About Me

Hello, and welcome to my blog! My name is Abi, and I am a young blogger who has been OFFICIALLY blogging since 2012. I have actually been blogging since before that but I don’t think you should read anything from before 2012 because you would think it’s silly. Don’t blame me I was seven. Yes, honestly.

Let me tell you a bit about myself. I LOVE music (KPOP) and food. I am a swimmer (but not one of the fast ones 😦 ). I am pretty bitchy sometimes, and yeah.

All the fandoms I’m in? Well, I’m a(n): ELF, Blackjack, VIP, EXO-L, SONE, Aileean, BANA, B2UTY, BBC, Inspirit, MYgirl, Shawol, QUEEN’S, Starlight, Cassiopeia, Overcast Kid (LOL out of all of those only one isn’t K-Pop, can you guess which one?)

FIY, this girl DOES not like pizza. Or ketchup, red sauce, or mustard. But to make up for it, I LUV bacon!

Also, please be nice and not steal my words or images or any other content. When I get pissed it, I can turn your world into hell.

So, if you are an awesome girl like me, come on over and enjoy my blog!



One Response to “About Me”
  1. Ioannina Sumaraw says:

    2:49 pm
    lol btw yes, for a tween like you, 41 nail polish is a lot!

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