Prismateca: Chapter 3!!!

Hooray, finally the 3rd chapter! Sorry I haven’t added another chapter in so long. Remember there are lots of sucky things in this, because this is only the 1st draft. Obviously there are grammar checks needed and whatnot, but still, please enjoy my story and give me your feedback! Also, there will be no picture in this one.

Chapter 3

            I landed in a dark gray room. It was cube-shaped, with no doors or windows. After a few seconds, Justina, Kana, Brad, Lynxra, Myra, Nika, and Luke fell from the ceiling. I could tell they were all just as surprised as I was.

“Kelly?” Nika asked. “What is going on? Is this dreaming?”

“Nope,” I answered.

Brad started laughing all of a sudden. “What’s so funny, Brad?” I asked.

“Y-your pajamas!!!” Oops. I didn’t realize that I was the only one wearing pajamas. To make the situation even more embarrassing, I was wearing the ones with the pink Domos all over it. I guess the others hadn’t planned on going to sleep yet. Luke still had red dribbles of Slurpee all over his shirt. Lynxra was holding a bag of white chocolate-coated bacon in her hands.

“Listen, I was planning on going to sleep, ok?” I explained. “Slurpee zaps my energy away.”

“Well, let’s not worry about that right now, ok?” Luke said. “The real mystery is, why are we here? I was going to the toilet, and I was about to pull my pants down when all of a sudden I fell here!”

Brad just started laughing even harder. Seriously, someone has to calm him down. I think that we cheered him up a bit too much. But hey, at least he isn’t moping around and writing in red paint anymore.

Suddenly, a deep voice echoed through the cube while a bright beam of light shone through the room as if there was a hole in the roof and the sun was shining through it. The voice was gruff but not a hostile or mean voice. “You will now witness the history of Prismateca,” it said.

All of us were taken back. “What?!?!” Justina exclaimed. “Why do we need to see her history?”

Before anyone could answer, we were all transported to somewhere else. The sky was bright purple with pink clouds. Everybody had metallic hair, shimmering skin, eyes that constantly changed color, and little balls of light darting around their fingers, just like Pris.

Lynxra went over to a teenage girl walking by and asked, “Excuse me, what’s going on here?”

The teenage girl didn’t answer. Instead, she just kept walking. And she walked right through Lynxra!

            “This just keeps getting weirder every minute!” Kana cried, who was on the verge of passing out.

“Relax,” said the same deep voice as before. “You are just witnessing a flashback. Nobody can see or hear you.”

We were transported to a castle. It was a quite modern castle, with a galactic theme, many beeping sounds, and flashing lights. In the middle of the room there was a man and a woman. The woman had bright gleaming pink hair and green lights around her fingers. She was wearing a purple dress that looked like it glowing. The man has thick red hair and green lights around his fingers as well. He was wearing a dark black suit.

The woman was holding a baby who looked like a mini version of her. The baby cooed in her arms. All of us were silenced by this. We decided to keep quiet, hoping that this would start to make sense.

“What should we do with her?” the woman asked to the man, who was apparently her husband. “We need to make sure that nobody knows that we have a child. Ultarion is in danger of being invaded by those Tenbrans and we need to keep Prismateca safe.”

Prismateca?! I thought. That’s baby Prismateca?

“Marinda,” the man answered. “We’ll just have to keep her in the dark. Make sure she never leaves the castle. You know that the Tenbrans want the throne, so they’ll be trying to kill us and all of our descendants to make sure nobody gets the throne before them.”          “Yes, dear,” Marinda answered. “However, you’ll have to cast another layer of the protection bubble around Ultarion, and an even stronger one around the castle. I can sense that it is starting to weaken, Damion.”

The scene changed. It was apparently a few years later. Pris looked about ten years old. Marinda had gained a few wrinkles. Damion was not in the scene.

Pris was in bed, talking with her mother. “Mom,” said young Pris. “You said you would explain why I’m not allowed to go outside when I turn 10. I’m 10 now. So explain!”

Marinda sighed. “We have been threatened by the Tenbrans, my dear,” she explained. “They want the throne, and they’re planning to kill us and all our descendants. That includes you, dear. Once people find out that we have a child, the Tenbrans will go crazy trying to kill you. That is why we must keep you safe, dear. We cannot trust anybody outside the castle. That is why we have put a powerful barrier around the planet, and an even stronger one around the castle. Our top priority is to protect you.”

The scene changed. Pris was at a cemetery. She now looked like her current appearance, around 14. She was crying.

“Stupid, stupid, stupid Tenbrans!” she sobbed. “Once I’m powerful enough to be a full-fledged queen, I’ll wipe them out of the universe!”

Suddenly, there was a ripple through the air and the protection barrier around the planet shattered. Something fell out of the sky, or rather, flew out of the sky. As it got closer, I recognized it as a humanoid woman. My best guess was that it was a Tenbran. In fact, a more accurate guess would be that it, or she, was the queen of the Tenbrans.              The Tenbran queen gracefully landed on the ground with a smile that was like poisoned sugar. She had sparkling gray eyes and cascades of icy blue hair with the planet’s signature glimmer. Her gown shimmered in every shade of blue, and there were jagged, ice-like crystals around her neck and accenting her gown. Unlike the people of Ultarion, though, she didn’t have little light darting around her fingers. Instead, the tips of her sharp, pointy, chrome blue nails seemed to sparkle. I have to admit that the queen was pretty, but it was the venomous evil sneer on her face that ruined it all.

Behind her, a trail of guards stood behind her, armed with all types of weapons. Some were holding weird, alien guns. Others were carrying the classic spear. It took me a few seconds to notice that the guards were made of ice! They looked like those mannequins that modeled clothes in a store, but they were made out of ice and weren’t wearing any designer clothing.

“Good evening, princess,” she said. Pris didn’t answer. She just glared up at the queen.

“What happened to your gentle princess grace?” the queen asked with an evil glint in her eyes. “Everyone knows that princesses are sweet and soft, unlike you, all hard and cold and hostile like ice.”

Pris scoffed. “I’m sorry, Ezebel, I think that you are describing yourself, not me. Besides, I’m not a cupcake.”

“Oh, princess, you are so funny.”

“Shut up.”

I was desperate to say something to Pris, and I also wanted to give that Queen Ezebel a good smack in the head. But I knew I couldn’t, because if I did, my hand would go right through her. So we just watched them.

“Enough talking here.” Queen Ezebel smirked and she gestured to one of her ice guards. “Get her.”

Pris tried to attack, but the light in her fingers instantly disappeared. “I knew you would come to the cemetery to avenge your parents, princess,” the queen stated while her guards advanced. “So I surrounded it with a deactivating spell. You are powerless, princess. Don’t worry, though,” she continued. “I’m not going to hurt you yet. However, princess, when was the last time you actually had a full night’s sleep?”

Before Pris could answer, a guard jabbed the blunt end of its spear into her neck and sent a shock through her, and she slumped to the ground. Queen Ezebel clapped her hands. “Slave boy!”

Out of nowhere, a boy about the same age as Pris appeared. He had wavy silvery hair that swooped to one side and blue eyes, and he looked miserable. He was good-looking, but definitely not my type (I have Chris, remember?). Did the queen really capture this guy as a slave?

“What is your command, your Highness?” he asked with an obvious tone of boredom and irritation in his voice. I was able to tell that he had been forced to repeat that question several times before. “Pick up the girl so we can teleport back to Tenbrania,” the queen commanded.

The boy gave a loud and exaggerated grumble. He grabbed Pris around the waist and effortlessly threw her over his shoulder. Then the queen snapped her thin, pale fingers and they all disappeared in a blue flash.

We were all just standing at the empty cemetery with our mouths open like a fish. After a long period of silence, Lynxra broke the shell of quietness that surrounded us. “What just happened?”

Before anybody could answer, we were taken to another different memory.

The memory was at a castle. It looked like Queen Ezebel’s castle. It was cold, icy, and blue. The queen was sitting in her throne, which was a majestic silver chair with ribbons of some sort of blue sparkle, and jags of ice here and there. Pris was crumpled on the ground in a cage, and the slave boy was standing next to cage, obviously guarding her. He had the same bored and miserable expression on his face, but I noticed that every once in a while he would glance at her with a slight smile. Did he like her?! I thought.

Arkana must’ve been thinking the same thing, because she gave a squeal and said, “OMG! He likes her!” Everyone shushed her.

It just made me so mad that Pris was hurt and the slave boy was being abused while Queen Ezebel just sat on her throne like nothing was going on.

Pris coughed, and blinked her eyes open. She sat up. “What’s going on?” she asked drowsily. When she saw the Queen sitting on her throne, she was suddenly wide awake. “You!” she yelled. “Get me out!”

The queen just cackled and shook her head. “No,” she answered. “I am not stupid, princess. I will not let you go until it is time.”

Pris sighed. “Then what do you want?” she demanded. “Ultarion never did anything against you! In fact, during the Galactic World War, Ultarion and Tenbrania were allies!”

The queen chuckled. “My darling princess, Ultarion is one of the most prospering, most powerful planets in the galaxy. Full of riches, fortune, and money! It rules the most powerful sub-planets in the galaxy. Also, Ultarion is a jewel planet, and those are very rare in this universe. Some of us could only dream of living on a planet with a core of liquid gold, and the ground made up of diamonds, sapphires, and rubies! While on other planets you can only pick up rocks and dust from the ground, on Ultarion, you can pick up a jewel or dip your fingers in a pile of powdered pearls from the ground and instantly become rich! Ever wonder why you have so many visitors from other planets! That is why!”

“And you want to take over so Tenbrania can be the most powerful planet in the galaxy?”

The queen smiled. “Good, good. Now you are beginning to understand.”

“But then why do you want me?!”

“You see, princess. In order to take over Ultarion, first you need to get rid of its ruler. And since your parents are dead, that makes Ultarion’s current ruler you.”

Before Pris could say anything, Queen Ezebel pointed to the cage and the door opened. Pris blinked at her. For a minute, I really thought that the queen would let her go. But I was wrong.

“Slave boy,” the queen commanded. “Restrain her.”

Despite Pris’ struggling and kicking, the boy was able to grab her arms and keep her in place with no effort.

But when the Queen had her back turned, the boy whispered something in Pris’ ear, and her eyes widened. Then he whisper-shouted, “Run!”

            Pris and the boy turned and ran toward an exit in the castle. The queen spun around in anger. “No!” she screeched, chasing after them.

The boy led Pris out the door. That was when I noticed that the queen’s castle was very high above ground level. It was elevated by a humongous block of ice. The ground below was covered in something that looked like blue snow, and buildings could be seen in the distance.

“Who are you?” Pris asked him. The boy smiled.

“The name’s Serofir,” he said. “Come on, let’s try to get out of here.”

There was a blast of ice behind that sent them to the ground. Behind them was the queen, blasting bullets of ice from her fingers.

“Get into the escape pod!” Serofir yelled, helping Pris up. “I’ll take care of the queen!”
Behind him, the queen got ready for another attack. She put her hand out and a ball of blue fiery energy appeared and started charging towards Serofir.

“Behind you!” Pris screamed in fear. Serofir turned around and caught the energy ball in his hand. The blue fire surrounding it went out.

The queen just laughed. “You think that a dead ball of ice can stop me?”
“No,” Serofir replied bravely. “But I can stop you with this.”

The ball of ice in his hand lit up with the same blue fire as before, but this time it was even brighter than before.  He drew his arm back and threw the energy ball at the queen. It blasted her backwards onto the edge of the gigantic ice cube.

He launched forward and tried to push the queen off the cube. The two of them rolled around in the ground, trying to push the other off.

“Hurry up!” Pris shouted. Serofir turned around. “Go without me!”

Suddenly, the door inside the escape pod shut closed. “What are you doing!?” Pris exclaimed.

The escape pod started to float, and then it started to fly away. Pris could no longer be heard shouting inside the escape pod and banging on the glass door. We watched as she started to fly out of view, and as Serofir and the queen rolled off the cliff.

Suddenly, the image was shattered by a bright green laser beam. We were back in the gray, cubicle room. We turned around and Pris was standing there, her usually bright face shadowed by the dark, tragic history that we now knew she had to go through.

“You’re lucky that Mr. Interface here sent you down here at just the right time,” she said, while handing us all long, metallic sticks in varying glittery colors.

“What’s this for?” Luke asked. “Why do I get a pink stick?”

Pris shook her head. “I’ll explain later. Watch out!”

Just then, a laser beam of ice appeared out of nowhere and seemed to be heading straight for Arkana. Pris blocked it just at the right time with her glowing raspberry-colored stick. An icy cackle echoed through the grey cube. We turned around and Queen Ezebel was standing right there!

“What?!” Pris shouted. “She’s not a flashback!”

The gray room exploded and we were standing in a dark, black place. We were all so confused. “Run!” Pris shouted.

We all ran. I looked behind me and Queen Ezebel was standing there, laughing like a mutation of a hyena and a female Hades.

“You’ll never get away, princess!” she threatened as she aimed her icy lasers at us. “I have found you! I will destroy you and all your friends! You will never escape me!”

End of Chapter 3


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