Doctor Who 2013 Christmas Special REACTION!!!

Hi! It’s finally time for the Christmas Special reaction of Doctor Who.


Again, this contains spoilers, so do not read this post if you haven’t watched The Time of the Doctor.

First of all, I was really sad when I heard that Matt Smith is regenerating on Christmas. It was probably the worst thing that happened this summer. Matt Smith was a truly amazing Doctor and made many things cool during his time on the show. I now fancy bowtie necklaces, glasses, fezzes, and bunk beds.

But, my hope rose again when they announced that Peter Capaldi would be the next Doctor. I only started watching Doctor Who in 2o11, so this is the 1st time that I have experienced what it feels like when they announce that the Doctor is regenerating.

Keep reading to see how I thought about it.

The Daleks

daleks1-436x284Initial reaction: Forgive me, but I really like the Daleks. When I was younger, I would compare them to R2-D2. One of the worst comparisons ever. Also, at my friend’s school. They treat the word “Dalek” like it’s a swear word.

I like the Daleks because they are really funny. It makes me laugh when I see them trying to attempt to destroy the Doctor when everybody knows they will fail anyway.

Cyberman head

Time1Initial reaction: What the heck is with that creepy Cyberman head that TALKS!? This reminds of The Pandorica Opens, when there’s a Cyberman head that tries to attack Amy. What’s it for?

As I continue watching: No! Handles dies! Did the Doctor ever remember to patch the TARDIS phone back into the console. I sure hope he did, because if not, that would just be disrespectful.

Naked Doctor

The-Time-of-the-Doctor-naked-doctor2Initial reaction: AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!! Why is he naked?!

As I continue watching: You don’t go to church naked Doctor!!!! Oh… that kind of church.

The Silence

Picture shows: The Silence.

Initial reaction: Aaah!! The Silence!! Why are they here?! How many monsters are in this episode?

Weeping Angels

Picture shows:A Weeping Angel.Initial reaction: AAH!!! Weeping Angels! What next, Abzorbaloffs?!

Bald Doctor

matt-smith-baldWhat. The. Heck. No, Doctor. Just no. We all love your hair, please keep it on.

Did he really become bald? I mean, I know he shaved his hair for How To Catch A Monster, but he still had SOME hair left. Did he shave again?

The Crack

time-clara-crack-sadOMG the cracks! And now we know what it was really doing all along. It’s the Time Lords!

How many more regenerations did they give him! It would be pretty awesomely sick if in 2063 there is a 24th Doctor or something and they were having the 100th Anniversary Special, featuring the return of the 12th!

Old Man Doctor

matt-smith-oldThis is one of my worst nightmares. I don’t want a Doctor that is older than 60. This is most positively absolutely scary. No. Just no. Come on, Matt Smith, this is the second time you’ve tried to look old, in less than an hour, the first time you were bald. You’re still young, the youngest-looking Doctor so far, so enjoy your youth while you still have it and stop trying to speed up the aging process. I mean look at this:



doctor-who-christmas-amy-pondOMG. They never told us that the awesome Amy Pond with the awesome nails would be in this! Her nails…so pretty! I guess the Doctor regenerated happily after all. BTW, have you guys seen Karen Gillan’s new hairstyle?

karen-gillan-3Yup, all that luscious, beautiful red hair is gone. She has shaved it to play the part of Nebula in the new movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. Instantly added to my watchlist just because Ms. Gillan is playing a bald villain. I really hope her hair grows back soon, though.

And the moment you’ve all been waiting for…


Matt-Smith-Doctor-Who-Time-of-the-Doctor-RegenerationNOOOOOO!!!! The part I dreaded/looked forward to the most!!! It’s starting! How could he? He just drops his bowtie to the floor…


Peter-Capaldi-Doctor-Who-Time-of-the-DoctorWhoa, that was fast. Shouldn’t it be more slow and dramatic like the other regenerations? All he did was sneeze out the 12th Doctor.

So that wraps up the Christmas Special Reaction, people. Comment and tell me what you thought of it, and if your opinions were different and maybe more interesting than mine. I’d love to hear.

Thanks, and see you all later!


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