The 3 Most Ridiculous Fashion Items I’ve Ever Seen

Have you guys ever seen any fashion “trends” at school, or at work, or in public place that just look ridiculous. I have. Here is my list of ridiculous fashion items that people should not wear.

These ridiculous tutus

68893-Rainbow-Tutu-largeWHAT. THE. HECK. I’m pretty sure these were meant for Halloween, but why are people wearing them as if they were just casual jeans?

My encounter with this: My school was having a dance a few weeks ago. I came wearing a bubble top, jeans, and Uggs. I saw my friend there, and I was like, “HOLY COW WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU WEARING?!” Her outfit was a graphic T-shirt, and a BLACK AND RED TUTU over JEGGINGS. With COWBOY BOOTS. I went up to her and I said, “You’re going to stand out in the crowd wearing that tutu over jeans.” Then she said, “No, YOU’RE going to stand out because you aren’t wearing a tutu.” Then I looked around and she was right. Almost every girl on the dance floor was wearing a tutu. I’m glad that only one person that I knew personally was wearing a tutu. There were rainbow tutus, blue tutus, tutus of every color. Can somebody explain to me why they exist?

Super-super shortie shorts

images6Z3Q7DQ1This is ridiculous. Who wears shorts this short? In my opinion, Bermuda shorts or midi shorts are the best. The are the perfect length, they aren’t too short and aren’t too long. But shortie shorts are just too much. It looks like underwear!

High heel sneakers

wholesale-nike-high-heel-shoes-132439THIS IS AN OUTRAGE. Sneakers, as you all know, are athletic shoes and, according to those ads by Reebok, Nike, Sketchers, and all those famous shoe brands, they are meant with to support your feet and help them do better in sports. Heels are the opposites. Sure, they’re cute, and necessary to wear sometimes, but I think that high heels should be worn once every two weeks at the MOST. If you wear them too much, they can ruin your posture and foot structure. So, technically, adding heels to sneakers completely eliminates what sneakers were meant for, because these shoes cannot possibly be worn when you’re running around the track or playing tennis. They are unwearable. Of course, if you aren’t wearing them for athletic purposes, they are completely fine. I actually have a pair of wedge sneakers that are studded and emerald green, however I’ve only worn them once, and that was to church (yeah, I know, it’s church: but the only people who wear clothes that are actually formal are the elders and the pastor, everybody else comes to church wearing jeans, sneakers, T-shirts, etc.)

Yup, that’s all. I did mention only 3.  Did I miss anything? What do you think is an unwearable, outrageous clothing item that exists?

There are actually more clothes that I think are ridiculous, but these are only the ones that people wear commonly, because have you ever seen anybody wear cupcake bikinis, meat dresses, or silver little planets on their backs besides Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, or Nicki Minaj?


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