Let Me Introduce You To Super Junior

If you know me well, then you know I like K-Pop.

Right now, one of my favorite K-Pop bands is Super Junior, the largest boy band in the world. I don’t know why, I just love them a lot. To show why, I’ll tell you my reasons for why they are awesome, each member as an individual, and all of them as a group. But just saying, I won’t include Henry or Zhou Mi since they aren’t part of the actual group and I don’t know enough about them to say good things about them. I just know Henry is from Canada and Zhou Mi looks like Leeteuk, and that they both speak Chinese.

Disclaimer: None of the pictures and videos are mine (except the one of the fried rice).

Good things about all of them:

This is one of the first pictures of them all together, which explains their hair.

This is one of the first pictures of them all together, which explains their hair, and why Hankyung is in the picture.

They are all great dancers. They’ve all got great hair. They’re not straight-up serious, like some other bands I know, they know how to have fun on stage while still making their show enjoyable. They are all really funny, and have funny expressions. They are also multilingual. They can all speak Korean (obviously), I think most of them speak Japanese, some of them speak Chinese, and a few of them speak English.

Now on with the individuals (in order from oldest to youngest, also calling them by their stage names, not real names):



 Birthday: July 1, 1983

This is Leeteuk, Super Junior’s leader. I heard that right now he is busy with his mandatory military service (something that apparently all the Super Junior members have to do but I’m not sure), so he’s not really active with the group right now.

So what is good about him?

Well, for starters, he has cute hair, especially when it is like this:

Leeteuk 2

He is also good at controlling his voice, and the high parts. He also has a funny, youthful personality, he sounds as if he’s way younger than he really is, which is kind of odd, considering the fact that he is the oldest member of Super Junior. And I LOVE his funny stories when he talks on shows. Ever heard his laugh?

He’s also know for photobombing, as explained by this:

leeteuk photobomb

Keep on bombing, Teukkie!




Birthday: July 10, 1983

This is Heechul, the little boy who is surprisingly adorably obnoxious. Again, acts way younger than he really is. He also has his own style of holding the microphone, that Eunhyuk called him out on:


Don’t forget Heesica, our beloved gender-swap!


BTW: That other guy who laughed is Hankyung, who you’ll read about next.

We can identify him as the prankster of the group. He also knows how to let go and just be plain silly sometimes, as explained here and in the last pic:


I also think it’s really adorable how he likes the color pink. He’s also got a pretty sick bag of hair.

Stay crazy, Hee.



hangeng_1388968632_af_orgBirthday: February 9, 1984

Hankyung is not part of Super Junior anymore, but I think he still should be because he is really good and was a good member. If only the people at SM had treated him better…

 This guy is well known because he is Chinese, not Korean like the rest of the SuJu guys. His Chinese name is Han Geng. What is good about him, you ask?

He’s a great cook. If you’re a true ELF you surely have heard of his Beijing Fried Rice, now, right? I found the recipe online and I made his famous fried rice a while ago, I will remember it not only as Hankyung’s famous meal, but also as the first dish I ever cooked for my family’s dinner!


It looks a bit bluish in some spots because I took this picture next to an open door.

Also, he is one of THE BEST dancers the world has got. He is very skilled in martial arts, which partially explains why. He can dance ballet, hip hop, and all 56 of China’s traditional ethnic dances (which I won’t list because (a), don’t know the names, (b), even if I did, 56 that’s a lot). Just to prove my point, watch this video.

CRAAAAZY. Keep dancing, Hannie!



yesungBirthday: August 24, 1984

TURTLES. The first word that comes to mind when you say “Yesung”, since he has these ADORABLE little turtles as pets.

yesung turtle 1Aren’t they cute?!

Also, in case you didn’t know, “Yesung” means “art-like voice” or “vocal cords of an artist”. This explains a LOT. Why else would he be one of the main singers? I would embed a video here but there are too many examples of his great singing so you should probably do some work and check them out yourself. Truly one of the best singers of Super Junior.

I do not lie.




Birthday: January 17, 1985

So, I was watching that Intimate Note episode with the Super Junior members when they were making Sungmin and Kangin do all sorts of weird things to make the awkwardness between them dissipate. Apparently, it worked. So, if you say Kangin, the first thing that comes to mind is Kangin spitting soda all over poor Sungmin’s pretty face.


Anyways, Kangin was the first of the SuJu members to enlist in his “mandatory military service” and has already came back a couple years ago, but you can tell he got stronger and more buff. People say he is the strongest member of SJ now, but I’m not sure.

Sorry, I don’t know him that well so I don’t have that much to say. He is pretty funny, though. Intimate Note keeps reeling in my mind. And for that reason, I will give you a few (OK, two) pictures of Kangin in Intimate Note.



And our final macro.




Birthday: September 28, 1985

I know what you’re thinking. Wow, he’s fat.

But let’s forget that and think of all the lovely things he has graced Korea with.

First of all, HE CAN DANCE. There’s a reason why he’s one of the lead dancers. Check this out, he’s dancing with Eunhyuk, one of Super Junior’s other awesome dancer. (Just saying, the dancing doesn’t actually start until 1:15.)

I knoooooowww.

He’s also a pretty good rapper, along with Eunhyuk. Together they’d probably make a good hip hop group, but Eunhyuk already has one with Donghae. Watch him rap in the video below.

I’m not done. In addition to that, Shindong is also REALLY FUNNY. Like, his laugh can lighten anybody’s mood.

Surprise! He’s also engaged! Here he is with his fiancee, Kang Shi Nae, or Nari for short.


I can see it now.

Haters: Oh, look, it’s Shindong, the fat, ugly member of Super Junior!

Nari: I don’t know who you are, but if you call my Shindong “fat” or “ugly” one more time, I will find you. And I will kill you.

Shindong: Oh, Nari!

Go, Shindong! Beat the haters! You’ve got a lovely fiancee to help you. 😉



Sungmin 3

Birthday: January 1, 1986

I’m gonna have lots of pictures of this guy. Because he is really really CUTE and I’ve loved him since forever. He looks way younger than he really is. Also, I don’t ship KyuMin (sorry). I ship AbMin, because he should be with me. 🙂


Sorry. I know, I know, we just got started, but I had to.


Oops. There’s another one. OK, that’s enough now.


OK, OK, let’s get serious now. I’m done joking around.


Aigooooooo……. Every 5 seconds, a fangirl dies from Sungmin’s effortless aegyo. It’s a fact.

Well, now you know of Sungmin’s aegyo cuteness. Let’s *gulp* TRY to move on.

First of all, the hair. It’s like every time I see Sungmin, he has a different hairstyle. Never the same twice. But in a good way.

The short spiky buzz cut…


The blond emo-ish scene hair (back from ’05)….


The long wavy black hair…


The even longer hair (think this is the longest his hair has ever been)….


The ponytail….


The cute strawberry PINK hair (OMO)……


The half-shaved head (didn’t look very good on him)…


And of course, the WIGS.




And also, all the hairstyles you saw above. They were all different, right?

Next. Yeah, this guy is cute and adorable, but he’s got SKILL. No need to explain. Just watch.

No, no. Don’t thank me for making you the witness of Minnie’s great skill. Explains why he’s good at dancing.

His voice can also go really high. Explains a lot. He’s one of the lead dancers and lead singers.





Thanks for appreciating this. Let’s *sniff* move on.




eunhyuk2Birthday: April 4, 1986

This is Eunhyuk, the first half of the famous shipping, EunHae. He is one of the lead dancers (check out his dancing skill above with Shindong) and is the rapper of the group. A really good rapper. This is only a short example (has a few parts of him singing too).

He also has a gummy smile.

gummy-smile-eunhyuk-i15Sorry, I don’t have a lot to say about Eunhyuk , but his talents must not be underestimated. He’s often bullied by the fellow members of SuJu for being the ugliest member, but I don’t think it’s really nice of them to do that.




Birthday: October 15, 1986

Our beloved fishy, and the other half of one of the most famous SJ shippings, EunHae. He’s also the third of the dancing/rapping trio of Super Junior, which consists of Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Donghae.

Have you heard the song “Oppa Oppa”? It’s by the Super Junior sub-group, Eunhyuk & Donghae, and this is one of their most popular songs. I think it’s catchy because it sounds funny, but I guess other people have different opinions.

2:01 was where I lost it. I mean, seriously, this?



Seriously, I saw this and lost my maturity. But hey, at least they look like they’re having fun.


No explanation needed. Despite being the “fishy”, Hae is actually secretly a kitten!!

Donghae-Macro-super-junior-16926771-351-600Let’s try to move on.

donghae macro



Birthday: April 7, 1986

Note: Even though this is supposed to in age order, I’m going to break the rules a bit because it turns out that even though it is thought that Siwon is younger than Donghae, Siwon is actually OLDER than Donghae. His real birthday is April 7, 1986 (which is BEFORE October 15, 1986 which you should know if you are smart), though it wasn’t officially registered until February 10, 1987, which is why if some people list them SJ members in age order, Donghae usually comes first. I just figure this out now.

Ah, Siwon. Famous as the face of Super Junior. A lot of people think he is the most handsome, I honestly don’t think so, but hey, I’m a special person. He is known for his ripped abs due to many strenuous hours working out. I won’t include a picture due to this being a G-rated site, and any pictures of Siwon shirtless would be PG or PG-13, but you can go find them yourself. Don’t be lazy.

Siwon is also famous for the most hilarious derp faces. All hail Choi Siwon, King of Derp.


Feast your eyes.



Ryeowook-super-junior-28754440-1755-2560Birthday: June 21, 1987

Ryeowook, the eternal maknae. I honestly don’t know why people call him that; he was never the actual maknae to begin with, because before Kyuhyun came, it was Kibum. But whatever.

Not much to say about him, but one major thing that stands out is his voice. His voice is very distinguishable, because it’s one of the highest voices in the group. No wonder they made Super Junior K.R.Y., which consists of three of the best singers in Super Junior. He kind of sounds like Sungmin when they sing, since they both have very high voices.

Also, he can contort his face into really funny and cute expressions. Here are some cute selcas (another word for “selfie”) of him with other members.


Again, not much to say about him, but his amazing voice cannot go unnoticed.


101899345Birthday: August 21, 1987

Kibum’s been gone for a while…in fact the last time Kibum was in Super Junior I hadn’t even heard of them, so I don’t know much about this guy. I just know he’s on hiatus to focus on acting. As you can tell, this picture is pretty old. Here he is now.

32273719I know. Different.

Usually, Kibum looks so serious most of the time. And then I watched Attack On The Pin-Up Boys. If you don’t know what it is, look it up, and I’ll also probably write a reaction post to it because it is SO FUNNY.

kibum4I definitely recommend watching that movie because it’s really funny, but there are a few bad words (it’s a movie about poop), so be careful.

Well, that’s all I have to say about him.


kyuhyun2Birthday: February 3, 1988

Kyuhyun, our evil cute little maknae.



But, at the same time, while he is evil, he is also cute.


And he has an AMAZING voice. Along with Yesung, one of THE BEST singers of Super Junior. His voice can go really low, too. Let me prove it.

One of my favorite songs ever.

In case you didn’t know, we almost lost our dear Kyuhyun in a car accident back in 2007. As in, the doctors told his parents that there was only one way to save him, and that was to create a hole in Kyuhyun’s neck, that way Kyuhyun would live but he would never be able to sing again.

This is where it gets heartbreaking.

Almost immediately, Kyuhyun’s father (who at first didn’t want Kyuhyun to become a singer) rejected that option and begged the doctors to find another way to save him. And thank goodness they did, because in a few months Kyuhyun was released from the hospital, alive and without a hole in his neck.

Of course, back in 2007, I was not yet aware of Super Junior’s existence, but a while ago I was looking them up to get to know them better, and I found out about Kyuhyun’s accident, and now I’m so thankful that he’s still alive, otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have liked Super Junior as much without as many good singers.

Imagine Sorry Sorry without Kyuhyun. Bonamana without Kyuhyun. Super Junior and all their sub-groups without Kyuhyun. How could that have turned out? Not a very pretty world, huh?

Thank you, Kyuhyun, for staying alive and gracing the world with your voice, cuteness, and evilness.


Yes….we’re finally done with all of them (besides Henry and Zhou Mi). I’m technically just introducing you to all of them. I love them all and I hope you do too. Go ELFs!

Thank you for tuning in and I will see you another time.



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