January 2014 Fashion Wish List

January 6, 2014 at 11:23 AM

Good morning, people! This is the last day of my winter break, so after this, I won’t be able to blog as often during the school days, but I will try to after I’m done with all my work.

Anyways, here is the second month of my fashion wish list! There are some totally new things on here, lots of them might be out of season. So enjoy!

1. Converse shoes

imagesO2Q6CPEXSo, my shoes-obsessed friend got me into shoes, too. It’s all she wants for her birthday. Being the athletic girl, she is, I guess that makes sense. I especially love this leopard print pattern shoes, because you know I love leopard print!!

2. Beanie cap

Grey-color-Beanie-Cap-For-WomenOnce I get over the fact that there is a creepy plastic lady wearing the cap, I think this hat looks pretty cute! I’ve always wanted a beanie cap like this, it looks so cute! And I could also wear it to school.

3. Varsity jacket

american-eagle-v-jacketI love varsity jackets. They’re cute and comfy! My friend has a varsity jacket that plays music, which is super cool!

4. Vans shoes

Vans_20Shoes_20Girls_203333_largeAgain with the shoes. See how into them I am now? And they’re also leopard print! I love crazy prints. Anyways, I don’t have any casual shoes that I can wear just for going to the mall or something other than my Uggs, but I can’t wear them in the summer because my boots will get wet from my sweat. Also, flip flops aren’t good for walking.

5. Pencil skirtPencil skirt - true blackHopefully, there is a pencil skirt that exists that is shorter and less tight-looking. I hate long skirts, especially maxi skirts. Don’t blame me, I just do.

6. Infinity scarf

Menagerie-Infinity-ScarfI could really use an infinity scarf, mostly because they are good for wearing when it is cold, but you don’t have to pile on the snow gear and look like a snowman. It doesn’t snow where I live, anyway.

7. Bodycon dress

277If you paired this with a pretty shrug, it would be an awesome dress to wear to a dance at my school. It was hard to find one that wasn’t too revealing.

8. Dolman cardigan

dolmanI actually used to already have a dolman cardigan, but it got stolen along with my entire sports bag, with my phone in it. The thief took my phone out and just threw the bag away. Fortunately, we got the phone back, but that bag with precious clothes in it was never seen again.

9. Peplum skirt

outblush-peplum-skirtHopefully, the peplum is more subtle than this. I don’t really want it to look like I’m wearing 2 skirts, but whatever. It’s still cute!

10. Zipper leggings

bb-192305-blk-i1I’ve always loved zippers. I don’t know why. That’s why I want these multi-zippered leggings.

That’s all for today! See you next month!

2 Responses to “January 2014 Fashion Wish List”
  1. Emily the awesome says:

    U should put ur size for all of these.

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