Let Me Introduce You To Super Junior

If you know me well, then you know I like K-Pop. Right now, one of my favorite K-Pop bands is Super Junior, the largest boy band in the world. I don’t know why, I just love them a lot. To show why, I’ll tell you my reasons for why they are awesome, each member as … Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Songs: January 2014

Dang, it’s been so long!! My dad put this new restriction on “screen time”, so I can’t post as frequently as I used to. Once again, it’s time for all the monthly lists! Plus, my birthday recently passed, it was February 9! 10. Nightingale – Demi Lovato Months on: 2 Peak: 3 Lowest: 10 Genre: … Continue reading

Music Interpretation: Butterflies – Zendaya

Hi again! The first week back at school has been pretty fun. Instead of science, now I have multimedia, which is like art class, but on a computer. And of course, being the electronic-loving girl that I am, I would love a class where you could make art on a computer all period!! I was … Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Songs: December 2013

Yes, it’s almost 2014! Yes, the date on my blog is incorrect so it may say that I published this on January 1, but no, I published this on December 31. Today I am going try to squeeze in all my “Best of December 2013” things because on January 1-3, I will be gone at Angels … Continue reading

My 10 Favorite Songs: November 2013

Hi there! It seems like I haven’t been here in a long time. So sorry, but you know why right? I’m starting this new thing where I post my 10 favorite songs every month. This one is for November. I guess you could say it is sort of like a Billboard Hot 100, but there … Continue reading

Find Out Your Favorite Music Genre!

Hello there! Have you ever wondered what your favorite music genre is but you listen to such a big variety of songs that you don’t know what it is? I found an easy way to do that. Look up AT LEAST 8 songs that you really really like or love and find out their genre. Then … Continue reading