Awesome Sites & Reads

Here is a list of blogs or sites that I read and follow. I recommend them all! This page is constantly getting updated, so check back often for new sites to discover! There are three categories: nail polish, fashion, other.

P.S. If you would like me to check out your site, this is the only place on this blog where you can leave links to your blog.

A Dose of Buckley –

Let Them Have Polish! –

Polish You Pretty –

Black Diamond –

Fashion For Lunch –

Beaus and Bows –

Glitter N Glue –

Lip Balm Wrangler –

Miss Ladyfinger –

Chalkboard Nails –

Miss Chelle –

A Diary Of: The Riotous Belle –

Nail Art 101 –

The Nailasaurus –

Brown Platform –

Luce Dale –

Nailside –

A Little Princess –

Hot Chocolate & Mint –

Call Me Diiiyn –

Katrina’s Nail Blog –

Comic Who –

Doctor Who Whopix –

Loom Love –

Fun2Draw Stars –

My Rainbow Loom Blog –

One Response to “Awesome Sites & Reads”
  1. thefunnydrawers says:

    Check out my site
    It is called Fun2draw Stars

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