SJKC Volume 1: Henry’s Second Day

Henry’s Second Day

Volume: 1

Rating: PG

Central Characters: Henry, Hankyung

Present Characters: Leeteuk, Heechul, Kangin, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Kyuhyun,

Absent Characters: Yesung, Shindong, Zhou Mi, Siwon, Kibum, Ryeowook

Warnings: Large overdoses of cuteness, sweetness, and rainbows

Word count: 7, 122

Summary: It’s Henry’s first day of kindergarten, and he’s one of the few lucky kids who has a perfect first day. He thinks school is one the “funnest” things ever — until the second day, when all goes downhill.

Yes! Finally got the first story down. It might seem longer than it really is because of all the double-spacing, but it’s an EZ read, which in my book “EZ read” means, even though it seems long, it’s actually easy to read and finish quickly. Sorry if there’s too much rainbows, sunshine, and lollipops, but yeah! So, I will switch from Hankyung to Hangeng depending on what’s happening. And also, I apologize for any Korean or Chinese words that are incorrect. I speak neither Korean nor Chinese, so I either used my knowledge from reading K-Pop fanfics, or Google Translate. Hope you enjoy!


5-year-old Henry climbed into the secret cave where a shiny, blue magical crystal was supposed to be waiting for him. He had to get that Magic Crystal before the Evil Samurai King did!

Suddenly, a large figure in heavy, colorful armor jumped in front of Henry. Oh, no! Henry thought. An Evil Samurai Guard. How will I get past him?

The Evil Samurai Guard raised his sword and advanced. “Wake up, Henry,” he said.

Hey, that guy sounds like Hangeng-ge! Henry thought, more confused than frightened.  I wonder why.

“Geng-ge?” Henry called out to the no-longer-frightening samurai.

“Come on, Henry,” the samurai replied in Hangeng’s voice. “You’ve got to get up for school. You don’t want to be late on your first day of kindergarten, do you?”

School? Kindergarten? First day?

Henry opened his eyes to see his gege’s face peering into his own. “Come on, Henry, or I’ll be late, too.”

Oh, yeah! School! Today was Henry’s first day of kindergarten!

“Good morning, ge,” Henry mumbled while sitting up. He rubbed his sleep-encrusted eyes and yawned. Hangeng smiled. His little brother was heading to kindergarten, yet he still managed to keep the cuteness that usually vanished at this age.

Henry got up and got ready for school. He cleaned himself up and packed his backpack. The smile on his face was only a small sliver of the bright glittery excitement he was holding in. Geng-ge had told such wonderful stories about when he was in kindergarten. He said that the classrooms were filled with color and fun. He had gotten to finger paint, watch funny movies about numbers, earn free candy, and even plant his own flowers in the classroom garden! And now Henry got to do the same thing!

As they finished their breakfast and headed out the door, Henry turned to his gege. “Hangeng-ge,” Henry asked. “You’ve told me how fun kindergarten is. What will sixth grade be like?”

“Oh, it’s not as fun as kindergarten,” Hangeng answered. “You have to write lots of reports and essays about boring things. And you have to do lots of hard math and write notes and read books about dead people and things that happened so long ago that nobody remembers them. And there are lots of tests. In the end, you have to write a lot. It will hurt your hand.”

“Oh,” said Henry. “So it’s not fun at all?”

“Oh, sometimes it is fun,” Hangeng said. “Some of the teachers do funny things. It’s also fun because we get to be the biggest kids in the school. And if Heechul is in your class, you’re going to have lots and lots of fun.”

Henry had heard about his gege’s best friend, Heechul. He had met him once. Heechul was loud, naughty, and had many witty insults and comebacks up his black, leather sleeve.

“Look! We’re here!” cried Henry as he started running towards the school.

“Hey, wait, Henry!” Hangeng called. “School hasn’t started yet. Do you want to talk to my friends?”

“Okay!” replied a cheerful Henry. He liked his gege’s friends. They weren’t mean like some of the other big kids. They were very nice and funny.

“Now, remember, Henry,” Hangeng said as they searched for some of his friends. “My friends do not speak Chinese, so you talk to them in Korean, yeah? And they will call me Hankyung, but you can still call me Hangeng, alright?” Henry nodded. “Look! There’s Heechul and his little brother! Maybe you guys can become friends!”

Hangeng (now known as Hankyung) ran over to the figure in long black hair and black jacket. “Heechul-hyung!” he called.

The long-haired boy turned around. “Hankyung-ah!” he cried. The two boys ran to each other and high-fived. Henry noticed a smaller boy with wavy brown hair and big eyes trail behind Heechul. Henry and the other boy each watched their older brothers catch up with each other before quickly getting bored. The other boy turned to Henry. “They act like they haven’t seen in each other in a year,” he said while rolling his eyes, before holding out his hand for Henry to shake. “I’m Kyuhyun. Who are you?”

Henry quickly shook Kyuhyun’s hand. “Henry,” he said. “I don’t speak lots of Korean.”

“That’s okay,” Kyuhyun said. “I don’t speak a lot either. I’m only five.”

“Really?” Henry asked. “I’m five, too! Are you in kindergarten?”

“No. I’m in first grade. I went to kindergarten early.”

“Aww,” Henry said disappointedly. “Then we won’t be in the same class.”

“That’s okay,” replied Kyuhyun. “We can play at recess. The nursery school and primary school get to play together, you know. And I can show you my friend Sungmin.”

Just then, someone called out to Kyuhyun in a tiny, cute, squeaky voice. “Kyuhyunnie!!” said the squeaky voice. “I put the confetti bomb in Mr. Jeong’s desk like you told me too!”

Henry turned to see a small boy with shiny black hair and the cutest smile ever walking towards them. He almost mistook him for a girl if it wasn’t for the boys’ uniform. The little boy saw Henry and flashed him a bright, toothy smile.

“Hi! I’m Sungmin!” he shouted as he waved. “Are you Kyuhyunnie’s new friend? Then you can be my new friend, too! I like new friends.”

“This is Henry,” Kyuhyun said. “He’s in kindergarten, but I told him he can still play with us.”

“Yay!” Sungmin cheered while clapping. “Now I have a new friend!”

Henry was about to speak when he hear a long bell ring. “That’s the school bell, Henry,” Hangeng said. “You have to go to your classroom before the bell rings again, or you’ll get in trouble! See you later!”

Hangeng waved goodbye and headed off to his classroom with Heechul. Sungmin and Kyuhyun had to go, too, so they said bye and went to their classroom.

Henry arrived at his new classroom and couldn’t believe his eyes. Hangeng-ge was right, the classroom looked so fun and colorful. There were bright rainbow posters with sayings like, “Reach for the stars!” all over the walls. Henry saw a bright red chair with his name on it. He quickly sat down with a big smile on his mochi face.

“Annyeong,” said a voice. “I’m Jongwoon.”

Henry looked up to see a bigger boy with wavy black hair. “I’m Henry,” said Henry. “Wanna be friends?”


“Play with me at recess, okay?”


Henry did a little dance in his head. He already had 3 new friends! You wouldn’t be able to imagine how many rainbows of happiness were springing all over Henry’s mind.

“Great! I have 2 other friends that I want you to meet. They’re in the first grade, but they’re super nice!”

“Class!” A soft, tinkly voice called out at the front of the room. Henry turned to see a young woman with braided brown hair and a pink dress stand in front of the room.She’s pretty, thought Henry.

“Hello, children, my name is Ms. Kim,” the woman said. “I will be your teacher for today. We’re going to have lots of fun, and since you all have been sitting so nicely, I will reward with you a lollipop!”

Ms. Kim then proceeded to pass out lollipops to every child in the classroom. Geng-ge was right! Henry thought, his happy rainbows nearly at exploding point.

It’s only been 5 minutes and I already get free candy! Maybe if I am super nice, I will get more candy!

Just then, Ms. Kim passed Henry’s table and handed out the lollipops. She gave Henry a raspberry-flavored lollipop, his favorite flavor. She even knows my favorite lollipop! Henry silently squealed. I have to be super extra nice to get more!

Henry put extra glittery cuteness in his eyes and extra sugary sweetness in his smile and turned to Ms. Kim. “Kamsahabnida!” he chirped, fluffing out his mochi-like cheeks. Ms. Kim’s heart instantly melted. Aigoo, what a cute child! She thought. “Wow, such nice manners, Henry!” she cooed. “Everyone, Henry is the only child in this class who said thank you. Unless any of you can be as polite as him, I will say Henry has the best manners in this class.” Ms. Kim smiled at Henry again before continuing to pass out lollipops.

Yes! Henry celebrated again in his head. More glittery rainbows sprung up in his mind, but this time dancing raspberry lollipops bounced on top of them. Henry’s “extra sugar” method not only worked on his mama, baba, and gege, but on Ms. Kim, too!

By recess, many many rainbows and lollipops had exploded just to reform in Henry’s head. His brain had turned into a party of sunshine.

Henry took his new friend Jongwoon by the arm to drag him to his other new friends, Sungmin and Kyuhyun. He also brought his brand new bouncy ball, which was about as golden as Henry’s sunny mind.

“Whoa, wait a minute!” Jongwoon cried out. “I promised my other friends I’d play ball with them! I’ll play with you tomorrow, okay?”

“Aww,” Henry moaned. “Okay. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Oh, and can we borrow your ball?” Jongwoon asked. “Daeyang forgot his.”

Henry hestitated. He wanted to play ball with Sungmin and Kyuhyun. But Jongwoon was his friend, too, and everyone knows you have to be nice to your friends.

“Um, okay.” Henry handed his golden bouncy ball to Jongwoon. He smiled and walked away to join his other friends.

“Henry!” a squeaky voice called that could be none other than Sungmin. Henry turned to see 4 boys wave at him. He recognized two of them as Kyuhyun and Sungmin, but he didn’t know the other two. Henry went over to join them.

“This is Eunhae,” Kyuhyun said, pointing to the two rather energetic boys. “They’re in second grade, but they’re fun to play with.”

“Hi! I’m Eunhyuk!” said the boy with the gummy smile.

“Hi! I’m Donghae!” said the boy with the toothy smile.

“Together, we’re Eunhae!” said Eunhyuk and Donghae together.

“They’re twins,” Sungmin said. “Nobody can ever separate them.”

“We’re unseparable!” said Donghae.

“No, Hae, it’s ‘inseparable’,” Eunhyuk corrected.

“Oh. We’re inseparable!” exclaimed Donghae.

“Who’s older?” Henry asked.

“I am,” replied Eunhyuk, “by 46.8 seconds.”

“Yeah,” Donghae chimed in, “even though I wanted to be older.”

“But that’s okay!” they said together. “We’re still happy!”

Henry liked Eunhyuk and Donghae. They were happy, funny, and silly. Together, the five boys played “Protect the King”. Sungmin was the King of Aegyo and Bunnies, who ruled over Cute Bunny Land. Eunhyuk and Donghae were the brave knights and King Sungmin’s bodyguards. Henry was the guardian dragon who protected the “castle” from any danger (who knew such a cute little mochi would make such a good dragon?) And Kyuhyun was the evil mastermind who wanted to kidnap King Sungmin.

Suddenly, Henry heard another bell. All the kindergarten kids started going back to their classrooms. Then Henry remembered: kindergarten kids went home earlier than primary school kids. Which meant Henry had to go home.

“I have to go home now, guys,” Henry said to the 4 other boys.

“Aww,” whined Sungmin. “Then we’ll have no dragon.”

“That’s okay,” answered Henry. “I’ll be here tomorrow. Bye guys!”

“Bye!” the 4 boys waved back. Henry turned and went to get his stuff and go home. As fun as school was, Henry always looked forward to going home, where he could speak Chinese and eat yummy dumplings and noodles and his gege’s delicious fried rice.

“Henry, my little mashu! How was your first day of school!” Henry’s mama smiled as she hugged her beloved son. Henry giggled. Finally, it was time to let all the glitter and rainbows and sunshine and lollipops explode out of his head and spill all over the walls.

“It was AWESOME!!!” Henry shouted in delight. “I met Geng-ge’s friend Heechul, and Heechul had a little brother named Kyuhyun, and Kyuhyun was my first new friend, and then Kyuhyun’s friend Sungmin came and Sungmin also became my new friend, then we went to class and I got another new friend named Jongwoon, and then the teacher Ms. Kim gave us all lollipops because we were being very good kids, and she gave me my favorite one so I was so happy, and when I was the only kid that said thank you to her, she said I had the best manners in class, the BEST, and later Jongwoon borrowed my bouncy ball, and I kinda didn’t want to give it to him, but since he is my friend and you have to share with your friends, I shared my ball with him, and then I played with Sungmin and Kyuhyun, and I met even more new friends, these two boys named Eunhyuk and Donghae who are twins and are always so happy and funny and silly and make me laugh, and we played ‘Protect the King’, which is when you have to protect King Sungmin from the evil Wizard Kyuhyun, and I was the guardian dragon and I got to roar really loud! Hear this!” Henry cleared his throat and let out one of his loudest dragon roars.

Mrs. Lau laughed. “It sounds like you had lots of fun, Henry. I’m glad you’re happy. Now come eat.” Henry’s mama sat him down at the dining table and set a plate of warm jiaozi dumplings in front of him. Henry happily gobbled them up.

A few hours later, Hangeng came home from school looking rather pale, but happy nonetheless. Henry quickly rushed up to him and repeated his story about his perfect first day.

“Aha, see, what did I tell you, Henry?” Hangeng answered. “Be super duper nice so you can get more candy and share with me!”

“Okay, gege!”

“Hangeng,” his mother scolded, “you know better than to make silly deals with your didi.”

“It’s just for fun, Mama.”

“That’s why it’s silly!”

Henry brought Hangeng over to a couch. “So, how was your first day of school, ge?”

“It was — *cough* — good. Probably not as fun as your first day, though.”

“What did you do?”

“I — *sneeze* — saw all my friends, Heechul, Leeteuk, Kangin. Heechul did the perfect back-to-school prank.”

“Really? What did he do this time?!” Henry loved hearing about the trickster Heechul and his long string of pranks.

“Well, at lunch — *a-choo!* — Heechul snuck into the office and hacked the PA system so that it started playing the Nyan Cat theme song non-stop!”

Henry and Hangeng spent the next 3 hours exchanging school stories, and then later playing their video game, Ninja Prophecy, where the magical ninjas had to fight and defeat the Evil Samurai Warriors. When their baba came home, Henry and Hangeng ran over to him and retold their stories of their first day of school.

“Ah, that Heechul friend of yours, Geng,” their father said, “he is one funny guy.”

“Well, of — *cough cough* — course! Everybody — *cough* — knows that. That’s — *sneeze* — why he’s so a-a-choo! Popular.”

“Hangeng,” his mother cooed, instantly rushing to her older son’s side as her motherly instincts kicked in, “are you coming down with a cold, sweetie?”

“I — *a-choo* — might be.”

“Aw, on your first day you’re already sick. I’ll go get you some nin jiom pei pa koa, okay? In the meantime, you should eat something and get ready for bed. Henry, you too. This isn’t your last day of school.”


Hangeng went to the kitchen to make a quick dinner of his fried rice and scooped some onto two plates for him and Henry. They quickly ate and then went to get ready to sleep. Henry couldn’t wait for his second day of school. He fell asleep dreaming of Ms. Kim, raspberry lollipops, and his new friends.


The next morning, Henry woke up early with a glittery smile of happiness on his face. This time, he had a bright, excited energy surrounding him as he got ready. He ate his breakfast quickly and was about to head out the door, when he realized that his gege wasn’t ready to head out with him.

That’s weird, Henry thought. Why isn’t gege awake?

Henry took his shoes off and scrambled into his gege’s room. To his horror, Henry found Hangeng in bed, coughing up a fit, with a bottle of cough syrup next to his bed. Oh no! Henry cried out in his head, the sparkles slowly dissipating. What happened to gege?

Hangeng, being the amazing gege that he was, seemed to be able to read Henry’s mind. “Sorry, Henry,” he said sadly. “I can’t go to school today. I seemed to have caught Lee-choo!-teuk’s cold.”

“Aww,” Henry said. “Okay. Can you come to school tomorrow?”

“I’ll try, Henry,” Hangeng replied. “But now I have to rest. I’ll see you after school, Henry.”

“See you, ge,” Henry said before getting his shoes back on and walking out the door to go to school.

Henry got to school pretty early, so he decided to find Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Donghae, and Eunhyuk, until he heard someone calling him.

“Hey! You!” someone yelled, followed by someone else saying in a softer voice, “Heechul, don’t be so rude. He’s only in kindergarten.”


Recognizing the name of his gege’s best friend, Henry turned around to see 3 older boys coming his way. One had long red hair (wasn’t it black yesterday?) and a black leather jacket, one had dimples and dark blonde shiny hair, and the last was large and burly. Henry recognized them as Heechul, Leeteuk, and Kangin, his gege’s closest friends. Henry let out a breath of relief, thankful that Hangeng’s friends were nice to him (most of the time).

“The name’s Henry, right?” Heechul asked in a friendlier tone. Henry nodded.

“Do you happen to know where your brother is?” asked Heechul.

“He is ill, hyung,” Henry answered, remembering his Korean honorifics.

“Oh, okay,” said Heechul. “Well, thanks. You’re a good boy.”

With that, Heechul, Leeteuk, and Kangin walked away, with Heechul hitting Leeteuk on the shoulder, shouting, “Good job, Leeteuk. You got Hankyung sick with that stupid cold of yours!”

“Henry!” someone called. Henry turned again to see his 4 friends approaching him with worried expressions.

“Henry, are you okay?” Sungmin asked. “Did those big boys do anything mean to you?”

“Yeah,” Kyuhyun chimed in. “My hyung can be really mean sometimes.”

“No, I’m fine,” Henry answered. “Those are my hyung’s friends. They’re really nice.”

The 4 older boys breathed sighs of relief. “Not all the time,” said Kyuhyun.

“Some of the big boys are really mean and scary,” said Eunhyuk.

“And we thought they did something bad to you,” Donghae continued.

“But you’re okay, so we’re happy!” Eunhae finished together with big grins.

“Okay, then I’ll be happy, too!” Henry answered, widening his smile until it hurt. The other boys laughed. Then they played Protect the King until the bell rang, and the boys separated to go to class.

Henry walked into his classroom, expecting the friendly, smiling face of Ms. Kim, but instead, he found the face of a grumpy, old lady.

“Who are you?” Henry asked.

The grumpy old lady turned and frowned at him. “Well, that’s a rude thing to say to elders. I am your teacher, Mrs. Yoon.”

“Mrs. Yoon?” Henry repeated. Who was this strange “teacher”? “But where’s Ms. Kim?”

“Ms. Kim was only a substitute teacher because I was sick. I am your real teacher.”

“What’s a substitute?”

“Enough questions. Ms. Kim should have explained that to you already. Now go back to your seat.”

Well! huffed Henry silently as he took his seat. I don’t like this teacher. She’s mean!

Are you okay, Henry-ah?” asked Jongwoon when he saw Henry’s frowning face.

“No,” answered Henry grumpily. “That teacher is mean.”

“Oh,” was all Jongwoon could say.

“Anyways, can I have my ball back?” Henry asked when he spotted his bouncy ball on the floor next to Jongwoon’s seat.

“No!” Jongwoon exclaimed, much to Henry’s surprise. “You gave it to me, remember?”

“No I did not!” Henry shouted. “You borrowed it, and borrowing means you have to give it back!”

“I won’t give it back! This is my ball now!”

“No, it’s mine!” Henry reached over Jongwoon to reclaim his golden bouncy ball.

“Stop it!” a voice snapped. Henry turned to see Mrs. Yoon’s grumpy face glaring at him. “Henry, you give that ball back to Jongwoon right now and apologize.”


“No buts.”

Henry’s face turned red. He slowly handed the ball–his precious, golden bouncy ball that he got from his gege on his 5th birthday–over to the pouting, sniffling but secretly smirking Jongwoon.

“Now apologize.”

“But what does that mean?”

“First of all,” Mrs. Yoon started, “you do not start a sentence with ‘but’. Second, at your age you should know what the word ‘apologize’ means. Since you do not, you will stay in at recess to copy the meaning of ‘apologize’ 3 times, and then you will write an apology note to Jongwoon and give it to him after school.”

“Y-yes, Mrs. Yoon.”

Henry’s day did not get better at all. He had been scolded by Mrs. Yoon and jeered at by Jongwoon and his friends multiple times. By recess, Henry was ready to crawl into bed and cry until all the Evil Samurai Warriors drowned. Mrs. Yoon glared at him with cold, judging eyes as he wrote his “apology” note to Jongwoon.


I’m sorry I took your ball. I won’t do it again.


When Mrs. Yoon had finished checking Henry’s note, he secretly added an extra message.

P.S. You’re mean!

Henry stubbornly handed it to Jongwoon after school with a scowl. Jongwoon took it with a smug grin and crumpled it up without even reading it. “Haha!” he jeered. “You got in trouble!” Then he and his gang laughed and pointed at Henry until someone could’ve mistaken their faces as tomatoes.

If words could a person cry, Henry would be bawling out a waterfall. And since words CAN make a person cry, that’s exactly what Henry was doing. He cried all the way home, leaving a trail of salty tears wherever he went (okay, not really, but you know what I mean). There were no more rainbows and lollipops in Henry’s head, there was only rain and dark clouds. He had lost his friend, his favorite bouncy ball, and his favorite teacher, all on the same day, and his gege was sick, too! How could his day get any worse?

Henry was still crying when he got home. His gege was on the couch, wrapped in blankets, sipping hot tea while he watched Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. “Henry, Mama’s at the store buying food and medicine, so we’ll be alo–” Hangeng stopped when he noticed that his poor did was crying his eyes out with a red face that made his head look like strawberry mochi. Being the good older brother that he was, Hangeng instantly swooped to Henry’s side, after spending fifteen seconds trying to put his cup of tea down on the coffee table without it spilling.

“Oh, Henry! What happened?” Hangeng asked as he wiped Henry’s tears.

“School is n-not fun!” Henry cried. “I d-don’t like school!”

“But you were so happy yesterday!” exclaimed Hangeng. “What went wrong?”

“A lot of things went wrong!”

“Like what?”

“Well,” Henry started, finally calming down. “There is no more Ms. Kim, there is a new teacher, and she is really mean and old and grumpy. And Jongwoon also is really mean! He’s not my friend anymore!”

Henry proceeded to explain all the “horror” he had been through at school that day, with a few minor exaggerations. I would tell you what Henry really said, but then you might as well scroll back up a few times and read the whole thing again.

After listening to Henry’s slightly edited story, Hangeng made him a quick lunch of microwaveable dumplings and watched more Adventure Time with him until their parents came home. Henry repeated his story, this time with even more exaggeration than the version he had told Hangeng. Like most good but not excessively doting parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lau would hug and comfort Henry, and give him advice that he probably wouldn’t follow.

As the two brothers got ready for bed, Henry asked, “Geng-ge, what do I do at school tomorrow?”

“Just ignore them when they bother you, Henry,” Hangeng reassured him. “Don’t worry, tomorrow I promise I will help. Now

“Good night.”


The next day, Hangeng was well enough to go to school, so he and his little brother did the usual morning routine and walked to school before splitting up to find their friends.

“Henry!” Sungmin called. “Where were you yesterday?”

For about the millionth time, Henry repeated his story from yesterday. Eunhae and Sungmin listened with wide eyes and looks of horror. Kyuhyun just listened.

“Well, that’s not nice!” Sungmin said when Henry had finished. “Not nice at all!”

“How rude!” said Eunhyuk.

“Very rude indeed!” said Donghae.

“We wouldn’t want a friend like that!” said Eunhae.

“My hyung has a special word for people like that,” said Kyuhyun. “He calls them bi–“

Thankfully, the bell rang, or else Eunhae, Sungmin, and Henry would’ve gotten their minds partially corrupted by Kyuhyun, whose mind had already been corrupted past its saving point by his naughty brother Heechul.

Henry’s school day didn’t go too bad that day. He ignored all the sneers from Jongwoon’s gang and tried to please Mrs. Yoon as much as possible by doing whatever she ordered him to do with his normal enthusiasm and cheer. At recess, he played more Protect the King with his new best friends, his real friends.

Meanwhile, Hangeng was not playing soccer or basketball with his friends. He was in the nursery school area, in room 08. Which is also known as Mrs. Yoon’s classroom. Which is also known as Henry’s classroom.

“Uh, sillyehabnida?”

Mrs. Yoon turned around to see a tall boy with spiky-ish black hair. He looked to be about in the sixth grade.

He cleared his throat. “Annyeong, my name is Hankyung,” said Hangeng, now known as Hankyung. “I came to talk about one of your students, Henry.” Hankyung felt butterflies in his stomach when he saw how Mrs. Yoon narrowed her eyes just slightly at the mention of her most troublesome student. “Ah, yes, Henry,” she answered.

“Yes, well, uh, he is my dongsaeng, Mrs. Yoon,” Hankyung said, fighting to keep his calm as he noticed that Mrs. Yoon had narrowed her eyes even more. “And, I’ve heard about the trouble he’s gotten into at school.”

“Yes, Henry’s been acting disrespectful to his classmates, lately,” said Mrs. Yoon. “So why are you here?”

“Well, I just wanted to tell you that it wasn’t Henry’s fault,” Hankyung said. “You probably don’t believe me, you probably think that I’m just trying to defend my brother, and you can think that if you want, but I just want to ask you to please not be too harsh on him. We recently moved from China, and he’s been feeling a little left out since we moved. He also doesn’t know many Korean words, which is why he didn’t understand a few words yesterday. I’m not saying you can’t scold him if he gets into trouble, but if you don’t mind, I don’t want him to ever come home crying about school again.”

Hankyung searched Mrs. Yoon’s wrinkled face for any sign that he had been persuasive enough. Then he saw it. Mrs. Yoon’s eyes had softened. Yes! Hankyung did a dance in his head.

“Very well, then,” said Mrs. Yoon. “I never realized that I may have been too harsh on him. Thank you for telling me, Hankyung. If his behavior in my class changes, I may go a little softer.”


“Thank you, thank you so much, Mrs. Yoon,” Hankyung said. “Hopefully, Henry will have better behavior in your class.” Hankyung bowed before leaving the classroom.

He ran out of the classroom doing a victory dance. So what if the part about moving to China and feeling left out was partially a lie, since Henry had actually lived in Korea since he was 1. You may have noticed that Hankyung forget to mention that the ball didn’t really belong to Jongwoon. Well, Hankyung didn’t really forget. He was planning on taking care of that himself.

“Hey! You!” Jongwoon heard someone yell. He stopped bouncing his ball and turned around. There was a tall boy with spikyish black hair, and he looked ANGRY. He didn’t look big enough to be one of the secondary kids, since the secondary kids were GIGANTICALLY HUGE. But this guy was just big.

Jongwoon didn’t notice that he had backed up against a wall as the tall boy came closer.

“The name’s Jongwoon, right?” Hankyung snarled. Jongwoon nodded, unable to talk, because he was scared out of his empty skull.

“Well, I happen to be Henry’s brother,” Hankyung said, advancing on Jongwoon and his little friends. “And I just want you to know that he came home crying yesterday. Because of someone named ‘Jongwoon’. Oh, guess what? That’s YOUR name, isn’t it?”

Jongwoon gulped. The former big boy of the kindergarten, now a tiny shrimp. And Hankyung had now lost all hints of passiveness, no, he was the big guy now.

“First thing I’ll have you know,” Hankyung started, “is that nobody makes my brother cry without getting away with it. Second, I’m a black belt in karate. Third, I don’t think you’d want to mess with a sixth grader.”

Jongwoon couldn’t even snap back like he usually did. He only whimpered an inaudible reply.

“So, Jongwoon, I don’t want you messing with my brother anymore, because if he comes home crying again, you’ll be the first person I’m coming to kill. Because this is our first meeting, I will spare your life,  but the next time, you might not be so lucky, and we might have to turn the field into a cemetery. You should be lucky that I’m not Heechul, because he would’ve killed you on the spot without waiting for an explanation, or Kangin, because he would’ve beaten you in a dark and dreary and shadowy alley and disposed of you in a dumpster. So don’t you ever touch or talk to my brother again, got it?”

“GOT IT?!”
“Yes! Yes! Sorry sorry sorry sorry! I–I–I—”

“Oh, and I’d like my brother’s ball back, please,” Hankyung finished, snatching the bouncy ball out of Jongwoon’s small chubby hands. He was about to walk away, triumphantly, when…

“Hankyung! What do you think you’re doing?”

Hankyung stopped, his big guy ego now dissipating, and slowly turned. Standing right there, having witnessed nearly the whole incident, was his teacher, Mrs. Cheon. And boy, did she look pissed.

“Hankyung! I didn’t expect one of my best students to be here bullying kindergarteners!” exclaimed Mrs. Cheon. “I’m extremely disappointed in you. I’m very sorry to do this, but I’m afraid I will have to give you detention tomorrow after school.” She handed him a pink detention note.

“Now, you have to give the little boy his ball back by tomorrow, okay?” Hankyung turned to find Jongwoon, but he and his friends had already bolted.

Well, he thought, I guess it wasn’t all a victory. But it’s worth it if it helps my brother.


Later Hankyung, now known as Hangeng, came back home feeling a little down. He had never gotten a single detention in his life, he had always been known as “the good boy”, getting good grades and always friendly and every teacher’s favorite. But now he wasn’t that anymore. He had disappointed his favorite teacher and had marked his once perfect record.

“Are you okay, gege?” asked Henry.

“Yes, I’m fine,” Hangeng sighed.

“No, you are not. Can you tell me after school tomorrow?”

“I’ll be a little late from school tomorrow.”

“Because I have a detention.”


Henry was surprised and very worried. His gege had never gotten a detention before, no wonder he was so sad! What could’ve happened?

“What happened?” asked Henry.

“Well, I got in trouble with a teacher after I talked to Jongwoon. She thought I stole his ball.”

“That’s exactly what happened to me! Why does everyone always think that it’s us? What have we done wrong?”

“I don’t know, Henry. Now, I have to go do my homework okay?”

“Okay.” Henry had never seen his brother so sad (other than the time that their laoye had died).

“Oh, and Henry?” Henry snapped out of his thoughts and couldn’t believe what he saw in front of him.”I got your ball back for you.”

And indeed, Henry’s precious, golden bouncy ball was in his gege’s arms, being held out to him. Henry took it happily, but then he remembered what Hangeng had given up to give this back to him.”But weren’t you supposed to give this back, ge?”

“I was, but why should I? It’s yours, anyways.”

“But won’t you get into more trouble? Mama and baba won’t be happy, you know. And you won’t have a perfect record anymore.”

“I know that, Henry!” Hangeng snapped, to Henry’s surprise. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have homework to do and an hour of detention to prepare for.” Hangeng turned and head back to his room with an unpleasant aura around him.

I have to do something! Henry thought, his 5-year-old mind wildly spinning as he tried to think of a plan to save his brother. Geng-ge doesn’t deserve this detention!

Meanwhile, Hangeng had gone back to his room feeling very sad and sorry that he had snapped at Henry back then. He decided to cool off and then apologize tomorrow.

The next day, Henry woke up earlier and got ready faster. He told his mother that he was heading out early to meet with some of his friends. His mother agreed, and he bolted out the door at 6:45 in the morning and caught up with Kyuhyun, Sungmin, and Eunhae, who walked to school together earlier than Henry.

“Hey!” Henry called. “Guys!”

The 4 other boys turned and waved happily with their usual cheer. “Annyeong, Henry!” they said. “How come you’re so early?”

“Because I have to tell you guys something!”


Henry explained the whole thing about Hangeng’s detention and how he was falsely accused of bullying Jongwoon.

“So I need help getting Hangeng out of detention!” Henry finished. “He’s really sad about it! What can I do?”

“Hmm…” Eunhyuk started, “..we haven’t really thought of anything yet…”

“…but we’ll keep trying,” continued Donghae, “because we’re your friends, Henry…”

“…and friends help each other!” Eunhae finished with their signature grins. Henry was glad he had friends like the Eunhae brothers. They always cheered Henry up and made him feel awesome when he was feeling like a sad loser. Everybody needs friends like these two, Henry thought happily.

“Don’t worry, Henry,” said Sungmin. “We’ll help you, too.”

“Yeah,” agreed Kyuhyun. “Heechul taught me a few things about how to convince someone that you’re innocent.”

Only this time, Kyuhyun thought with a silent smile, we really are innocent.

They spent the whole walk to school and the whole 15 minutes before the bell rang discussing their plan. Of course, since they were only little kids, and the only one who showed the slightest amount of intelligence was Kyuhyun, their plan wasn’t much, but then it again, they didn’t need much of a plan, anyways, right? They were only bailing someone out of detention.

Henry did the exact same thing as yesterday, ignoring everything that bothered him in class. He noticed that Mrs. Yoon had become a bit nicer to him, and that Jongwoon and his gang now cowered away when Henry came near them. Wow, thought Henry. What did Hangeng do to make Mrs. Yoon this nice, and to make Jongwoon so scared? Maybe that’s why he got detention.

At recess, the 5 boys didn’t play Protect the King. They went straight to the upper grade area and knocked on room 6A, which is also known as Mrs. Cheon’s room. Which is also known as Hangeng’s classroom.

“Hello, boys,” Mrs. Cheon greeted when she opened the door. “Is there something you need?”

“Um, yes, Mrs. Cheon,” Henry answered, trying to sound as grown-up as possible. “We heard that you gave my hyung, Hankyung, a detention yesterday.”

Now Mrs. Cheon was confused. “You are all related to him?”

“No,” Henry answered. “Just me.”

Then why did he bring 2 first-graders and 2 second-graders along? Mrs. Cheon wondered.

“Anyways,” continued Henry, “we’d like to know why.”

This was why Mrs. Cheon taught sixth-graders. As cute and adorable they were, Mrs. Cheon just didn’t understand younger children. But she decided to play along with whatever they were planning, for now.

“Well,” Mrs. Cheon started, “I found your brother bullying kindergarteners and trying to steal a gold ball fro–”

“Aha!” Henry said. “That’s where you’re wrong. Hankyung wasn’t stealing their ball. He was reclaiming it.”

“Uh… what?”

Henry held out the same golden ball that Mrs. Cheon saw Hankyung snatch out of that poor boy’s hands. “You see, Mrs. Cheon, the ball doesn’t even belong to those kids in the first place. It belongs to me. Hankyung-hyung gave me these ball for my 5th birthday, but then it got stolen by those boys, who were putting on an act so that they would appear innocent. And Hankyung wasn’t bullying those kindergarteners. He was being a great hyung. So maybe it wasn’t completely necessary for him to get all mad at the kindergarteners, but he did it so that they wouldn’t bully me anymore. He was aware of the consequences yet he still chose to give up his perfect record to help his little brother be happy again. So, really, it wasn’t his fault. And hopefully it isn’t too much to ask to cancel my brother’s detention.”

Eunhyuk, Donghae and Sungmin were so touched that tears came to their eyes. Kyuhyun nearly puked from the overload of sugar that Henry had put into his speech.

Mrs. Cheon was also very touched that she nearly cried as well. “Very well, then,” she said finally. “I’ll see if I can cancel your brother’s detention and keep his record clean. Thank you for clearing this up, boys. See you later.”

“No, no, thank you, Mrs. Cheon,” Henry said, smiling his signature mochi smile before heading out the door with his friends.

Another thing Mrs. Cheon didn’t understand: Why did this little child bring 4 of his friends? None of them said a single word, they just stood behind him like bodyguards that smile too much.

Once they were out of Mrs. Cheon’s hearing range, they celebrated their success. The whole area around them erupted in rainbows, sunshine, glitter, lollipops, and bouncy balls. Unfortunately for Kyuhyun, he was unable to escape this nightmare world, because he was pulled into a constricting hug by Sungmin.

Henry came home as happy as sunshine, and he couldn’t wait to see his gege’s face when he came home. His mother didn’t understand why he was so happy, but she was just glad that Henry wasn’t having a hard time at school anymore.

Meanwhile, back in room 6A, you wouldn’t believe the shock Hankyung had gotten when Mrs. Cheon told him that his detention was cancelled after school.

“But, why, Mrs. Cheon?” he asked, confused.

“Well, it appears that I had been mistaken in what really happened,” she answered. “Someone else had witnessed the incident, too, and explained to me what was really going on and convinced me that you did nothing wrong.”

Hankyung couldn’t even answer to that, he just muttered a thank-you and headed out the door.

“Henry!” he shouted as soon as he got home.

“Yes, ge?” Henry emerged from his room looking way too happy (but of course, Henry could never be too happy), and even though Hankyung (now known as Hangeng) had suspected from the start that it had been Henry that bailed him out, but this was undeniable proof.

“Did you bail me out?”

“‘No, ge.”
“Do you know who did it?”

Henry was unable to contain his laughter, and when he finally exploded he covered the walls of the house in imaginary glitter.

“I’m just kidding, ge! It was me!”

Hangeng tried to act surprised. “Oh, it was you? Well, thanks a lot, Henry. Now I still have a perfect record!”

The rest of the evening continued with a happy, bouncy aura. It was a Friday, so Leeteuk, Heechul, and Kangin came over to hang out with Hangeng, and Heechul had brought Kyuhyun along so he could play with Henry. While the 4 sixth-graders hogged the living room, playing video games while chatting about whatever sixth-grade boys chat about in Korea, while the little ones had retreated to Henry’s room to play Ninja Prophecy, which Henry was delighted to learn that it was one of Kyuhyun’s favorite video games also. The 4 visitors ended up eating dinner at their house before Mrs. Park came at around 9:00 PM to take the boys home.

“Why did you do it?”

“Huh?” Henry looked up from brushing his teeth when he heard Hangeng.

“Why did you bail me out?”

Henry spit out the foamy white toothpaste in his mouth to answer. “Why not?”

“You didn’t have to do it. I guess I sorta deserved that detention. I was being a bit mean to those kindergarteners.”

“Yeah, but it was for a good cause. Besides, can you imagine how angry Mama and Baba would be if you got that detention?”

Hangeng thought about that. Just then he realized that the only people who had known that Hangeng had gotten a detention were Henry, Jongwoon and his friends, and Mrs. Cheon (what he didn’t know is that Henry had told his friends). Henry did have a point.

“Okay, Henry. Thanks for getting me out of a detention.”

“It’s okay, ge. You stopped the bullies and made Mrs. Yoon act nice to me. Why did you do that?”

“Because I don’t like it when you’re sad, Henry. I want you to be happy.”

“Well, thank you, because I’m happy, now, ge. Do you like that?”

“Yes I do, Henry.”

“Boys!” their mother called. “How would you like to Heechul’s house tomorrow? Leeteuk and Kangin will be there, and so will Sungmin, Eunhyuk, and Donghae.”


“Then you have to go to bed now!”

“Okay, good night, mama!”



A/N: BTW, I am aware that Jongwoon is Yesung’s real name, but please know that in this story Jongwoon has nothing to do with Yesung at all. In my series, all the SJ kids are born with their stage names, and I couldn’t think of another Korean name so I just decided to do that name. Jongwoon is an OC, a spoiled kindergarten brat who is also a coward. Sorry to those who are confused. I hope you like this story, because there are many more to come.


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