Katy Perry: The Best Outfits!

Hi! Good news is that I’m on holiday break, so I can blog frequently during the holidays. Hooray!

Today I am here with Katy Perry’s best outfits. I am going to rate the outfits of many celebrities. Sadly, I cannot do one for Miley Cyrus because some of her outfits are just too inappropriate to be shown on this site (kid-friendly site remember?). I mean, remember in her video for “Wrecking Ball” she wore nothing but Doc Martens? Yeah. But let’s move on. Here we go.


5. Rose Queen


Beautiful. She looks just like a rose queen. Only thing that is missing is the rose crown. For once, her hair is completely natural.

4. Muppet Dress


This is such a funny dress… the only things that would make it better are some straps.

3. Sunglasses Dressnew-6nov2011-katy-perry-outrageous-fashion-600The sunglasses dress is so cute, and you know I love biker jackets!!

2. Slime Outfit

31mar2012-katy-perry-outrageous-fashion-600If it was a dress instead of a crop top, and lower heels, I would definitely wear this.

1. Dice Dress

24jul2009-katy-perry-outrageous-fashion-600Don’t question my fashion sense. I love this dress. DICE!!! SO PRETTY..

That’s all. I was bored, so this post is mostly pictures and not so much content. Good night!

2 Responses to “Katy Perry: The Best Outfits!”
  1. Emily the awesome says:

    Actually, the slime dress is not a crop top it’s a dress with a skin colored ribbon through the middle.( i think )

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