Merry Christmas 2013!

Hello and Merry Christmas everybody!

This post will have no pictures, because my sister screwed up my camera and now I can’t use it for a while… 😦

And I know that the date says this was posted on December 26, but the date settings on my blog are also being all screwed up, and I’ll try to fix that ASAP. But I actually posted this on December 25.

How has your Christmas been? Mine has been wonderful; I received a new watch, two new nail polishes :), a pegboard, two gift cards, a Hex Pup, and lots of chocolate. There have been really weird flavors of chocolate in my new chocolate box, like rose chocolate and green apple chocolate. They were really delicious, though.

I gave my sister a Cinderella doll and my brother a new Nerf gun to add to his collection of now 6 Nerf guns. I alm0st regret giving him that because as soon as he has loaded it, he and my dad opened fire on me.

NO I don’t regret giving my brother that.

I hope your Christmas has been wonderful, just like mine. If you would like to share your Christmas with me, leave in the comments below. Thanks and Merry Christmas!

One Response to “Merry Christmas 2013!”
  1. Emily the awesome says:

    Rose chocolate is soooooo good! I once ate rose chocolate ice cream and I loved it!

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