January 2014 Nail Polish Wish List

January 5, 2014 at 7:15 PM

Happy New Year’s Eve, everyone! In addition to my fashion wish list, I have also made a nail polish wish list. I actually have over 2000 on my real wish list, but here I will just narrow it down to 10. I know some of these colors might be already discontinued or retired, but that doesn’t mean that they’re not on my wish list!

P.S. None of these pictures are mine. They are on my wish list, meaning that I do not own these colors.

1. Zoya Robyn

zoyarobynZoya Robyn is a perfect turquoise cream. Blue is my favorite color, so this is automatically on my list. Enough said.

2. China Glaze Kiwi Cool Ada

China%20glaze%20Kiwi%20Cool-AdaAlso, I really like neons, so this was an automatic on my list, too. You can expect a lot of brights on this list, despite it being winter. Anyways, it’s a bright lime green crème, which I don’t get because it’s called KIWI Cool Ada, but kiwi green isn’t a really pretty cooler so, yeah.

3. Orly Beach Cruiser

beach-cruiserYep, another bright. This is a bright neon pink crème. There are actually many versions of this color, but I just picked this one for some reason.

4. Barielle Shannon’s Attitude

This is beautiful. According to the website, it describes it as a jelly purple with foil flakes. This reminds me of my 5th grade teacher. Her first name was Shannon, and she did have an attitude. Her two favorite words were “cool” and “groovy”, and she definitely asked like that. Unless you were in 5th grade with me, I bet you don’t know a 5th grade teacher who uses yoga balls instead of chairs, has a lotus tattoo on her upper back, and sometimes swears at 5th graders when she gets mad.

5. Color Club Ultra Violet

ccuv 005

This color is super pretty. It’s a fuchsia purple with sheer blue shimmer. I love shimmer; it’s one of my favorite finishes.

6. Julep Mackenzie


This is another green color, but not as bright, it is a softer color than Kiwi Cool Ada. The website describes it as a sour apple green frost, but I think it’s more of a pearl finish than a frost.

7. Lime Crime Crema de Limon

crema-de-limon-swatch-lime-crimeThis is a creamy, pastel yellow crème. I like Lime Crime polishes because, though they do not have that many shades, they are really pretty, milky pastels and they remind me of desserts!

8. KBShimmer Totally Tubular

DSC02142Yay, another glitter!! I really love what I call “glittercremes”, which are somewhat sheer crème colors with glitter mixed in! KBShimmer makes a bunch of those, which is why KBShimmer is one of my favorite nail polish brands. This one is a fine example, a bright teal with pink and purple glitter.

9. Nails Inc. London Kensington Park Road

untitledThis actually sort of looks like Zoya Robyn. Huh. This color is a bright blue crème.

10. Nicole by OPI Candid Cameron

nopicandidcameronFinally, the last but not least, this beautiful teal metallic-frost. This is from Nicole by OPI’s Modern Family collection, which, unfortunately, I am not allowed to watch by my strict-but-still-awesome parents, but I watched one episode and I liked it. Oh well, maybe in 2 years, I’ll enjoy it more.

That concludes this month’s list! Thanks, and see you next month!


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