Comment Rules

Hello people!

So I have noticed that a lot of people are apparently, commenting with no thought. I decided that I should put up this list of commenting rules so that I can stop the inappropriate commenting before it starts. Here you go!

The obvious rule. No swear words, inappropriate pictures of naked people or anything like that, or things that need to be censored. I think I have mentioned this on a different post or something, but this site is supposed to be appropriate for all ages. I didn’t say that it should APPEAL to all ages, I’m just saying that if a 6-year-old happened to get on this site (somehow), their mother shouldn’t have to be running to the computer to shut it off because the 6-year-old is laughing at a picture of a naked woman swinging on a giant stone ball (remind you of anyone?).

If you are my friend or somebody that I know in real life, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not say something like it’s just a private conversation between you and me. I’m very sorry to say this, but it is sort of embarrassing when you ask me something like, “OMG this reminds me of that story you wrote when you were little! Please send it to me!” or anything. The whole world (or whoever visits this site) is going to see it and say, “What story did she write?” Also, if you commented and I replied, DO NOT REPLY BACK AS IF THIS IS A CONVERSATION, BECAUSE IT IS NOT. Just comment once, please. This has been happening a lot, which is why I have created ChatterTwee, which was meant for private conversations. If you are my friend, just comment something like, “Nice pics!” or whatever.

Also, just because there is a stranger on my website that has commented doesn’t mean you need to be concerned. A while ago, this person named “Abby” somehow came across my website and checked it out. My friend who goes to the same school as me noticed and accused her of being me. MY FRIENDS ARE NOT THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO VISIT THIS SITE, STRANGERS CAN TOO. So please don’t be concerned or confused when somebody you don’t know visits this site unless he or she is threatening anybody. Then you can worry.

Ok, so not that many. I will add more if more rules come to mind. Please follow these rules. Thanks.

P.S. EDIT: Ok, so this does not have that much to do with comments, but it is still important. As I have stated above, my website is meant to be a kid-friendly site. But WordPress has decided to put ads on my site. If you see an inappropriate ad, PLEASE report it to me by posting in the comments below. Or, if you have a WordPress account, you can report to the WordPress staff straight away. This is very important because I have already said that I want this site to be appropriate for kids! Thanks again.


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