Prismateca: Chapter 4!!!

Here guys, enjoy Chapter 4! There’s nothing much to say about this, except for the fact that I hope you enjoy! *some content may not be appropriate for children under 9 Chapter 4             “This way!” Pris said. She pushed into the darkness, which apparently was a wall that I couldn’t see since it was … Continue reading

Prismateca: Chapter 3!!!

Hooray, finally the 3rd chapter! Sorry I haven’t added another chapter in so long. Remember there are lots of sucky things in this, because this is only the 1st draft. Obviously there are grammar checks needed and whatnot, but still, please enjoy my story and give me your feedback! Also, there will be no picture … Continue reading

Prismateca: Chapter 2!!!

Finally! Here it is: Chapter 2! I’m sorry I took very long but I was busy typing and typing so yeah! No picture that I drew this time sorry I was so busy working on the chapter that I forgot about it! So I’ll show you this picture instead (this picture DOES NOT belong to … Continue reading

Prismateca: Chapter 1!!!

Hello guys! If you don’t already know I luv luv luv writing stories and my dream career is to be an author, or a scriptwriter for a movie. So I’m writing this new story about a weird girl who whirls up in middle school. Her weird behavior rouses some suspicion to her friends. I wonder what … Continue reading