New SuJu Fanfic Series!

I usually don’t write a lot of fanfics, but my recent love of Super Junior has led to lots of things, including reading SuJu fanfics. So I’ve been inspired to write my own fanfics. I’ve read a lot of Super Junior kid!fics, when the Super Junior members are children. I like how the author displays them with such cute, funny, child-like personalities. I like the kid!fics better than the romance fics, but then again, I’ve always favored fluff and humor over romance.

So, hopefully very soon, I’m going to start my own series of Suju kid!fics! They’re going to be short, one-post stories about the Suju members as kids and their tiny adventures. Also, I’ll try to add in people from other bands as recurring characters (SNSD, Shinee, etc.) Here is the character overview. I will also include ALL 15 members. (Also, let’s pretend that they don’t age and stay at these ages forever).

Leeteuk, Heechul, Hankyung, and Kangin are all 11 years old. Leeteuk and Kangin are best friends, and Heechul and Hankyung are best friends. Leeteuk has two little brothers, Siwon and Zhou Mi. Kangin’s little brother is Kibum. Heechul’s little brother is Kyuhyun, and Hankyung’s little brother is Henry.

Yesung and Kibum are 10 years old. They are best friends, both nerds, and spend recess reading books together. Yesung is an only child, but he is Ryeowook’s older cousin.

Shindong and Siwon are 9 years old and best friends, despite being opposites. Shindong is loud and funny, and Siwon is quiet and polite. They are both very popular, Shindong is popular because of his large collection of jokes and pranks, Siwon is popular with the girls because of his looks and gentlemanly-ness. Shindong is an only child, and has a crush on a girl named Nari (Shindong’s real life girlfriend).

Ryeowook and Zhou Mi are 8 years old and best friends. Zhou Mi is very tall and is easily recognized as one of the fastest kids in school due to his long legs. His face is also a combination of his older brothers’ faces. Ryeowook is known as the kid with the cute smile. He likes to cook a lot.

Donghae and Eunhyuk are 7 years old, twin brothers, and glued together forever. One is never without the other. They are often referred to as a single name, Eunhae, since they are together all the time. Eunhyuk is the older twin by 46.8 seconds.

Sungmin and Kyuhyun are 6 years old and best buddies. The two of them are sometimes nicknamed the “Angel & Devil”. Sungmin is the angel; he is very innocent and likes to give advice, so he is sometimes called “Doctor Sungmin”. People come to him for entertainment rather than advice, which Sungmin happily provides both. However, Sungmin is sometimes clueless or slow to realize things. Kyuhyun is the devil; he was taught well by his naughty hyung Heechul, so he became a troublemaker, too. He likes to drag his clueless friend Sungmin into his evil schemes, and sometimes uses Sungmin’s slow wits to his advantage; nevertheless, they are still BFFs.

Henry is 5 years old, and came from China with his gege Hankyung (real-name Hangeng). He has no friends in his class, but he usually hangs out with Sungmin and Kyuhyun since they are the closest to his age. He loves Hankyung very much, and receives Korean lessons from him.

So that is a brief summary of the boys’ personalities in my series. Hopefully, Volume 1 will come out soon, so look for that!


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