Doctor Who 50th Anniversary REACTION!!!!



This post contains spoilers from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special. If you haven’t watched it yet and are planning to, do not read this until after you watch that. If you have watched it or if you haven’t but you don’t want to, keep reading. But just saying, if you’ve never heard of Doctor Who or you don’t watch the show, you’re not going to understand half of this stuff.

OMG!!!! The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special is awesome!!! I am a huge Whovian, and I LOVE Doctor Who. If any of you guys think that the word “Whovian” is stupid, I’ll have you know that the word “Whovian” is in the FREAKING DICTIONARY. So ha. Later, I’m also going to do a reaction of the 11th’s regeneration, since the Christmas special has been released.

However, these are some of the topics that really caught my attention during “The Day of the Doctor”.

Clara’s job


Whoa. Clara has a job? When the heck did she become a teacher? What does she teach? And the school she teaches it is… COAL HILL SECONDARY SCHOOL. OMG.

imagesIf I’ve heard correctly, the Doctor’s granddaughter, Susan, attended this school, and the Doctor’s first companions, Barbara Wright and Ian Chesterson taught at this school. And now, Ian Chesterson is the chairman. Also…. IM FOREMAN SCRAP YARD. OMG.

76-Totters-Lane-650x364Apparently, this sign was in the very first episode of Doctor Who, and it was where Barbara and Ian first found the Doctor. We’re 15 seconds into the episode and there are already 2 EASTER EGGS.

The Time War


Yay! We finally get to see what the Time War actually looked like! I’ve always wanted to see what it was actually like, but I had no idea it would actually look like this. In my head, I imagined World War II, but instead with Daleks and Time Lords in those ridiculous robes.

The War Doctor

untitledYay! The War Doctor! Forgive me, but for some reason I just think he is hilarious. The way he scolds the 10th and 11th Doctors is just hilarious. He seems like a very nice Doctor, other than the fact that he was the WAR Doctor. I honestly hope he comes back for another appearance, because I have approved.

Billie Piper

tdotd-billiewho-620x350Yay!! Billie Piper is back! Rose Tyler was one of my favorite companions ever. But this time, Billie Piper isn’t Rose Tyler! She’s actually the interface of the forbidden weapon that looks like a box, called the Moment.

doctor-who-the-day-of-the-doctor-04-the-momentThe interface has taken on the form of Rose Tyler, or rather, the Big Bad Wolf.

themomentI like the personality of the character Billie portrays in “The Day of the Doctor”.  She’s witty, smart, and likes to tease the Doctor. I like characters who tease the Doctor. However, one major delta…

rose_50thThe OUTFIT. What is this. I’ve seen Billie dress way better than this. What’s wrong with her hair! The skirt, the boots, and also all in Earth tones! What happened to this outfit?

My favorite Rose Tyler outfit

My favorite Rose Tyler outfit

The Return of the 10th Doctor


That was me screaming. The 10th Doctor is back! He is officially my favorite Doctor so far! He’s just so funny, and has the most hilarious expressions (when he’s not sad). Observe…


tumblr_mws7ql9OpE1rgagovo3_500OMG HAHAHAHA!! What I don’t understand is that, now he is married… to this woman.

Doctor_Who_50th__Joanna_Page_on_the_set_of_The_Day_of_the_DoctorWhat. The. Serious. Heck. How many women has he married? And WHY does Queen Elizabeth keep kissing him? I didn’t know they had kissing that serious in 1562.


day-of-the-doctor-tv-trailer-18-zygonDisgusting. Most of the monsters on Doctor Who aren’t really scary, just ugly or silly-looking. The Weeping Angels would be a bit creepy in real life. So would Vashta Nerada or Cybermen. If you take away the Daleks’ weapons, people would probably think that they’re just gigantic talking salt-and-pepper shakers with one eye and kids would kick them around for fun like in “Journey’s End”. What’s even weirder is that they can shape-shift. The Abzorbaloff is just disgusting. What kind of alien name is that anyway. The Adipose babies are actually pretty cute–tiny and shaped like marshmallows with limbs.

The Zygon could kill your best friend, morph into them, and while you two are gossiping about cute guys at school, it would morph back, lunge at you, and kill you. Then its next victim would be your annoying little brother.

The fez

doctor-who-the-day-of-the-doctor-fezThe 10th Doctor just looks ridiculous wearing a fez. Look at his face, too.

dotdheaderYes, the fez looks much better on the 11th doctor. Just like bowties, fezzes were made for Matt Smith. Glasses were meant for David Tennant.



Another Easter Egg. Here is a scientist named Osgood, donning the famous scarf from the Tom Baker days.

the-fourth-doctorBut I still think Osgood wears it better. I love Osgood. She’s very brave, and she doesn’t let her asthma get in her way. Good job, Osgood!

Big Red Button

day-of-the-doctor-trailer-seize-the-momentA big red button is just what the Doctor wished for… but why must it be red and shaped like a jewel? I think if it was blue it would be prettier. Maybe it’s because red looks more menacing and dangerous.

Gallifrey’s not dead!

tumblr_mwry7cR5PR1t05tk4o1_500Of course you guys change history all the time. According to Wikipedia, Queen Elizabeth never married. So apparently her marriage to the Doctor was erased from memory. Apparently, Gallifrey actually didn’t fall, they were frozen in time, put in stasis, maybe? Anyway, I’m glad. It would really really suck if I was the only human left in the world.

Peter Capaldi

16EE7BEAA53ACE5D5FEB0404ACD6FBehold, the 12th Doctor! Well, his eyes, anyway. Why are Peter’s eyes looking so mad? One of my friends once told me that he looked like a grumpy owl.

tumblr_mws5e7Zngp1snt8fho2_250Haha.. At first, honestly I was horrified when they first revealed who the 12th Doctor would be. Because the Doctor has aged more than 20 years. Yikes. But now I am a bit hopeful. Maybe Peter’s not so bad.

Tom Baker

curatorOMG. It’s Tom Baker. Nice try, BBC. Trying to disguise him as the “Curator” when we all know who he really is all along. I admit that I’ve never watched a 4th Doctor episode, even though I would love to, but I can’t find them anywhere.

Well that wraps up the 5oth anniversary reaction. This actually took me a while to write. I don’t know why, though. I think for the “Christmas special” reaction, I’ll do a different, easier format.

Thanks, and have a nice day!


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