Fic: Night of the Evil Maknaes

Title: Night of the Evil Maknaes

Rating: PG-13

Genre: Horror

Pairing: KyuMin

Warnings: Language

Summary: Kyuhyun comes home late from recording a solo song on October 31 and finds his hyungs in a state of pure terror. Except for one of them.

Word count: 1, 510

Notes: Yep, this is supposed to be a Halloween fic. But I just couldn’t wait till then.

*beep* “Your call has been forwarded to an automatic voice message. Blah blah blah blah blah…”

Dammit! Kyuhyun thought, frustrated. Why isn’t Sungmin answering his phone?

“…blah blah blah so please leave your message at the tone.” *beep*

Kyuhyun sighed. “Sungmin-ah? I’m just calling to let you know that if any of the hyungs ask why I’m taking so long, tell them that I’m stuck in stupid traffic and it looks like I’ll be here for another 45 minutes. Try to survive and don’t let any of the hyungs bother you okay? Byee~”

Kyuhyun sighed again as he ended his voice message and waited as his car inched a long 45 minutes back to the dorm.

*45 minutes later*

“Hyung?” Kyuhyun opened the door to an eerily empty dorm. “Sungmin?” Why was the dorm so empty? Surely, one of them would’ve called him if they were to go somewhere. And Kyuhyun knew that they hadn’t gone anywhere because the lights in the kitchen were still on, and Kyuhyun knew that Leeteuk would’ve never let them leave with some of the lights on.

Then he heard sniffling.

It sounded like Donghae. What is Donghae doing? Kyuhyun thought. Is he fake crying again? But it didn’t sound fake. The soft sniffling sounded very real. Because when Donghae fake cried, he bawled loudly like a baby. But when he cried for real, he would sniff as quietly as he could, to conceal it and save his pride.

The sniffling was followed by hushed, soothing whispers of comfort. “Shh,” whispered the low, husky voice of Choi Siwon, “it’s okay, Donghae, it’s gonna be okay.”

“B-but i-it hurts!”

Kyuhyun followed the sound of his hyungs to… the bathroom.

“What…?” Kyuhyun trailed off at the sight of his 10 hyungs hiding in the bathroom, with expressions of terror, worry, sadness. Kyuhyun’s eyes widened in horror as he noticed that some of them were even bruised. And Donghae… was bleeding.

“Hyung!” he cried, rushing to the injured fishy. “What happened to you? Are you okay?”

Donghae had a red cut on his forehead, with blood silently dripping out of it. His sniffles turned to quiet sobs, while Siwon comforted him. He looked too heartbroken to answer Kyuhyun’s question.

“Donghae-hyung?” Kyuhyun asked again, with a softer tone. “What’s the matter?”

“He can’t talk,” Eunhyuk answered, now representing Donghae’s mouth. “He’s in shock.”

“Well, why?” Kyuhyun asked, getting impatient. “Did a burglar break in or something?”

“I-it’s….it’s K-k–” Eunhyuk didn’t finish his sentence, because he, too, burst into tears.

“It’s Kibum.” Yesung said flatly.


“Kibum-hyung?” Kyuhyun asked. “How?”

“He’s turned into a monster.” Unlike the others who were mostly whispering, Yesung had a calm, yet mournful expression.


“HE TRIED TO KILL US!” Eunhyuk screamed, at the point of losing it. “What kind of dongsaeng would do that?! He tried to kill us with a TV!”

Kyuhyun couldn’t imagine his usually calm, sensible hyung launching a TV at his other hyungs.

“It’s terrible,” Leeteuk said. “I knew Kibum was a creep, but I never thought he could be this creature.

Kyuhyun sighed, exasperated. “You guys haven’t answered the question I’ve been asking for the past 5 minutes,” he said. “WHY IS DONGHAE BLEEDING?!”

“Donghae hit his head while trying to escape,” Siwon explained. “The bump must’ve loosened a screw in his brain, because then he just started… malfunctioning.”

Kyuhyun was tempted to say, Hasn’t Donghae lost all his screws already? But of course, he couldn’t say that while Donghae was having a horror combo of a meltdown and a breakdown.

“SUNGMIN!!” Donghae burst out suddenly, sobbing harder than ever. “S-sungmin, h-hyung, I’m sorry!”

Kyuhyun suddenly realized that Sungmin was missing.

“THE FUCK!” Kyuhyun yelled, addressing everybody and nobody at the same time. “WHERE’S SUNGMIN?”

Everyone bowed their heads as if they were mourning at a funeral.  Kyuhyun was afraid of what was to come next.

“I’m sorry, Kyuhyun,” Siwon said gravely. “But Kibum took him. We couldn’t save him. He’s gone.”

He’s gone.

We couldn’t save him.

I’m sorry.

Kyuhyun’s world blurred. His Minnie was gone forever, taken by the horrific savage that was once Kibum.

Kibum, the hyung that was closest to his age.

Kibum, the hyung that was considered “closest to normal”.

Kibum, the hyung that Kyuhyun trusted to keep his evil schemes a secret.

It was then that Kyuhyun realized that he had not lost 1 hyung, but 2.

Just then, a bloodcurdling scream filled the air. Donghae’s sobs turned to wails, and everyone else just cowered in fear.

“SUNGMIN!” Kyuhyun shouted, ignoring the screams of “No, Kyuhyun!” and “You’ll never make it!” as he ran to the source of the sound, which happened to be Kibum’s room. The door was locked.

Dammit! Kyuhyun thought. “Kibum! Open the damn door!”

Another scream rang through the door, followed by evil maniacal laughter that didn’t sound like Kibum at all. Kyuhyun felt a pit of sadness sink in his heart.

“Minnie!” Kyuhyun yelled. “Open the door!”

“Kyuhyun!” Sungmin cried from the other side. Kyuhyun heard the sound of Sungmin scampering to the door, only to be pulled back.

“No, Kibum!” Sungmin screehed. “It’s too much!”

Another set of maniacal laughter. Another scream. Only this time, it was feminine. Kyuhyun’s panic turned to confusion.

The fuck?

Then he heard the monstrous roar of a demon, and his panic returned.

“Sungmin!!” Kyuhyun cried.

“Kibum, please!” Sungmin pleaded. “I can’t take it anymore! It’s too scary! You were right, I’m a chicken! This movie’s too scary, please don’t make me watch it! I’m sorry!!”


Finally, Sungmin was able to escape the clutches of the “monster” Kibum (Kyuhyun wasn’t too sure about what was going on anymore) and unlock the door. Kyuhyun swung it open, almost smashing into a shaking, whimpering, Sungmin, while finding a calm, creepily smiling Kibum, and a scantily clad woman getting molested and devoured at the same time by a werewolf rapist on a blaring TV.

“What the serious fuck,” Kyuhyun said flatly,  his panic dissipated.

“I TOLD YOU!” shrieked Donghae, jumping out of nowhere with wide bloodshot eyes filled with madness (Kyuhyun secretly thought that that had been way, way, way, WAY more scarier than the horror/porn movie that Kibum had apparently been forcing Sungmin to watch on the TV.)


“Cho Kyuhyun, you watch your language!” Leeteuk yelled, being the first to emerge out of the bathroom and reclaiming his leader position. Slowly, one by one, the 8 other hyungs followed suit.

“Kibum was forcing us to watch this beast of a movie!” Ryeowook yelled, pointing an accusing finger at Kibum. “Only a monster would do that!”

“You said he tried to kill you with a TV,” Kyuhyun said. “What did you really mean by that?”

“We mean, Kibum tried to kill us with a TV by trying to force us to watch that!” Eunhyuk cried. “Sungmin only watched 10 minutes of it, and look at him now! He’s lucky he’s alive!”

“And how did Donghae get the cut on his forehead?”

“He ran into the wall,” Kibum explained. “Trying to get out fast that he didn’t see where he was going.”

Kyuhyun facepalmed. “You guys are such exaggerators,” he sighed. “I seriously thought Kibum had turned into a monster and was hurting Sungmin.”

“Why would you think that?” Kibum chucked.

“Because it’s Halloween!”

Kibum only laughed. This time, it sounded just the slightest hint of creepy.

“I am disappointed in all of you,” Kyuhyun said to his frightened hyungs, and one slightly mental one. “Especially you, Heechul. You usually don’t get scared of anything. Besides, it’s only a movie. Get scared of something real, like this guy.” He motioned at Donghae, who now looked like a serial killer that just escaped a mental hospital, with the blood running down his foreheard, wide bloodshot eyes, and a creepy grimace plastered across his face. Everyone backed away from him immediately.

“And you!” Kyuhyun cried, turning to Kibum with an accusing finger. “Why didn’t you just ask me to watch with you as soon as I got home? I would’ve watched it with you.”

Kibum’s creepy smile widened. “Okay,” he said, motioning for Kyuhyun to sit down next to him. “I’ve got popcorn and snacks.”

Kyuhyun walked over and sat down with Kibum as his hyungs watched in horror. He turned around and gave his hyungs his signature evil smirk. “Anybody want to join us?” he asked, unaware of how much he sounded like a serial killer.

“Oh no!” Sungmin screamed. “I forgot how evil Kyuhyun is! Ruuuunn!”

Everyone else screamed and ran away with their hands in the air, except for Donghae, who just screamed while waving his arms about in the air until he started spewing foam from his mouth and crashed onto the floor. Kyuhyun made a mental note to check on his sanity’s condition in the morning.

“Movie time!” Kibum exclaimed. Both he and Kyuhyun let out a chorus of evil maniacal laughter as Kibum pressed play.

A/N: Yes, school has started, so I can’t as often anymore. I worked on this over a span of 4 days (when I should’ve been doing homework), so it probably took about an hour in total. Did not spend that much effort on this story. Enjoy it anyways. Sorry for the bad title.

P.S. Happy 30th Birthday, Kim Jongwoon!



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