Story Masterlist

 Hey there! Here is where I keep the links to all my stories by chapter! Find which story you want to read and which chapter! I will post the first draft only, but not the final copy because if it ever gets published, posting it here for you to read for free would sort of make selling it at bookstores useless. Have fun reading and please comment your feedback! Negative feedback is accepted because obviously there will be mistakes in a beginner author’s story, so please give me feedback on how to make this better! However, do not write hurtful comments or comments about personal preference, for example comments like this: “There’s no kissing in this story! It would be WAYY better with them kissing in it!” or “I don’t like the name Brad; could you change it to Liam?” will be ignored and, if it is more serious, maybe blocked. Original stories AND fanfics can be found here. Thanks!

P.S. Please be patient while waiting for me to update! I have a LIFE, people, I go to school, I have after-school curriculums, I go to parties, I go to church, and I go to sleep, so I cannot work on the stories 24/7. Thanks for understanding!

UPDATE: If you want to know what age level my stories are usually targeted for, I will post a rating above the story. I do admit most of my stories are tween/teen/young adult fiction, so there may be some stuff younger kids won’t understand. Hope this helps!



Prismateca (4/?)

Sci-fi-fantasy | PG-13 | Mild language, violence, suggestive references, character death | UNFINISHED

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5



Super Junior Kids (1/?)

Fluff, crack, angst (in more serious stories) | G – PG-13| Super Junior | kid!AU

In a country called South Korea, there is a group of little boys. They are small. They are clever. They are extremely naughty and mischievous. But they make up for that with extreme amounts of fluff, aegyo, and adorableness. Don’t believe that such a group of children exists? Read on.

Volume 1: Henry’s Second Day/Henry & Hankyung/7,122 words

It’s Henry’s first day of kindergarten, and he’s one of the few lucky kids who has a perfect first day. He thinks school is one the “funnest” things ever — until the second day, when all goes downhill.

Volume 2 (coming soon!)

 The “Adventures” of Zhou Mi & Tao

Crack, humor | PG-13 | Super Junior-M/Exo-M | AU

Zhou Mi and Tao are coworkers, fellow idiots, and best shopping buddies.

1: Zhou Mi Can Use His Brain Sometimes/2,824 words

Zhou Mi gets kidnapped in the middle of the night and taken to the mall. Who’d be stupid enough to hide Zhou Mi in the mall? Apparently, these guys.


Night of the Evil Maknaes

Horror | PG-13 | LANGUAGE | Super Junior | KyuMin | 1,510 words

Kyuhyun comes home late from a solo recording on October 31 to find his hyungs in a state of pure terror. Except one of them.

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  1. emily says:

    continue Prismateca and send it to us!

    1:00 pm

  2. Kara says:

    Abi!!!! You never told me you had your own blog!!!!

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