for the winter, especially in bright colors, because you can keep warm and other people will be able to see you! I already have a puffer coat, but it’s just plain brown and it’s also getting small…

5. Paint drip leggingsurb-melting-tights_thumb_576x440Yup, more weird… but the first thing I noticed in Paramore’s music video, Still Into You, was the fact that Hayley’s legs were covered in paint? Then I realized they were leggings. I was like, “Eww, that is so gross!” at first, but then it switched to, “That’s actually pretty cool!” But to buy these, they are so expensive, so I might try to make them myself someday. Probably going to fail, but I will post pictures if I ever make it…

6. Cabbie hats

mtnJJURvta7C8nmxP7xvKAAI love cabbie hats. I used to hate them because I thought only boys wore them in boring colors like black and gray. Now, I’m glad they have them in blue, green, purple, and covered in sequins or patterns! Now that’s more like it.

7. Combat boots

Military-Inspired-Boots-For-WomenCombat boots are also a trend at my school for girls. I absolutely love the studded ones, because they are so pretty! I just love studs.

8. Ripped vest

2012-spring-women-s-rivet-solid-Washed-denim-vest-turn-down-collar-vintage-Ripped-hole-vestThis vest would be perfect to wear in the spring. If this was a neutral color instead of blue, and I paired this vest with gray jeggings and my black combat boots from number 7, it would make a uniform-friendly outfit to wear to school (my school has a very strict uniform of dark green, gray, black, and white, and I respect the art teachers because they are the only teachers in the school who don’t like the uniform).

9. Fuzzy sweater

full_sizeYeah, this sweater is from Justice… I love the store Justice! Blinding neon colors, sequins and glitter and embellishments everywhere! That’s just my style! My mom says that you need sunglasses before going into a Justice store…LOL.

10. Sweater dress

she’s-cool-sweater-dress-cowl-neck-3and4-sleeve-for-women-in-brown~p~6161x_01~1500_3Hooray for sweaters! Since it is winter and very cold, sweater dresses are comfy and you can look stylish! I especially love the cowl neck there.

So that is the end of the list! Next month, I will post 10 more items that I would love to wear, but there will be no repeats! See you next month!


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