Rant: 13 “Girly” Traits That “Girly” Girls At My School Have

First things first. And the first thing to do today is say that I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long. There was a weird thing going on with my computer that prevented me from posting anything. Starting today, I will start posting a lot of lists, just because. I got inspired to do this by Buzzfeed.

So, anyways, this is a shout-out to tomboys or girly girls who act like tomboys. Apparently, a lot of girls at my school are kind of the same. They dress the same, they act the same, they look the same. Obviously, I’m not one of those girls. But sometimes these types of girls (even though I’m not entirely against them) treat me like I’m a guy just because I DON’T possess these traits. Like this if you have ever been treated like that too! Also, like if there are girls like this at your school.

This does not apply to all schoolgirls; just mine, and even within the school, this does not apply to all girls.

Note: I am not AT ALL trying to be racist or stereotypical. I’m just pointing out many common traits that lots of girls at my school peculiarly share. I am not basing this on race, skin color, or hair color, they could be any and still all act like this.

1. They have high-pitched, squeaky voices.

If you know me and you’ve heard me speak in real life, then you know that my voice is quite low-pitched. However, these girls usually possess (or fake) high, squeaky voices that sound feminine. Apparently, they think that higher means sweeter, so they raise their voice pitch until it nearly sounds like a whistle. My voice is lower than theirs, and some guys at my school have higher voices than me (probably because they haven’t hit puberty yet), so it’s no wonder they sometimes think of me as a guy.

2. They usually wear super short mini skirts, no matter how cold it is outside.

I just noticed that this is like their main trait. My school has a uniform, so they usually wear a Christopher plaid miniskirt every day. In fact, just to make it easy, let’s just call them the “miniskirt girls” from now on. Do these girls not get cold or something?

3. They wear the same hairstyles all the time.

Yeah. Like buns…


….ponytails (always low, never high)…


….and braids. Not the fancy ones, the boring ones.

76766484Now, obviously, if they were typical girly girls, they would style their hair in more intricate, original, and cuter styles. But they’re not girly girls. They’re miniskirt girls. If you want your hair to look pretty, at least try something different once in a while.

4. They take dance, drama, or choir as one of their electives.

Not every school has dance, drama, or choir as elective choices, but my school is a performing arts magnet, so obviously they’d have these classes. Most of the miniskirt girls take dance, but a few take drama (which explains why some of them are SO dramatic), or choir (which explains their odd voices; the advanced choir always sings so high and I honestly think the beginning choir sounds better). I don’t know what it is about dancing, but that’s just what they do.

5. They go to the bathroom together.


I’ve seen this happen before. I went into the bathroom at school once, just to make sure there was no food in my braces, when suddenly a voice just comes out of nowhere and says, “OMG, is that Olivia?” I reply, “No, it isn’t?” Then a second voice, a bit higher than the other one, says, “No, I think Olivia’s still helping out at the student store.” And a third voice, “Well, we’ll just have to meet her here tomorrow.”


And then: Wait, and they’re going to do this again TOMORROW!?

I admit I was having crappy brain connection that day for some now long-forgotten reason, so it took me a while to realize that the three voices were actually three miniskirt girls in three different stalls in the bathroom, chatting while they take a dump.

Someone please help me.

Nope. Just nope.

6. They don’t like to read, they’d rather watch movies.

I am a huge bookworm, so obviously I find this ridiculous. One of my friends (who is technically just a miniskirt girl that wears skinny jeans) once said, “Why read boring words when you can see the story happen before your very eyes?” This is absurd.

Some books have such creative and captivating stories that you don’t need to see it with your real eyes to know what it all looks like. In fact, most of the time, the stories are so alluring and imaginative that it is impossible for a movie to recapture all the awesome charm in a book. Sometimes, the movie degrades the awesomeness of the story.

Long story made short: Books > Movies.

So start reading them books, miniskirt girls!

7. They apparently don’t like being smart.

I don’t know if this true, but they certainly act like it. It seems that I’m not the only person who noticed that. Even though this may be exaggerated or may not have been true at all, my friend told me about a miniskirt girl who was forced to take a math placement test by her mother, and failed it on purpose so that she wouldn’t get into the advanced class because she didn’t want people to think she was a nerd. If this is true, this is ridiculous. If it isn’t true, it’s still ridiculous.

I mean, I’m in the advanced class, and I don’t mind being thought of as a nerd, and even if I am, at least I’m smart. But then again, I’m not a miniskirt girl, so I don’t know how their brains are wired.

8. They think glasses and braces are ugly.

Considering the fact that I wear both (yes, I look like a nerd, too, but geek chic is real!), I find this offensive. I may look like a nerd, but that doesn’t mean I’m ugly! (It’s all in the hair, girls, I’d show you a picture but I’m not a crazy narcissist) I don’t think I look ugly in glasses or braces, lots of people have told me that I look gorgeous, and I think I look gorgeous, so too bad, miniskirt girls! Keep your little prejudices to yourself.

9. Their giggling is high, annoying, and sounds like a hyena high on crack.

I don’t know if this is because of advanced choir or what, but it’s just odd and heck of annoying. It keeps me thinking if these girls have gotten voice surgery or what, but it’s enough to drive a kid bonkers. Trust me, I’ve witnessed it. It’s a long story.

10. They extremely despise sports and all forms of exercise (except dancing), yet they are still more athletic than just regular girls.

This is very utterly confusing, as people who exercise a lot are usually athletic a lot. The only thing these girls do is dance, and then again, some of them don’t even play a SPORT. Then how do they have such high stamina or get such a fast mile time? Is it in the genes or something? Do miniskirt girls all have the same genes or something? I mean, I know a miniskirt girl who does not play a single sport, is overweight, and has a mile time under 8:00 minutes, and that may not be fast, but at my school, that’s pretty fast, especially for an overweight miniskirt girl.

11. They like One Direction.

I am not against One Direction at all, no matter how terrible they are. And there are people who aren’t miniskirt girls who like One Direction. But every miniskirt girl I know likes One Direction. I don’t think any of them are good-looking, but what do they see?


Feast your eyes, miniskirt girls!

Obviously this is an older picture, because none of them have grown facial hair yet.

12. They have super neat handwriting.

I have a friend (who is one of the better versions of miniskirt girls) who has handwriting so neat and straight it looks like it was typed.

If you know me, then you know that my handwriting is REALLY messy. I can’t help it, I try to write neat, but I just can’t. My fingers are kind of weird, which explains why I can’t hold a pencil correctly, type correctly, or play piano with curved fingers (my friend says it’s because my fingers are double-jointed but I don’t think that’s why).

I remember one time this girl (who in my opinion is a big fat b-word) had to work on a project with me for science. I tried to write neat, but she was almost screaming at me to write faster, so I did. She took one look at my paper and literally screeched, “Eww, what type of handwriting is this?!” I replied, “It’s MY type of handwriting.” She then said, “Well, it’s terrible, worse than a guy’s handwriting.” I had to resist flipping her off right then and there.

My parents both had messy handwriting and still do compared to other parents, so obviously I followed after them. I just don’t know how they do it.

13. They wear the same outfit almost every day.

Basically, their every day outfit is this: Uniform-color polo shirt or dance T-shirt, Christopher plaid miniskirt, white no-show socks, and Vans. If they wear a jacket, it’s usually a hoodie from Pink or Aeropostale. How come they wear the same thing every day? Do they have nothing else to wear?

Well, that ends my rant-ish, about miniskirt girls. I hope you liked reading this and hopefully, I will post more as the summer starts.

Good night!


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