Prismateca: Chapter 4!!!

Here guys, enjoy Chapter 4! There’s nothing much to say about this, except for the fact that I hope you enjoy!

*some content may not be appropriate for children under 9

Chapter 4

            “This way!” Pris said. She pushed into the darkness, which apparently was a wall that I couldn’t see since it was so dark. The wall turned around like those spinning walls in the old mystery cartoons. The other wall revealed a hole through the ground. We climbed through it quickly and entered a big, flashy room with bleeping lights. Pris pressed a button, and all of a sudden the room moved. It felt like we were going up.

Pris seemed to detect our surprise. She pressed another button, and one of the walls collapsed to reveal a window. It took me five seconds to realize that I was staring at the planet Earth, with its swirls of white, blue and green, and it reminded me of the time when Nika came to school with a pattern of blue and green swirls called “water-marbling” on her nails.

It took me another five seconds to realize that we were in space. And we were flying in the same escape pod that Pris went on in her flashback. How slow is my brain today?

Brad was the second person to notice (or maybe he was the first and decided not to make a comment until now). “OH CRAP!” he exclaimed. “WE’RE IN FRICKIN’ SPACE!”

“Yup, Brad, we are,” Pris replied, without the cheerful, happy tone in her voice. She sounded more serious than a drill sergeant.

“So, Pris, what’s going on?” Justina asked, almost sounding like an interrogator from the police. Pris sighed.

“Look, you guys weren’t supposed to get involved in this,” she said. “I was supposed to deal with this alone.”

“Then what happened? How did we get involved?” Justina interrogated, sounding restless. Justina can get really stressed out if she doesn’t know something. “Explain it! I need to know this!”

“If you would be silent, I could explain!” Pris snapped sharply. Justina went mute at once. I was impressed on how serious Pris could be. Nobody was ever able to get Justina to shut up until now.

“Sorry,” Pris said with a calmer tone. “This has been really hard. I usually don’t deal with problems with help.” She sighed again. “Ok, you want me to answer your questions? Blow me away.”

Brad went first. “What are the sticks for?” he asked, holding up his forest green stick. “If you say that they are supposed to be weapons, I will laugh. These are like batons!”

“The sticks are called Atomizers. Yes, they are weapons,” Pris answered, which indeed made Brad laugh. “If you’d like, Brad, I can turn the sticks into any weapon you fancy.”

“Ooh, yes!” Brad exclaimed, his excitement level rising rapidly. “Can I have a—“

Pris abruptly cut him off. “You don’t need to tell me,” she said. “The stick has already absorbed the energy from your nerves. All Atomizers can do that. Once that happens, your mind and the Atomizer are connected. I wouldn’t care if you even named it, but most people like to do that. My Atomizer is named Serofina. She usually takes the form of a Rosa300 blaster gun.” Pris demonstrated by taking out her raspberry pink Atomizer stick. Instantly it morphed into a pink gun with a bunch of tiny little features that I couldn’t describe. She pointed it at a table nearby and pressed the little trigger button. A bright green laser shot out at the table, and before I knew it, the table had   been completely vaporized. The smell of something burnt smoked through the air.

“Sweet!” Brad exclaimed. “I’ll name mine Sketcher.”

“Cool! I love my name!” a tiny male voice squealed. Brad jumped. I nearly did, too. We tried to find where the voice was coming from. Then we realized: the Atomizers could talk!

We stared at Brad’s stick. Once Brad had calmed down, he talked to the stick. “So, uh, Sketcher,” he started. “You can talk.”

“Yup! What did you think we were, dead sticks?”

Brad said nothing. “Actually, the Atomizers themselves don’t talk,” Pris explained. “Inside every Atomizer, there is a soul that lives inside. We call them the APs, or artificial personas. They’re like a soul that lives inside the weapon and it’s actually the AP who controls the weapon, not you. They are created when Atomizers are finished being built, but they have no physical form.”

“So, Brad,” said Sketcher. “What weapon do you want me to be?”

Brad looked at his stick. He looked exhausted. “Aren’t you already supposed to know?”

Pris sighed in exasperation. “Next question?”

Lynxra raised her hand. “Yes, Lynxra?” Pris asked.

“Got anything to eat?” Lynxra asked. “I need to eat something.”

Pris pointed to a fridge. “Find something in there.”

Lynxra ran over to the fridge and opened it. Inside was a bowl of soft-boiled eggs dunked in thick miso paste. Lynxra took it right away, carried it to another table, and started eating with her hands.

She must’ve noticed us staring. “What?” she protested. “Do you know how healthy this stuff is? I eat miso everyday!”

“Nobody cares, Lynxra,” Justina said.

Paisley went next. “So, where are we going next?”

“Well, right now, we’re not going anywhere. We’re just floating stationary in space. This emergency pod is programmed to take us to the safest place within 100 prisms.”

I decided to infer that “prism” meant something in Ultarion measurement.

“So you’re saying, the safest place within 100 ‘prisms’, is in the middle of nowhere?”

“Well, that’s what’s not right here,” Pris turned to the controls at the front of the pod, playing with them for a while. “We’re supposed to go to Earth. But the pod won’t move.”

We watched as she tried every control at the front. None of them worked. I looked next to me and spotted a switch that said, “Voice Control”.

“Why don’t you try voice control?” I asked.

“Oh,” Pris said. “I haven’t used that in a long time.”

She flipped the switch and spoke into the microphone. “Take us to Earth,” she said.

“Set course to… Tenbrania,” a robotic voice replied. Pris’ eyes went wide. “WHAT?! No, no! Do not take me back there!” She tried again. “Take us to Earth!” she demanded into the microphone. The escape pod would not obey. It turned around. “Setting course to Tenbrania,” the same voice responded.

“Damn it!” Pris pounded on the metal surface. “What’s wrong with you?!”

“Pris?” Nika asked. “Something wrong?”

“It’s taking us back to Tenbrania!” Pris responded. “Where Ezebel is!”

“WHAT?!” Justina exclaimed. “You know, our parents will eventually find out we’re missing, and they’ll call the police!”

“Really?” Brad scoffed. “Since when did you care about that stuff?”

All of a sudden, every light in the pod went out, and we were stuck in a pod full of darkness.

“Now what?!” Kana cried. Nobody answered, because suddenly the pod jerked and started accelerating to the speed of light, causing everybody to fly across the room. My head hit the table, just inches away from Lynxra’s miso. Surprisingly, it didn’t spill. I heard some grunts and cries.

We all screamed as the faulty pod sped towards a bluish-grey planet. I almost wondered why the front of the pod hadn’t caught fire.

“WE’RE GONNA CRASH!!!!!” Brad screamed at the top of his lungs while everybody else screamed.

“That’s ridiculous!” Justina retaliated, though she sounded unsure. “We’re–“

She never finished her sentence, because the pod plowed into a humongous mound of snow. Or something that looks like snow; I don’t know. Everyone fell against the front of the pod, including me. My head pounded with the sound of all the screams during the crash.

For a few minutes, we all just lay there, gasping and staring at the other side of the pod in shock. Finally, Luke broke the silence. “What the hell was that,” he panted.

Pris was the first one to sit up. “We need to get out of here,” she responded.

“Well how are we going to do that?” Paisley asked, while clutching her forehead. A drop of blood streamed down her cheek. “The pod is dead.”

“Well, Tenbrania is covered with all sorts of security cameras and sensors,” Pris said. “In fact, I’m pretty sure we just crashed on one. In a matter of minutes, Ezebel will know we’re here, and she’ll try to find us. We’ll have to hide somewhere.” She opened the door and crawled out. “Oh, and also,” she added. “Turn all your electronic devices off before you come outside.”

“Why?” Myra asked.

“Because the security sensors only sense machines and electronic devices, even foreign ones,” Pris answered with a dark tone in her voice. “They don’t sense humans. The security sensor that we crashed on is dead now, but it was quick enough to send the signal of an escape pod and 9 cell phones to the queen’s palace. You have to turn them off before another sensor senses your phones, because then the queen will know that we’re moving. Otherwise, it’ll seem like we’re still inside the pod.”

Nobody else argued or questioned. We all turned off our phones and went out of the ship. For a planet covered in snow, it wasn’t as cold as I thought.

“Well, where should we hide?” Lynxra asked. “And no, Brad, we are not hiding under the snow.”

“Ugh,” Brad mumbled. “How do you always know what I’m going to say?”

“People, quiet!” Pris whisper-shouted. “Ezebel’s coming! We have to hide somewhere!”

Everybody searched for a place to hide. I spotted a tiny cave about a few feet away.

“Hey guys!” I said. “How about in there?”

Everybody agreed, so we ran into the cave. It was dark, cold, and I could barely see anything.

“Look!” Myra exclaimed. “I see a light. Somebody’s already in here. Or something.”

We all got closer, and I realized that the cave was bigger than it seemed and it split off into different trails, almost like a hallway in a house. Just as we peeked into the “room” with the light in it, Paisley screamed.

It happened too quick for us to even figure out what was happening. But the next thing I knew, I had been pinned to the ground, face down. Something hard and cold was holding me against the ground and jamming into my back.

A light came on, and my eyes adjusted to the sudden brightness. As I twisted my head as much as I could without snapping my neck, I saw that everybody was being pinned down by a large, icy rock. Somebody was missing. Where was Pris!? Had she been captured?!

“Where’s Pris!?” I shouted to everybody else. Before anybody answered, the rock on my back pressed harder, causing a bit of pain. I guess the same happened to everybody else, because I heard a lot of wincing. Before anybody could talk, somebody else spoke first. Somebody with a vaguely familiar voice.

“Stay away from Pris,” the deep, slightly scary voice said. “You’re some of Ezebel’s goons, aren’t you?”

I craned my neck just a little further to see who it was. There was a boy about Brad’s age with silver hair and blue eyes. He was shielding Pris from what he thought was “harm”. As I looked closer, I recognized him. He was the guy from the flashback. Serofir.

            “Serofir!” Pris gasped. “It’s alright! They’re not dangerous!”

Serofir hesitated. Then he took a deep breath. “Ugh…fine,” he said after a while. The icy rocks lifted off our backs. It had just occurred to me that he had been controlling them the entire time.

Then Serofir turned to Pris. “What are you doing here?!” he shouted. “I sent you in that escape pod so you would never come back!”

Pris sighed. “Well, the pod is faulty. It brought us back here.”

Serofir shook his head. Then he hugged Pris. “I’m just glad you’re safe.”

Pris hugged him back. “Me too.” And they kept hugging for a long time, while we all stood there awkwardly. Pris was the first to notice. They stopped hugging. “Oh, uh, Serofir, these are the friends I made on Earth. Kelly, Justina, Arkana, Brad, Paisley, Myra, Nika, Lynxra, and Luke.”

We all waved in silence. “Humans, eh?” Serofir asked. “Come on. Ezebel is coming. I’ll show you where to stay.”

He led us into a room deep inside the cave. It was a huge room made of ice, full of empty space.

“So, uh, what are we going to do here?” Justina asked. Surprisingly, she had asked calmly. I guessed that she was still recovering from the shock that we had recently encountered.

“You’ll be staying in my place for a while, so you can hide from Ezebel,” Serofir answered, while he waved his arm. Instantly, 10 beds appeared, along with some side tables, 5 closets, and heaters underneath every bed. We were all speechless, except, of course, Justina, who was back to normal.

“Heaters under the bed?” she interrogated. “Won’t the ice melt? What if we can’t trust you? What if you’re planning to drown us when the ice melts? We can all swim, you know!”

“Justina!” Pris gave her a sharp look. “He can be trusted.”

“Fine,” Justina said in a cheeky tone, with a side of her trademark eye roll. “I’m just being cautious.” As she stepped away to the side, I heard her mutter “Ugh…aliens.”

“After we fell off the cliff, I froze Ezebel solid, then I ran away,” Serofir explained. “I came here and turned it into my home. Now Ezebel’s super pissed off at me, and once she finds Pris, she’s going to capture both of us and have a double execution. Well, at least she’ll try to, anyway.”

“This is crazy!” Luke said. “Time is ticking away on Earth, and our parents will call the police, and guess who’s responsible!”

“My parents won’t notice,” Justina grumbled. “My mom is dead and I’m pretty sure my dad doesn’t know who I am.”

Oh, Justina.

Suddenly, we heard a loud noise outside, then some icy cackling. Ezebel.

“Puh-rincess?” she called out in an annoying sing-song voice. “Where are you?”

“Ezebel!” Pris and Serofir exclaimed at the same time.

“Serofir, what are we going to do?” Pris asked, freaking out.

“I have to close the cave!” Serofir replied, before running out of the room. We all followed and watched as Serofir stood in front of the door and waved his arm again. A huge chunk of ice covered the big opening to the cave. Everything turned dark.

“Ugh, Pris?” Serofir whispered. “Got any light?”

“Yeah,” Pris answered. A dim but clear green light burst from her hand and floated up to the icy ceiling, making it glow.

“Well, what about our parents?!” Luke whisper-shouted.

“Time froze on Earth the moment you left,” Pris explained. “Don’t worry, it’s still 8:15 PM.”

“When are we going back home, anyway?” Lynxra asked. “We can’t stay here forever.”

Before anybody could answer, somebody thumped on the huge patch of ice outside.

“Anything in there, Lester?” Ezebel asked from outside. Serofir’s eyes widened. “Lester?”

“N-nothing, your Majesty,” said the person pounding on the ice, who was apparently named Lester.

Serofir ran to the front and put his ear against the wall of ice. “Lester!” he whispered.

We waited for a reply. Then we heard a voice. “Serofir?” Lester answered. “Is that you?”

“Yes, yes it is!” Serofir replied, his voice slightly rising. “I can free you from Ezebel!”

“Lester?” Ezebel called. “Who are you talking to, nitwit?”

“Uh, um,” Lester stammered for a while, “I’m talking to Kevin.”

“WHO?!” Ezebel demanded. “Is there somebody hiding there?”

“Um, no. Kevin is my self-consciousness. I am talking to myself.”

“Whatever,” the queen said. “Get back to work, slave!”

Serofir waited a while, then talked again. “Distract her!”

Lester obeyed. “Uh, queen,” he began. “I think I heard something over… there!”

We couldn’t see what he did but I think he was pointing in a certain direction.

“Really?” the queen sounded doubtful. “Come with me!”

“In a minute!” Lester responded, then he turned back to us. “Get me in there!”

Serofir pushed his hand through the wall of ice, and grabbed Lester through into the little ice hideout.

“So, uh, who’s this?” Nika asked.

“This is my twin brother, Lester,” Serofir explained. “We were both, um, Ezebel’s slave boys.” I took a good look at Lester. His hair was silvery, like Serofir’s, but instead of bluish-silver, like Serofir’s, it was more like blondish-silver.

“Looks like we’re going to have to hide here, for a while, right?” Lester said. Everybody nodded. It wasn’t until now that he apparently noticed that there were more than a few people here. “Who are all these people?” he asked. “Humans?”

“Long story, I’ll tell you later,” Serofir said briefly. “This is Prismateca and some of her human friends.”

We were about to go back into that weird room when something beeped. We all freaked trying to find out what it was.

“Kelly!” Myra exclaimed. “It’s your phone!”

“What?!” I shouted. How could it have turned on? I had turned it off.

“Yes!” replied Myra. “Your rear is lighting up. Check your back pocket!”

Instantly, all eyes turned to me. “Kelly!” Pris yelled, glaring at me. “I told you to turn it off!”

“I did!” I yelled back as I checked my flashing phone screen. It was a phone call from… Chris? I quickly tapped “Decline” and turned off my phone again.

“We have to move,” said Serofir. “The sensors must’ve already detected that.”

“Too late!” a cold voice cackled. The ice wall exploded open and Queen Ezebel stood there, smiling. I wish I could just freeze that smirk right off her face.

“So, Lester,” Ezebel began. “You were talking to somebody other than Kevin. I knew you weren’t that dumb.”

“Shut your dirty piehole, Ezebel,” Pris disparaged. I knew she was going to say more, but then Ezebel pointed her finger and a huge mound of snow knocked her backward.

“It’s okay, princess,” Ezebel said, infuriating Pris. “Kelly did turn off her phone. But something very powerful turned it back on. True love.”

We all looked at her, confused. Ezebel cackled again, torturing my ears. “You guys don’t know?” she asked mockingly. “Miss Green’s boyfriend? Chris Mahogany?”

“What?!” Kana exclaimed, after a while.”You’re dating Chris Mahogany?!”

“What, no!” I denied. “We’re not dating. We’re just, um, friends.”

“Friendship is not powerful enough to power a phone back on,” Ezebel cut in. “Love is.”

This was too much for me. “Shut up, ice-punk,” I blustered. “I’m pretty sure you know nothing about friendship, so what do you know about love?”

I don’t think you’d want to hear what I said next, because I was spouting out insults about how dumb the queen was for about an hour (okay, not really, but you know what I mean), and I threw in some pretty bad words in there. But as I stood in the hollow ice cave ranting about the queen’s insensitivity at about 300 word a minute (again, not really), I saw a flash of hurt and heartbreak dart in her ice-cold, stone-hard, glaring eyes. It made me falter in my tracks as I wondered if Ezebel had once been in love, but I kept my rant going, even though after a while my voice got tired. “So,” I declared as I ended my long, long rant, “got anything to say, Queen?!”

Ezebel eyes narrowed. “Well, somebody sure is insensitive!” she said. “You’re coming with me.” She took out a big blue gun from out of nowhere and aimed it at us. I looked back at Pris to ask her what to do when I noticed that she was fumbling with a weird little instrument. She smiled as it lit up. “Finally got it!” she exclaimed as she pressed a button. “Sorry, Ezebel!”

As usual, it took me a while to realize what was going on, but Ezebel and the ice cave disappeared and my bedroom quickly came into view. I blinked, and all of a sudden I was lying down in my bed. Bright morning sun streamed into my room. I looked at my clock. 8:15 AM?!

How could 12 hours have passed already? Pris said that time had frozen on Earth when we left! I changed into a wispy green blouse and denim bermuda shorts as I grabbed my phone and called Kana. I ran out of my room and opened the front door. The only other person awake was Jade, who was doing her morning yoga with lemon juice squirted on her face. “Are Mom and Dad back from the hospital yet?” I asked her while waiting for Kana to pick up.

Jade took a deep breath. “No,” she answered. “They’re staying for another night.”

“Thanks,” I said. “Don’t know when I’ll be back. Just call me if you need me at home, okay?” I didn’t wait for a reply; instead I just burst out the door. Kana finally picked up.

How did 12 hours already pass?” Kana screamed as soon as I had picked up. “I called all the others! They’re all confused, too!” This was not surprising. Kana screams whenever she gets confused.

“Well,” I said after a while. “That must’ve been fun.”

“Pris said to meet at Brad’s house again to explain to us! Brad’s the only one in the house right now since his parents are…“ Kana paused. I had totally forgotten about what had happened to Brad’s mom. “…are…since his parents are at, uh, well, you know.”

            “Okay,” I said. “I’ll meet you there. Bye.” I hung up and started running to Brad’s house. I wondered what Jade would think if she saw me running in flip flops. Being the fitness freak that she is, she would probably grab me by the shoulder and force on the extra pair of tennis shoes that she always packs onto my feet (we have the same shoe size).

When I got there, the door was wide open. I went inside. Everybody was in the living room. I noticed that even Serofir and Lester were there. The only person not present was Justina, and I figured she would be here soon on her motorcycle. Justina lived the furthest away from Brad, so walking here would take her about an hour.

Sure enough, we heard loud heavy metal music blaring outside. Justina was here.

She took off her helmet and turned off the music. “So!” she exclaimed as she walked in the door and sat down. “What’s going on, Pris?”

Pris sighed. “I transported all of us out before Ezebel could shoot us. But it went wrong. It was supposed to send you to the exact same time, but instead, it sent you 12 hours ahead.”

Nika shrugged. “Not a problem though, right?” she asked. “My parents thought I just sleep early.”

“Yeah, not really a problem,” Serofir said. “Except for the fact that Ezebel will be chasing us all around Earth!”

“Lester, Serofir, and I will have to stay and hide on Earth,” Pris explained. “The three of us will stay hidden underneath your rooms. When you guys get home, there’ll be a trapdoor in your closets than only you guys can see. Open it and climb down and you’ll be in our place.”

That didn’t make sense. Thankfully, Lynxra mentioned that for me. “But that doesn’t make sense!” she cried. “We all live in different places, and some of have rooms on the second floor, like Brad. How will that work? It’s not possible!”

Pris held her hands up as if to say, Calm down, woman. “It’ll work,” she said calmly. “We’re three aliens from outer space, and Tenbrania and Ultarion are two planets that have stronger element fields than Earth, so I think we can bend the rules of common sense and dimension just a bit to have this worked out without anybody noticing.”

Just then Luke asked, “Pris, what day is it today again?”

“Tuesday,” she replied.

“TUESDAY?!” we all shouted. “We have school today!”

“Don’t worry,” Pris said. “It’s only 8:50. You guys start in 10 minutes. I’ll transport you guys there. Then we’ll go into Brad’s trapdoor and wait for you guys.”

“What?!” Brad cried. I was probably the only person who heard him say that.

“What about you, Pris?” Myra asked. “You go to our school, too.”

“It’s okay,” Pris answered. “You’ll figure it out when they take attendance. Bye.” Before anybody could say anything else, Pris took out the weird instrument that she had used to transport us from Tenbrania, and pressed the button. Pris, Lester, Serofir, and Brad’s living room faded to blue. There was a sudden flash of white, than it started to clear up.

Standing before us was Whitefield Junior High School.

End of Chapter 4

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