Rant: 6 Problems Naturally Skinny Girls Can Relate To


So as a self-defined “skinny girl”, I want to address the problems that naturally skinny girls sometimes have!

If you don’t know me and have never seen me in real life, I’m 5’3″ (which is pretty tall compared to other girls my age) and still growing (my growth spurt is VERY late, hasn’t even started yet), and I won’t reveal my weight, but I’ll tell you that I have 14.0 BMI, which, according to the “Fitnessgram Healthy Fitness Zone Standards”, is BELOW the healthy range of BMI. (Shut up, Fitnessgram, you know nothing.)

I find this ridiculous. I know I am totally healthy, my parents know I am totally healthy, and my doctor has confirmed that despite my weight, I am totally healthy. So I don’t want to see any “Oh, but you’re really skinny, you need to eat more, blah” comments below. Also, for those of you who aren’t teasing when you notice my skinniness and start to question me, I appreciate your concern, but let me say this one more time: I AM OK.

On with the show.

1. Peers are constantly encouraging you to “eat more”.

One of the number one problems of being a proclaimed “human stick”. Trust me, ask my parents, I eat A LOT. I just have super fast metabolism, so my body gets rid of the fat really fast. But still, I hear the following phrases all the time:

“You gotta eat more.”

“Do you eat nothing at all?”

“You’re too skinny. You have to eat more.”

“Eat this. NOW.”

Seriously, one time during summer school when I was , I was eating lunch with one of my summer school friends who I never saw again. She took out chips, a cookie, a few other things, and gave them all to me. I asked her, “What are you doing?” She said, “I’m giving you food.” I asked her, “Why?” She said, “I’m helping you get fatter.”

Another time, more recently, I sat down with a different friend than the one above. My lunch was a tuna sandwich, some apple slices, and a small tin of crackers. Typical, boring lunch. Then she looked at my lunch and cried out, “That’s your lunch?!” I nodded. She said, “No wonder you’re so skinny!” Then she takes out a container the size of a bento box, filled with rice, chicken, some PUF (peculiar unidentified food), and vegetables, and another container filled with some berries and cream, which is probably why she thought I had a tiny lunch. This friend of mine isn’t fat or overweight, she’s just normal, but she eats a lot for lunch, and manages to finish that all in 15 minutes.

2. People assume you have an eating disorder.

One time a kid asked me if I was anorexic. I said no. He thought I was lying, and told some of his friends. They all crowded around me, asking questions related to anorexia.

Just to clear it up, NO, I don’t have any eating disorder, and I’m not on a diet. I’m eating perfectly healthy, in fact, I sometimes eat so much that if I didn’t have such a fast metabolism, I’d probably be overweight.

So stop with the disorder questions. I’m fine, but it looks like you’ve got a questioning disorder.

3. Your friend’s parents serve you unnecessarily large amounts of food.

This happens SO MUCH to me. I once went over to my friend’s house. We were doing something on the Internet when her grandmother grabbed me by the hand and dragged me to the kitchen. Yes, I was kind of freaked out. But my friend said it was okay, so I trusted her. Then her grandmother sat me down in a chair, at a really small table, and gave me a bowl filled to the brim with watermelons. Then she asked, no, ORDERED me to eat. Not only that, she made me sit down at a chair-and-table set like this:

pTRU1-2899435dtJust saying, I never came to that friend’s house again.

Yes, I’m skinny, but you have nothing to worry about, Mr./Mrs. [insert last name here]. I’ve eaten enough.

Again, I know that some parents are concerned, and, even though I’m not their child, that parenting instinct kicks in and they scoop me a whole ton of food.

4. The perfect fit doesn’t exist.

Do clothing companies just automatically assume that every girl in the world is fat? That’s what it seems like to me, because clothes like skinny jeans and fitted tops are difficult to find for me, especially me, because I’m tall and skinny, so a pair of jeans may be the right length but too wide, or the right width but too short. That’s why lots of my “slim” jeggings are usually like capris.

Some shirts and tops also look really baggy, which may be comfortable but totally NOT flattering. And I don’t have the money to get things hemmed or tailored, so what am I to do with all these clothes? The good thing is, though, that they make perfect lounge clothes.

5. Your bones stick out, leading to several smaller problems.

One of THE most annoying problems EVER. Your hip bones stick out, so when you bump into something, the pain is excruciating. Your collarbones stick out, which makes you look like you’ve got an extra bump in each of your shoulders and, sometimes, if you’re really skinny, this:

tumblr_mf5cvo3m861rvkn2ho1_500I know. And my collarbones do look like this sometimes, but don’t freak out.

Your ribs also stick out, which makes you super self-conscious when wearing a bathing suit because you are afraid of all the comments people will make on your ghastly ribs. Your spine bones also stick out so you have a whole long row of hard bumps going down your back.

This makes exercise really hard, too. Before swim practice, I have to do dry-land warm-up on hard concrete, and yes, we can use towels, but the concrete is still hard. Exercises like sit-ups, V-ups, and wall sits are extremely painful because of the spine bone at the bottom near your tailbone, which sticks out and really hurts. Push-ups, though less painful, are also a bit hard because your branch arms can barely support the weight of the rest of your body; it’s like a stick trying to hold up a tree trunk, even though I have gotten better at push-ups and don’t struggle too much on them anymore.

6. People are convinced that you’re not healthy.

“My gosh, girl, you are SOOO skinny! Are you OK?”

“Oh, I’m fine, I’m just naturally skinny.”

“No way, there’s no such thing as naturally skinny. There MUST be something wrong with you!”

“I’m fine, I’m 77 pounds. My doctor says I’m healthy.”

“No, that’s NOT healthy at all! Your doctor is dead wrong! How much do you eat?”

“Trust me, I eat a lot, I just have fast metabolism, and it doesn’t absorb fat as easily.”

“Again, NO SUCH THING. You need more food! And don’t work out, you’ll just lose even MORE weight. Here, have a burger.”


This was a real conversation I had with one of my friends (except for the part about the burger, that didn’t really happen). BTW, I’m not 77 pounds anymore, that was my weight back in November 2013.

This is the problem that annoys me the most. Some people think they’re so smart and that they can tell if someone is healthy or not. They could believe that a certain girl is anorexic when it’s actually the girl next to her who is anorexic! So annoying. They think that they’re smarter than doctors (just like my friend above) and that if somebody is more than 10 pounds lighter than they are, boom, they are unhealthy.

My friend once told me, “Oh, but the average weight for people your age is 110 pounds! If you’re only 88 pounds, then surely you’re not healthy!”

One thing I noticed is that she only said the “average weight”. She didn’t say the “average healthy weight”. A majority of our population is overweight now, so that definitely affects the number of the average weight. If she had said “average healthy weight”, I’m sure it would’ve been at least slightly different.

In conclusion, I’m a skinny, bony girl, and I’m 100% fine. STOP saying I’m not. I know some girls are skinny, but they’re not unhealthy. That doesn’t mean all skinny girls are unhealthy. So please, shut up with all the comments on my skinniness and weight and diet and “unhealthiness”.

Thank you for your cooperation.


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