February 2014 Fashion Wish List

Yes, I’m back! How have you guys been and how was your Valentine’s Day (forget to ask that last time)? I am single for another year and I am not looking for a boyfriend. Ain’t nobody got time for that (until you’re older obviously). Still into fashion, don’t worry!

1. Cut-out top

asos-black-crop-top-with-cut-out-off-shoulder-detail-product-1-15221108-779664100_large_flexExcept, obviously, I want a top that actually covers my entire torso. I also want a bunch of tops and shirts that are either black, gray, or green, because those are my school’s colors and we do have a uniform, but many people (including me) get away with free dress if you wear the school colors, even though you’re not really supposed to do that.

2. Printed leggings or jeggings

how-to-wear-animal-print-leggings-L-SpLHUBI just thought of the perfect outfit! A plain top or shirt (possibly the cut-out top above) and these leggings, plus flats, Vans, or ankle boots.

3. One-shoulder top


Pretty, huh? I especially love this one because it’s loose and wispy.

4. Skater skirt


Spring is coming, which means less pants, more skirts! This is a beautiful turquoise color.

5. Fringe top

femme-for-dkny-jeans-fringe-top-profileAgain, as long as the top doesn’t reveal the torso, I’m fine with it! This is a gorgeous example of a torso-covering fringe top.

6. Off-the-shoulder top

azz44919_black_xlThis is beautiful as well. The only thing is that I have to be careful so that the top won’t fall down… I tried to find a picture of an off-the-shoulder top that has like those cute built-in straps so that the sleeves are off the shoulder but still won’t fall down, but I couldn’t.

7. Lace dress

dark-blue-belt-collarless-seven-s-sleeve-lace-dressHa. Did you think I wasn’t falling for these lace dresses like every other fashion-crazy girl? This was almost exactly the dress I pictured in my mind, except for the color. I would have liked it better as a lighter blue, pink, red, or orange.

8. Shark bite top


It’s called shark bite because it looks like it gotten by a shark. I think shark bite tops are cute (unless they really were bitten by a shark!)

9. Chiffon blouse


Yes, I love blouses and I love chiffon! It’s a funny word that reminds me of cake, most likely because of the dessert chiffon cake. This is so pretty!!!!

10. Short mermaid dress


I love mermaid dresses, short and long. But to be on my fashion wish list, the most formal it can be is semi-formal. Can you think of an event where you can wear mermaid dresses?

That’s all for the fashion wish list. Also, I’ve decided that I will discontinue the nail polish wish list. I’m sorry guys, but it’s way too stressful trying to find a picture and then making sure that I’m allowed to use the picture. Hopefully, I will replace it with: 10 Things I’m Loving This Month, starting March 2014!


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